Tuesday, June 30, 2009

World History Summer School 6/30

In Class - Collect homework (Chapter 11, Section 1 and 2 Quiz/Primary Sources and Editorials (2) on the views of imperialism. Library Research using the school's online databases on the war in Iraq. Write ten questions that you have regarding this war. Then, find the answers using the online databases. All answers must include a citation. The citations can be found on all of the online databases. This is due tomorrow. Introduction to World War I - Discuss the main causes (MANIA) of World War I. Class notes on World War I. Short video on the "Red Baron." Pass out homework - Chapter 11, Sections 3-5 Quiz and Primary Source on Woodrow Wilson.

Homework - Chapter 11, Sections 3-5 Quiz and Primary Source. Library Research over 10 questions about Iraq. Answers to questions must include full citations. Test tomorrow over Chapter 11, Sections 1-4 (World War I).


World History Summer School 6/29

In Class - Discuss current events. Review imperialism. Discuss implications of race (Social Darwinism) in terms of imperialism. Hand out writing assignment (Editorials (2): Topic - Imperalism: Was it necessary? Write from the point of view of the colonists and one from the point of view of those being colonized. Each editorial needs to have specific examples and must be at least 1/2 to 3/4 page in length.)) Video - "Question of Race." Write down five talking points (a talking point is a question or statement that can lead a class discussion over this topic). Watch the video. Class discussion on the issue of race in this country. Reaction to our discussion - turn in. Watch Senator Barack Obama's March 2008 speech on the issue of race. Handout homework - Chapter 11, Section 1 and 2 Quiz and primary sources.

Homework - Chapter 11, Section 1 and 2 Quiz/primary sources. Editorials (2) on the views of imperialism.


Friday, June 26, 2009

World History Summer School 6/25

In Class - If you did not turn in your take home test from Chapters 5 and 6 yesterday, then I will take this today. However, I will deduct two letter grades for being late. Continue to discuss situation in Iran via video clips from cnn.com. In class writing assignement: Predict what you think will happen in Iran. Discuss homework: poem anlaysis (dialetical journal) of Rudyard Kipling's "White Man's Burden." Discuss imperialism in terms of the United States. Video: Target: Osama bin Laden. See how this video contributes to the political and military turmoil that is currently taking place in the Middle East between the United States and other Islamic countries. Turn in Homework: Dialetical journals and Chapter 9, Section 1 and 2 Quizzes and Primary Sources.

Homework - None. Enjoy your weekend.

Extra Credit opportunity - Click on the link below and watch the documentary: Breaking the Silence - Truth and Lies in the War on Terror (This is the 8th documentary from the top. Just scroll down until you see it). This documentary is narrated and created by John Pilger who argues that the war on terror is for the United States' imperialistic gain. There are some sensitive images and topics of discussion. You may also want to check out a few of the articles listed below as well.

The Assignment - Watch this documentary (approximately 51 minutes in length) and take a few notes of specific examples of imperialism by the United States in Iraq and Afghanistan. Use these examples to write at least a one page reaction answering the following question: Is the United States instituting imperialism in Iraq and Afghanistan for their own political, economical, and cultural gains? Use specific evidence to support your argument from the documentary.

This assignment is due no later than Tuesday, June 30 at the beginning of class. You will turn in your notes from the documentary and your write-up. This assignment can be worth up to 50 points of extra credit, but to receive the maximum number of points, I will look at the quality of your work. So, have fun and learn!

Video Link: http://freeonlinedocumentary.com/tag/imperialism/
Articles to Check out: http://www.wpunj.edu/~newpol/issue36/landy36.htm

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

World History Summer School 6/24

In Class - Turn in take home tests from Chapter 5 and 6. I will accept these late, but I will deduct two letter grades. Continue anlaysis discussion of situation in Iran. Primary source analysis: photographs. Turn in photograph analysis. Review of industrial revolution. Begin study of imperialism (Chapter 9). In class notes: imperalism. Group work: Rudyard Kipling's poem "The White Man's Burden." Complete handout (dialetical/double journal entry). Handout homework: Chapter 9, Section 1 and 2 quizzes, and primary sources (2).

Homework - Complete dialetical journal for "White Man's Burden." Complete packet - due tomorrow. Note - if you did not turn in your take home test, I will accept this by tomorrow.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

World History Summer School 6/23

In Class - Class discussion: Iran and the revolution? Watch a few video clips and discuss. Continue analysis of the Industrial Revolution. Discuss answers to packet (yesterday's homework). Turn in packet along with the 1 page comparison and contrast of the French Revolution versus the situation in Iran. Handout take home test and discuss requirements of the test. Go over a few of the questions.

