Tuesday, July 21, 2009

World History Summer School 7/21

In Class - Hand back yesterday's homework. Discuss section quizzes and correct answers. Continue video "Letters From Vietnam." Complete video questions. Turn in. Continue notes on Vietnam. Hand out video questions. Watch Walter Cronkite's "The Elusive Enemy." Complete questions and answers. Turn in along with the ten questions from LBJ's address to Congress discussing the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution. Pass out homework: Interview with former Secretary of Defense Robert McNamara. Answer the eleven questions for tomorrow.

Homework - McNamara questions from interviews. Test is tomorrow over the Cold War through Vietnam. Work on the review sheet.

Extra Credit Opportunity - Bring your textbook tomorrow to turn in. Also, find a website (.gov) that gives the casualty rates of Iraqi civilians. Finally, the five paragraph essay is due tomorrow at the beginning of class comparing and contrasting the Iraqi War and Vietnam.

Monday, July 20, 2009

World History Summer School 7/20

In Class - Walter Cronkite, a view of a truly great American journalist. Turn in extra credit: either the answer to the question posted from last Thursday (significance of July 20, 2009) or "Taxi From the Dark Side." Complete video "13 Days" discussing the Cuban Missile Crisis. Complete answers to video questions and turn in. Class notes: Introduction to Vietnam. Turn in Homework from Thursday (Chapter 14, Section 5 Quiz and Chapter 15, Sections 1, 3-4 Quizzes). Hand out homework. Begin watching "Dear America: Letters Home From Vietnam."

Homework - Complete map of Vietnam and answer questions to primary source. Complete questions/answers to Lyndon B. Johnson's August 1964 address to Congress (10). These are due at the beginning of class tomorrow. Hand out review sheet for test on Wednesday over the Cold War and Vietnam.

Extra Credit Assignment - Since we are beginning our study of the Vietnam Era, I want you to research the similarities and differences of the Vietnam Conflict and the current Conflict in Iraq. I want you to write a five paragraph essay, complete with a logical and well-supported thesis statement. Your essay must include an introduction with thesis, three supporting paragraphs, and a well-written conclusion. You must also include a works cited page and a title page.

You may research the topic by using some of the articles below, but you must include a works cited page. Happy research! This is due by Wednesday, July 22 and is worth up to 100 points of extra credit if done well.


I will post more articles later. Stay tuned.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

World History Summer School 7/16

In Class - Discuss World War II test. Turn in homework (Anne Frank/Elie Wiesel Primary Source and one page reaction to the documentary "Paper Clips") and extra credit. Distribute grades. In class notes: Cold War. Discuss Post-World War II era. Start video "13 Days" dealing with the Cuban Missile Crisis. Answer questions to video from handout. Handout homework (Chapter 14, Section 5 Quiz; Chapter 15, Sections 1, 3-4 Quiz). Due on Monday.

Homework - Handout: Chapter 14, Section 5 Quiz; Chapter 15 Sections 1, 3-4 Quiz.

Extra Credit Opportunity - On Monday, July 20th marks the 40th anniversary of this historical event in US history. What is this event? Give me a source of where you found your information.

Also, if you are still interested in completing the extra credit from the 7/9 posting, I will take this through Monday, but you will not receive the maximum points. I will post the final extra credit assignment on Monday, which will be due by Wednesday at the beginning of class.

The Second Session of summer school is rapidly coming to an end. Do what you need to do to pass this class!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

World History Summer School 7/15

In Class - Fifteen minute review before test over World War II. Test. When you are done, complete the questions from the primary sources over the Holocaust. I will collect this tomorrow. Short video: "Auschwitz: If You Cried, You Died." Discuss historical implications of the Holocaust during World War II. Video: "Paper Clips." After viewing the documentary, write a reaction answering the following questions: How did you feel after watching this documentary? Why? What can you do on a daily basis to battle intolerance and prejudice? Why should everyone study the historical effects of the Holocaust? Overall, your write-up should be a minimum of one page in length.

Homework - Finish primary sources (2) and write-up. Extra credit assignment due tomorrow as well (see posting from 7/9). EC is worth up to 60 points.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

World History Summer School 7/14

In Class - Discuss homework (four political cartoons) and their significance to World War II. Turn in homework (library political cartoons). Continue with our study of World War II. Group work over packet. Briefly discuss the Holocaust, World War II Propaganda, and the War in the Pacific including the dropping of the atomic bombs at Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Video clips of "Flags of Our Father" and its significance to the Battle at Iwo Jima. Video: Hiroshima (extra credit on the test). Be able to discuss the implications of dropping the bomb and the decision made by President Truman.

Homework - Study for test over World War II. This will be first thing tomorrow morning. Study the review sheet that was given to you last Wednesday. Know this review sheet, and you will do fine on the test.

Extra Credit due on Thursday.

