Friday, February 27, 2009

American Government 2/27

In Class - We will postpone our class discussion on race relations in the US to next week. We will start a documentary, "When the Levees Broke," concerning Hurricane Katrina in 2005. This documentary takes an interesting look at how the government (both state and federal) were slow to react to this natural disaster. There are some interesting racial overtones as well that will help us to further study the ideas of race relations in this country and their connection with the government.

Homework - Blog posting answering the question of the week by 11:59 tonight.

World History 2/27

In Class - Test over WWI. Staple review sheet (even if you are not completed) to the back of your answer document.

Homework - Enjoy your weekend.

American Government 2/26

In Class - You should have brought two current events or articles regarding race relations in the United States. Continue the group discussions and group work that you started on Tuesday. Each person needs to come up with four talking points written in paragraph form to use for the discussion tomorrow in class. I will collect the articles, which will be summarized, and the talking points on Friday.

Homework - Continue to prepare for the class discussion tomorrow in class. Complete article summaries (2) and talking points (4) for tomorrow. Come prepared! Participation is a must. Also, make sure you answer the question of the week by Friday!

World History 2/26

In Class - Work on review sheet for test over WWI tomorrow (Chapter 11, Sections 1-4). Completion of this review sheet will count towards extra credit on your test score, and it will help you study for the test. This is not due tomorrow, however, you will need to have this completed for the next notebook check in a couple of weeks. In other words, do it and receive the extra credit.

Homework - Complete the review sheet. Study for the test over WWI tomorrow.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

American Government 2/25

In Class - Turn in the reaction from Obama's speech on race from Monday. Continue group work and prepare for our class discussion on Friday regarding race relations in the United States. Continue to research for this discussion on Friday.

Homework - Bring in two current events or articles regarding race relations in the United States.

Articles to check out: All of these could help you in your discussion and your children's book.
1),9171,1145260,00.html -

World History 2/25

In Class - Chapter 11, Section 4 Notes. Cornell Method. Collect WWI crossword puzzle.

Homework - Start studying for your test on Friday.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

American Government 2/24

In Class - Hang onto the reaction from Monday's homework (Barack Obama's speech from March 18, 2008 on race relations in this country). Group work - Discuss the question of the week in groups and come up with four or five questions regarding the issue of race in this country. Have a small group discussion.

Homework - Finish reaction from Obama's speech (Wednesday). Start preparing for class discussion on race relations in the US for Friday.

Website to check out:

World History 2/24

In Class - Discuss answers to WWI packet handed out last Friday. This packet will serve as a good review for the test on Friday. Work on crossword puzzle and questions/answers from yesterday. I will collect this tomorrow at the beginning of class.

Homework - Start reading Chapter 11, Section 4. Finish crossword puzzle for Wednesday.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

American Government 2/23

In Class - Watch President Obama's speech on the topic of race from March 18, 2008. Take notes on the event.

Homework - Using your notes, write a one page reaction to his speech. Is he correct in his interpretation of this touchy subject in this country? Why or why not?

QUESTION OF THE WEEK: Why do you think that the issue of race is, in a sense, a very taboo subject in the United States? Why isn't there more dialogue about this issue?

Articles to check out: - full video of Obama's speech on race from March 18, 2008 - article concerning Rev. Jeremiah Wright - interesting view point of Rev. Wright's sermon

World History 2/23

In Class - Group Work - Read personal narratives. Have each person in the group print their name at the botoom of your narrative. Turn in along with your original drawing. In groups, discuss answers to packet handed out on Friday. We will discuss the answers tomorrow in class. Hand out crossword puzzle.

Homework - Read Chapter 11, Section 3. Complete the crossword puzzle along with the four questions on the back of the page. Due tomorrow at the beginning of class.

NOTE - Test on Friday over World War I.

Friday, February 20, 2009

American Government 2/20

In Class - Brainstorm ideas for Civil Rights project (due March 17).

Homework - Blog posting to the Question of the Week due by tonight at 11:59 PM.


Articles to check out: - interesting discussion on the NY Post political cartoon we discussed on Thursday -Commentary: NY Post cartoon is racist and careless -Holder: U.S. a 'nation of cowards' on race discussions

World History 2/20

In Class - Discuss World War I writing assignment (due Monday, February 23). Hand out World War I standards packet. Work on this during class.

Homework - Writing assignment due on Monday.

American Government 2/19

In Class - Complete MLK documentary. Written reaction: Has MLK's dream been realized in the country? Why or why not? Write down your thoughts and opinions regarding this topic question. Class discussion on New York Post political cartoon. Does this change your answer or your opinions of your response to the topic question? Hand out Civil Rights children book project. This is due on Tuesday, March 17th.

Homework - Question of the Week response is due by Friday, February 20.

