Monday, July 20, 2009

World History Summer School 7/20

In Class - Walter Cronkite, a view of a truly great American journalist. Turn in extra credit: either the answer to the question posted from last Thursday (significance of July 20, 2009) or "Taxi From the Dark Side." Complete video "13 Days" discussing the Cuban Missile Crisis. Complete answers to video questions and turn in. Class notes: Introduction to Vietnam. Turn in Homework from Thursday (Chapter 14, Section 5 Quiz and Chapter 15, Sections 1, 3-4 Quizzes). Hand out homework. Begin watching "Dear America: Letters Home From Vietnam."

Homework - Complete map of Vietnam and answer questions to primary source. Complete questions/answers to Lyndon B. Johnson's August 1964 address to Congress (10). These are due at the beginning of class tomorrow. Hand out review sheet for test on Wednesday over the Cold War and Vietnam.

Extra Credit Assignment - Since we are beginning our study of the Vietnam Era, I want you to research the similarities and differences of the Vietnam Conflict and the current Conflict in Iraq. I want you to write a five paragraph essay, complete with a logical and well-supported thesis statement. Your essay must include an introduction with thesis, three supporting paragraphs, and a well-written conclusion. You must also include a works cited page and a title page.

You may research the topic by using some of the articles below, but you must include a works cited page. Happy research! This is due by Wednesday, July 22 and is worth up to 100 points of extra credit if done well.


I will post more articles later. Stay tuned.

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