Tuesday, July 21, 2009

World History Summer School 7/21

In Class - Hand back yesterday's homework. Discuss section quizzes and correct answers. Continue video "Letters From Vietnam." Complete video questions. Turn in. Continue notes on Vietnam. Hand out video questions. Watch Walter Cronkite's "The Elusive Enemy." Complete questions and answers. Turn in along with the ten questions from LBJ's address to Congress discussing the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution. Pass out homework: Interview with former Secretary of Defense Robert McNamara. Answer the eleven questions for tomorrow.

Homework - McNamara questions from interviews. Test is tomorrow over the Cold War through Vietnam. Work on the review sheet.

Extra Credit Opportunity - Bring your textbook tomorrow to turn in. Also, find a website (.gov) that gives the casualty rates of Iraqi civilians. Finally, the five paragraph essay is due tomorrow at the beginning of class comparing and contrasting the Iraqi War and Vietnam.

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