Homework - Take Home Test over Chapters 5 and 6. Due at the beginning of class.

Monday, June 22, 2009

World History Summer School 6/22

In Class - Take a finer look at the situation in Iran. Political cartoon analysis on the election and protests/demonstrations. Group work - Article analysis. Write ten questions that you might have regarding the situation in Iran. Work in groups to analyze articles. Assign homework writing assignment: Compare and contrast the French Revolution to the Iranian Revolution. This needs to be a one page response. Introduce the Industrial Revolution (Chapters 5 and 6). Handout packet (Section Quizzes Ch. 5, Sec. 1-4; Ch. 6, Sec. 1-4 and two primary sources).

Homework - 1 page compare and contrast of French Revolution and Iranian Revolution. Complete packet for chapters 5 and 6.

Articles to take a look at for your write-up:

World History Summer School 6/18

In Class - Complete homework from yesterday (Chapter 3, Sections 1-4 Quizzes and Primary Sources). Turn this in. Continue our analysis of the French Revolution. Group Work - French Revolution Picturegrams. Focus on the key importance and significance of each assigned picture towards the French Revolution. Video: The French Revolution. Answer the questions as the movie progresses. Handout Chapter 3 Test. This is due on Monday along with my test. If you fail to turn in my copy of the test, then you will receive a zero on your test score.

Homework - Chapter 3 Take Home Test and complete video notes.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

World History Summer School 6/17

In Class - Collect signed syllabus. Start with Acrostic Poem presentations over the Enlightenment Philosophes and turn in acrostic poem. Discuss "Amazing Grace" and the issue of the slave trade from yesterday. Finish the movie "Amazing Grace." Review for test on Chapter 2. Take Chapter 2 Test. Begin Chapter 3 and the study of the French Revolution. Guided notes - causes of the French Revolution. Handout chapter 3 Packet (Section Quizzes 1-4) and two primary sources.

Homework - Complete Chapter 3 Packet and primary sources for tomorrow.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

World History Summer School 6/16

In Class - Political cartoon analysis (short class discussion on current events). Handout and discuss class syllabus. This must be signed and returned tomorrow at the beginning of class. Guided notes handout - The Renaissance, Scientific Revolution, and the Enlightenment. Discuss the impact of slavery during the age of the Enlightenment. Begin watching "Amazing Grace." Copy review for test tomorrow (Chapter 2) from the board. Assign Acrostic Poem. Poem must be about one of the following Enlightened Philosophes: John Locke, Thomas Hobbes, Adam Smith, Rousseau, Montesquieu, Voltaire, Wollstonecraft, Diderot. You must include a picture and color in this poem; this will be presented first thing Wednesday morning.

Homework - Signed syllabus, Acrostic poem, study for test over Chapter 2.

World History - Summer School 6/15

In Class - Introductions; Textbook and Workbook Checkout; Short writing response: What is history? Begin Chapter 1 - Aristotle's 6 Forms of Government, role of Athenian influence on democracy, Hellenistic Synthesis, Roman influence on law, Roman architecture, short video on Ancient Rome.

Homework - Chapter One in Workbook (Sections 1-5) pages 6-15. Read chapter one and complete the guided notes from the workbook. Due at the beginning of class tomorrow.

Monday, June 1, 2009

American Government 5/28

In Class - Discuss First Drafts. I have changed the due dates for the final draft (June 2 with presentations on June 2-4). Discuss Section 4 and the policy proposals. Work in groups and read comments for suggestions to improve your final project.

Homework - Work on your final draft.

World History 5/28

In Class - Continue with US vs. John Lennon.

Homework - Vietnam Era Music project - due June 3.

American Government 5/27

In Class - Work in your groups on the presentation - start on June 1. Sign-ups for presentation dates and times will be tomorrow.

Homework - Work on Presentation.

World History 5/27

In Class - Textbook check-in (library) for extra credit. Handout Vietnam Era Project. This project is devoted to studying the lyrics of Vietnam Era music. This project is due on Wednesday, June 3. Presentations are on June 3 and 4.

Homework - Start working on project - due June 3.

American Government 5/26

In Class - First Draft of final project is due today. Turn these in at the beginning of class. I hope to have these back to you by Thursday. Start planning your presentation and your extra credit video (if you are doing this).

Homework - Start working on presentations (June 1-3).

World History 5/26

In Class - Begin watching the US vs. John Lennon. This documentary stays consistent with our study of the Vietnam Era. Complete video questions as you watch the documentary.

Homework - None