World History 2/19

In Class - Discuss political cartoon in Wednesday's New York Post. Continue class notes: "The Powder Keg of Europe."

Homework - Writing assignment due on Monday, February 23.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

American Government 2/18

In Class - Continue documentary concerning Martin Luther King, Jr. Continue to write down names of events, people, and places. This will help you in your first project, which will be handed out tomorrow in class (Thursday).

Homework - Check this blog (Posting 2/17) for the article concerning Martin Luther King Jr.'s 50th anniversary of his trip to India. Read and summarize this article for tomorrow.

Articles to check out: - Commentary: If you oppose stimulus, don't take the money - Commentary: Don't mortgage our children's future - CHECK THIS OUT!!!!!!


World History 2/18

In Class - Continue with notes "Powder Keg of Europe" - World War I. Short video: "All Quiet on the Western Front." This video focuses on the most famous anti-war novel of all time. Written from the perspective of a young German soldier, this novel analyzes the horrors of the first modern war from the human, emotional spirit. Hopefully you will be able to draw upon the emotion in this video because you are going to write a personal narrative about World War I.

Homework - This personal narrative must be in first person (we have done similar writing assignments, so this isn't new). Identify yourself as a soldier from either the Allies or the Central Powers and describe your time in the first modern war. Draw upon your senses: what you see, hear, smell, taste, and touch. Be as specific and descriptive as you can, so the reader will truly get a taste of what you experienced. Also, I want you to include an illustration with your narrative. I am not grading you on your artistic ability, but I do want it in color and an original drawing. No printed pictures from the Internet!

This narrative does not have a minimum length, however, I do want you to do quality work. Your narrative and art work is due on Monday, February 23.


Tuesday, February 17, 2009

American Government 2/17

In Class - Short discussion recapping our class discussion from this past Friday regarding the economic stimulus plan. For the next few weeks, we will take a look at the Civil Rights Movement in regards to governmental legislation that was passed and the history behind the dramatic changes in US History. Watch documentary regarding Martin Luther King Jr. Throughout the documentary, write down the names of people, places, events, or dates. You will use this information for a project that will be handed out on Thursday of this week. As a good resource, start reading Chapter 24, Sections 2 and 3. This will help in some of our class discussions.

Homework - None

QUESTION OF THE WEEK - Since we are reshifting our focus back to the ideas of Civil Rights in American History, why do you think it took so long for African Americans to finally gain their rights (voting rights, equality) even though certain "unalienable rights" are guarunteed in the Constitution of the United States?

Articles to Check out: - Afghanistan - Chrysler and GM are asking for $21.6 Billion more - Interesting view of the economic stimulus plan - Borger: The bipartisan high-stakes gamble - King moved, as father was, on trip to Gandhi's memorial

World History 2/17

In Class - Hand back all papers. These go in your notebook. Turn in homework from Friday (Chapter 11, Sections 1 and 2 Quizzes, Map). In Class notes "The Powder Keg of Europe."

Homework - None

NOTE - Tomorrow morning only from 6:15 - 7:15 am, there will be an opportunity for you to retake your test over Chapter 9 dealing with imperialism. This is an opportuntiy, so I hope you take advantage of it. Furthermore, if you have not taken the quiz, I need this done by tomorrow morning.

Monday, February 16, 2009

American Government 2/13

In Class - Class Discussion over the economic stimulus plan presented to Congress by President Obama. Participation is vital for today. This discussion is worth 50 points for those that participate fully. No participation equals 0 points.

Turn in by the end of class: 3 current events assigned from Wednesday. Notes from Obama's press conference (Tuesday and Wednesday in class), 10 questions and answers.

Homework - None

Sunday, February 15, 2009

World History 2/13

In Class - Discuss World War I propaganda. Discuss its purpose and show many different examples of how both sides used propaganda in order to gain support for the war. Video - Death From Above: The Red Baron. The Red Baron was the most successful German pilot that shot down over 80 Allied aircraft. He was a poster child for Germany's propaganda war machine. However, despite his success in the air, the mystery of who killed the Red Baron is still evident today. The video takes us through a scientific recreation to find out who killed the Red Baron.

Homework - Chapter 11, Section 1 and 2 Quizzes and Map - Due on Tuesday, February 17.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

American Government 2/12

In Class - Individual/Group collaboration on the economic situation in the United States. Analyze the ten questions that you have written concerning the economic stimulus plan presented by President Obama. As a group or an individual, collaborate and find the answers to your questions with the three current events that you have brought for today (homework from Wednesday). Use this time to come up with meaningful talking points for our class discussion tomorrow. Everyone is required to participate. No participation, no points. Come with questions and talking points concerning this economic crisis and hopefully we can have a meaningful and positive discussion about the issue.

