Thursday, May 23, 2013

Monday, April 29, 2013

American Government 4/23/13

In Class - Continue to discuss the events in Boston, the role of Miranda rights, immigration.

Homework - Update your blog and continue to research the role of immigration in the events of Boston.

Economics 4/23/13

In Class - Discuss the recent events in the news (Boston, West Texas, immigration).  Short video clips to aid in the discussion.  Hand out Chapter 5 of Freakonomics.

Homework - Chapter 5 study questions due next week.

World History 4/23/13

In Class - Continue watching the video The Fog of War.  Complete video questions while you watch. Hand out Standards Check handouts (3).

Homework - Complete the standards check handouts for tomorrow.

US History 4/23/13

In Class - Continue to discuss the Cold War, the foreign policy of the US, and the post World War II era.

Homework - Read Chapter 12, Section 1 for a short quiz tomorrow.