Monday, July 13, 2009

World History Summer School 7/13

In Class - Continue with library research: Dr. Seuss Goes to War. 19 Political Cartoons with a four sentence summary of each is due tomorrow at the beginning of class. Continue study of World War II. Class notes: Overview of European War. Turn in homework from Thursday (Chapter 14, Section 1-4 Quizzes and Primary Sources (3)). Hand out homework for tomorrow: political cartoon summaries (4) from handout. Summarize these political cartoons using specific details from your book and class notes. I will collect these summaries along with the library summaries at the beginning of class tomorrow. Video: 42 Ways to Kill Hitler (National Geographic). Test over World War II will be first thing Wednesday morning. Study the review sheet that I gave you last week.

Homework - Library political cartoon summaries and handout (4) of political cartoons.

Extra Credit Opportunity - How many United States Presidents have served in the military? Find out how many and give me a source of your information. Due tomorrow.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

World History Summer School 7/9

In Class - Turn in homework (Chapter 13, Sections 3-5 Quizzes and Primary Sources (4)). Library Research: Dr. Seuss Goes To War. Each student is to select a political cartoon from each of the four sections. There will be a total of 19 political cartoons. After you have selected these cartoons, you are to write a four sentence summary of the political cartoon. Each cartoon must have a citation (We will work on these again on Monday and the assignment will be due on Tuesday.). Continue in class notes about totalitarian leaders (Mussolini and Hitler). Video: Hitler in Color. Pass out homework.

Homework: Chapter 14, Section 1-4 Quizzes and Primary Sources (3). These are due on Monday. Be sure to complete the primary sources! Test over World War II on Tuesday.

Extra Credit Opportunity (due Thursday, July 16). Watch the documentary "Taxi To the Dark Side." This is a superb Academy Award-nominated documentary film directed by American filmmaker Alex Gibney. The two-hour long story tells of a young Afghan taxi driver, Dilawar, an innocent bystander who was picked up by American troops, tortured, and died from his severe injuries at an American detention center. The film uses never-before-seen footage, interviews with leading politicians and activists and comments from soldiers who were in Afghanistan.

The Assignment: Take notes over the documentary (which you will turn in) and write a one-page response to the following question: Should torture or "alternative interrogation techniques" be used by the United States in order to receive vital information from terrorist suspects? Why or why not? Be sure to use specific examples from the documentary to support your answer.

Link to documentary: http://freeonlinedocumentary.com/category/war/

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

World History Summer School 7/8

In Class - Complete "Cinderella Man." Turn in homework: one page reaction from the movie and answers to three questions. Begin study of totalitarian regimes (Germany, Italy, Russia). Class notes: Europe Between the Wars 1919-1939. Fill out guided notes from powerpoint presentation. Video: Stalin: Man of Steel. Fill out handout from the movie. Pass out homework (Chapter 13, Sections 3-5 Quizzes and Primary Sources (3)).

Homework - Chapter 13, Sections 3-5 Quizzes and Primary Sources (3).

Extra Credit - Do some research on James Braddock, Max Baer, and Joe Louis (boxers from the Depression Era). All information must include a citation (NO WIKIPEDIA!!!).

World History Summer School 7/7

In Class - Turn in Homework (Signed syllabus, Chapter 13, Sections 1 and 2 Quizzes and primary sources, class notes over the 1920's, and article summary "Deal or No Deal"). Continue discussion of the Great Depression. Article discussion and comparison: FDR and Obama. How are these two eras (era of Great Depression and currently) similar? Class notes on Great Depression. Begin watching "Cinderella Man." Homework - Using specific examples from the movie, write a one page reaction: Is this an accurate portrayal of Americans' lives during the Great Depression? Also, answer the following questions: 1) Explain three major causes of the Great Depression. 2) Explain Hoover's and FDR's responses to the Depression. 3) Compare/Contrast FDR and President Obama. How are they similar/different? Use examples.

Homework - One page reaction from "Cinderella Man" and answers to three questions.

Monday, July 6, 2009

World History Summer School 7/6

In Class - Handout syllabus and discuss requirements and expectations of the class. This is due tomorrow signed by both you and a parent. Review World War I and the Treaty of Versailles. Video - "From the Great War to the Great Depression." As you watch the video, make a chart with the following headings: Economy, Society, Politics, Arts/Culture. Fill in the chart. Answer the focus question: In the decade following World War I, why were the 1920's known as the "Roaring Twenties?" Library Research - 1920's Advertisements. Causes of the Great Depression. Handout homework: Article "Deal or No Deal," Chapter 13, Section 1 and 2 Quizzes and Primary Sources. Complete this for tomorrow.

Homework - Signed Syllabus, Chapter 13, Section 1 and 2 Quiz/Primary Source are due at the beginning of class.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

World History Summer School 7/1

In Class - Turn in research from library (even if it is not complete, I will still accept this with no penalty). Continue discussing about World War I (class notes). Focus on technology of the war, why the war was a stalemate, and the Treaty of Versailles. Grade homework from yesterday (Chapter 11, Sections 3-5 Quizzes and Primary Source). Review for test over World War I. Take test. When you are complete, sit quietly until everyone is complete.

Homework - None; end of the first session. Enjoy your weekend!