Homework - Prepare for the class discussion. You will turn in tomorrow: your three (3) current events, your ten questions and answers, and the notes from Obama's press conference (Tuesday and Wednesday in class).

Articles to check out:

World History 2/12

In Class - Turn in homework (Chapter 11, Section 1 Standard Check Questions). Group Work - Discuss primary source by Kaethe Kollwitz. Discuss the theme of nationalism and how it played an important role for all countries' involvment in World War I. Discuss questions and answers and turn in before you leave.

Homework - None

NOTE - If you have not taken the quiz from this past Tuesday, then you need to complete this by tomorrow, or it will go as a zero in the gradebook.

American Government 2/11

In Class - Finish President Obama's news conference. Continue to take notes about ideas/topics discussed in the president's responses to the reporter's questions. From the news conference and our discussions in class, you are to come up with 10 questions regarding the economic situation in this country. If you were the reporter, what would you ask President Obama about his stimulus plan.

Homework - Start doing some research concerning the stimulus plan. You have asked the questions, now find the answers. For class tomorrow, bring 3 current events about our current economic situation. You may use the ones found on my blog, or find three on your own. It is up to you. Use the articles to help answer the questions you have already asked. This will hopefully give you some ideas to talk about during our class discussion on Friday.

Secondly, be sure to answer the Question of the Week that is found on my blog. This needs to be done by Friday evening, no later than 11:59 PM Pacific Time.

NOTE - This class discussion is important to our study of our current economic situation. Depending on how this goes, we may or may not do this again. It is up to you. Also, this is something that cannot be made up for any reason. Part of your grade is classroom attendance and what we do in class is your responsibility.

Articles to check out:

If you were absent on Tuesday or Wednesday, here is the link to President Obama's press conference that we watched in class.

World History 2/11

In Class - Introduction to World War I. Class Notes (MANIA) discussing the five major causes of World War I. Video Notes - World War I: The War in Europe. Turn in class notes and video notes by the end of the period.

Homework - Chapter 11, Section 1 Standard Check Questions. Due tomorrow at the beginning of class.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

American Government 2/10

In Class - Watch President Obama's first major news conference concerning the economy and other topics from questions by reporters. Take notes as to some major themes or statements made by President Obama. This will get you going in the right direction for our first classroom discussion on the economy on Thursday of this week. Be ready to participate.

Homework - Create a blog on You need a valid email address in order to create an account. Next, you will post a comment on my blog by answering the question of the week (QOW). This needs to be completed by every Friday unless otherwise noted. This will be done on a weekly basis in order to offer educational insight on the topics that we are discussing in class. Feel free to offer your opinions, but this is online forum is an extension of the classroom and will be treated as such. Respect your classmates' opinions and ideas at all times. Agree to disagree, which means you can agree or disagree on someones' thoughts, but do so in a way that does not disrespect yourself or the person you are disagreeing with. Again, this is an onlin forum and an extension to the classroom. Failure to maintain proper etiquette (ie. no swearing, racial slurs, or other inappropriate language) will result in an immediate dismissal from the forum and could lead to potential disciplinary actions. You want to graduate? Maintain respect at all times!

QUESTION OF THE WEEK (QOW) - Why is this economic stimulus plan proposed by President Obama receiving so much criticism among some Democrats and Republicans in Congress? What should our elected officials do in order to help the American people get back on the right track to recovering from this recession?

Articles to check out: Read some of these. I don't post these because I have nothing better to do!,8599,1878491,00.html,8599,1878396,00.html,8599,1878044,00.html,8599,1878505,00.html?iid=tsmodule

World History 2/10

In Class - Quiz/Test over Chapter 9: Imperialism. Complete the test and turn in review sheet along with it. Even if you did not complete the review, you will still take the test. I will deal with this accordingly. Those of you that were absent on Friday must take the quiz/test on Wednesday morning during tutoring (6:15 - 7:15) or make other arrangements with me. Failure to take this quiz by tomorrow will result as a zero for this quiz/test.

Homework - None

Sunday, February 8, 2009

World History 2/6

In Class - Hand back papers, assignments dealing with imperialism. Copy review sheet from the board. These terms and short answer questions will be on the quiz/test on Tuesday. If you were absent on Friday, you are still expected to take this! You have known for quite some time about the quiz/test. REMEMBER, IF YOU DO NOT COMPLETE THE REVIEW, THEN YOU DO NOT TAKE THE QUIZ! I HOPE THIS IS ENOUGH INCENTIVE FOR YOU TO DO THIS REVIEW SHEET.

