Monday, July 13, 2009

World History Summer School 7/13

In Class - Continue with library research: Dr. Seuss Goes to War. 19 Political Cartoons with a four sentence summary of each is due tomorrow at the beginning of class. Continue study of World War II. Class notes: Overview of European War. Turn in homework from Thursday (Chapter 14, Section 1-4 Quizzes and Primary Sources (3)). Hand out homework for tomorrow: political cartoon summaries (4) from handout. Summarize these political cartoons using specific details from your book and class notes. I will collect these summaries along with the library summaries at the beginning of class tomorrow. Video: 42 Ways to Kill Hitler (National Geographic). Test over World War II will be first thing Wednesday morning. Study the review sheet that I gave you last week.

Homework - Library political cartoon summaries and handout (4) of political cartoons.

Extra Credit Opportunity - How many United States Presidents have served in the military? Find out how many and give me a source of your information. Due tomorrow.

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