Review Sheet: Terms - Be able to know and identify.
imperialism, Berlin Conference, sepoys, Taiping Rebellion, protectorate, Dr. David Livingstone, viceroy, Open Door Policy, spheres of influence, Menelik II, Suez Canal, Boxer Uprising, Social Darwinism, Boer War, Ram Mahun Roy, paternalistic, elite, balance of trade, King Leopold II, East India Company, trade surplus, trade deficit

Homework - Study for the quiz/test and complete the review sheet for Tuesday, February 11.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

American Government 2/5

In Class - Continue discussion/lecture on the views of slavery and our founding of this nation. This is leading us up to the Civil Rights Movement, which we will begin on Tuesday. These discussions/lectures will be beneficial and lead us into our first major project, which will also be assigned next Tuesday in class. Key topics of discussion: Constitutinal Amendments 13, 14, and 15 (dealing with slavery), freedom of the slaves and introduction of the Jim Crow South, important abolitionists, KKK.

Homework - Continue to watch the news.

Check out these links that cater to our class discussions: - Good supplemental support to our discussions. - written by Frederick Douglass concerning slavery and the Constitution.

World History 2/5

In Class - Read Chapter 9, Sections 4 and 5. Quiz has been moved to Tuesday of next week. I will hand out the review sheet tomorrow in class. This review sheet must be completed in order to take the quiz/test on Tuesday.

Homework - Read sections 4 and 5 for tomorrow. There may be a quiz. There may not be a quiz. It's better to be prepared.

American Government 2/4

In Class - Since nobody (not everyone) read the article concerning slavery and our founding documents, read this in class. Topic question: Why do you think slavery is never mentioned in either the Declaration of Independence or the Constitution? Discuss responses in a group. Come together and discuss as a class.

Collect homework (Super Bowl article/summary) from Monday.

Homework - Watch the news. Find out what is going on in our country. Be informed!

World History 2/4

In Class - Mental Health Day

Homework - Quiz Friday over Chapter 9.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

American Government 2/3

In Class - Hang onto your homework (Article summary from Monday). I will collect this on Wednesday at the beginning of class. Begin Civil Rights study and the role government played in some of the most historical pieces of legislation passed. We will focus today and Wednesday about the role slavery played in this country and how it relates to the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. You don't need to take notes, however, some of this information will be relevant to your first class project that will be assigned next Tuesday in class.

Homework - Handout article "How to Understand Slavery and the American Founding." This article is a great supplement to how slavery was interpreted by our founding fathers during the creation of our nation. Read this article for tomorrow.

World History 2/3

In Class - Turn in Chapter 9, Sections 1 and 2 Quiz (handout from Monday) and Primary Sources Questions and Answers (from Friday 1/30).

Homework - None. However, there will be a quiz/test on Friday of this week over Chapter 9.

American Government 2/2

In Class - Discuss the current economic crisis in our country using the Super Bowl advertisements as our basis of discussion. What companies/corporations advertised during the Super Bowl? Which companies surprisingly did not?

Homework - Read the article "Recession Didn't Miss Super Bowl." On the back of the article, make a list of the Super Bowl advertisements. Furthermore, discuss the relevance to our current economic crisis to why certain companies did/did not advertise during such a widely watched event world wide. Finally, summarize the article.

In case you missed the Super Bowl ads, check them out at this link: Go to the search menu and type in Super Bowl XLIII Ads. Enjoy!

World History 2/2

In Class - Work Day: Continue with the topic of Imperialism. Complete Primary Sources (2) that were handed out on Friday. When you have finished, complete the handout of the Chapter 9, Section 1 and 2 Quiz. These are both due on Tuesday, February 3. There will be a quiz/test on Friday of this week over Chapter 9.

Homework - Primary Sources and answers to questions. Chapter 9, Section 1 and 2 Quiz (handout). Due at the beginning of class on Tuesday.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

American Government 1/30

In Class - Turn in signed syllabus. Discuss the "Role of the Government on the Individual." Make a list of at least 20 different aspects of your life in which government plays a role (ie. traffic laws, requiring you to be in school, age requirements (driving, drinking, movies)). After you have made this list, we will discuss these as a class. What conclusion can you make after discussing this?

Homework - Take your list and decide whether the federal, state, or local government is responsible for making these laws/rules/guidelines. Also, see if you can come up with something that is not regulated by some form of government.

Watch the Super Bowl. Rather watch the Super Bowl advertisements. Make a list of all of the different companies that are advertising during the Super Bowl. Both of these assignments are due on Monday at the beginning of class.

World History 1/30

In Class - Continue Group Work of Rudyard Kipling's poem "The White Man's Burden." Class discussion on the different interpretations of the poem. Overall, this could be viewed from either the anti-imperialist point of view of pro-imperialist point of view. It all depends on the specific examples from the poem to support your argument. Turn in answers to two questions.

Homework: Primary sources: "A Defense of Imperialism" and "First Doubts in My Imperialist Soul." Answers the questions from each source. This is due on Tuesday, February 3.