Monday, January 30, 2012

American Government 1/27/12

In Class - Mental Health Day.  State of the Union "Word Cloud" is due by 11:59 tonight along with the two paragraph write up.  Citizenship test (see previous post) is due by Monday (print results or email).

Homework - "Word Cloud" is due by 11:59 tonight.

World History 1/27/12

In Class - Library.  Pick a topic from WWI and create a collage.  Turn this in on Tuesday, January 31.  Test over Chapter 11, Sections 1-4 is on Tuesday.

Homework - Finish collage and begin studying for Tuesday's test.

US History 1/27/12

In Class - Mental Health Day.  Chapter 7 Packet and Primary Sources due before you leave.

Homework - Test over Chapter 7 next Tuesday.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

American Government 1/26/12

In Class - Classwork: Begin reading the article concerning immigration reform in the United States.  Hand out Two Column Web Journal.  Using the articles I have given you or research of your own, complete the handout for our discussion next week.

Homework - Wordle "Word Cloud" is due tomorrow along with your written summary and response.

World History 1/26/12

In Class - Discuss yesterday's homework (Russian Revolution and Human Costs of the War).  Turn in.

Homework - Review Chapter 11, Sections 1-3.  Test Tuesday over Chapter 11, Sections 1-4.

US History 1/26/12

In Class - 1920's slang conversation presentations (extra credit).  Turn in.  1st Period - Review of the 1920's (riddle me this...)  4th Period - Work on Chapter 7 Packet and Primary Sources.

Homework - Chapter 7 Packet and Primary Sources due tomorrow.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

American Government 1/25/12

In Class - Brief discussion on President Obama's State of the Union Address.

Homework - "Word Cloud" due on Friday.

US History 1/25/12

In Class - Continue to work on your 1920's slang conversation.  You will present these in class tomorrow.

Homework - Complete your conversation.  Chapter 7 Packet is due on Friday.

World History 1/25/12

In Class - Discuss WWI political cartoons.  Hand out WWI standards check sheet.

Homework - Standards Check due tomorrow at the beginning of class.

American Government 1/24/12

In Class - Hand out and discuss the Wordle "word cloud" project (see previous post) over the State of the Union Address.  Discuss possible themes the President present along with the significance of this particular speech.  This assignment is due on Friday by 11:59 pm.

Homework - Watch the State of the Union Address and complete the "word cloud" project.

World History 1/24/12

In Class - Classwork: Read Chapter 11, Section 3 and complete the handout.  This is due before you leave.  Pass out WWI political cartoons.  Work on this for homework.

Homework - WWI Political Cartoon Analysis.

US History 1/24/12

In Class - Hand out 1920's slang sheet.  Using a theme from the 1920's, you are to write a conversation using some of the words on the sheet.  You are also to write a translation for your conversation.  Your conversation should last about a minute, and you will present these on Thursday.

Homework - Chapter 7 Packet is due on Friday.  1920's slang conversation due on Thursday.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

US Citizenship Test

In order to become a naturalized citizen of the United States, you must be able to pass a Citizenship Test.  The quiz is 96 questions long.  You must answer at least 58 correctly in order to pass the test.  Do you have the knowledge?

Take this test and print out/email the results.  This needs to be done for Monday's class (1/30).

American Government Wordle Project

Tonight at 6:00 pm (Pacific time), President Obama will be addressing a joint session of Congress where he will give his “blueprint” to the American people.  You may either watch the speech live, catch the video online, or read a copy of the text.  Throughout the speech, I want you to write down key words or phrases that President Obama uses throughout his speech.  Pay close attention to repeated words or words that may have significant meaning to you.  When a word is mentioned by the president more than once, keep a tally.  You may also include words that describe your feelings while watching the speech.

You are to write down a minimum of forty (40) words.  Obviously some words will be repeated more than others.  Go to the website and create a “word cloud.”  You may either print your “word cloud” or post it on your blog.  We will present these in class on Friday, January 27.

After you create your “word cloud,” you are then to write two solid paragraphs.  In the first paragraph, you are to summarize the main points of President Obama’s speech.  In the second paragraph, you are to write a reaction to his speech.  This paragraph is mainly your opinion, thoughts, reactions, or emotions.

This assignment is worth 125 points.  50 for the “word cloud.”  50 for the paragraphs.  25 for the presentation.

Monday, January 23, 2012

State of the Union Address

Click on the title link to access a live streamed video of President Obama's State of the Union Address.  It is scheduled for 6 PM, Pacific Time on Tuesday, January 24.

Obama faces tough sell with State of the Union speech

"Obama faces tough sell with State of the Union speech," Richard Wolf. USA Today. January 23, 2012.

Although not passing any major legislation this past year, President Obama's speech will not be regarded as setting the agenda for the next year but will rather set the political themes associated with the president's run for reelection. 

American Government 1/23/12

In Class - Continue to watch and discuss "Lost in Detention."  Continue to take notes regarding questions you may have regarding our country's immigration policy.  Hand out article: "Young, All-American, Illegal," by Daniel Glick, HCN.

Homework - Read the article "Young, All-American, Illegal" for tomorrow.  Update your blog.  Watch the news.

World History 1/23/12

In Class - Class notes: World War I - The Powder Keg of Europe.

Homework - Read Chapter 11, Section 3 for tomorrow.

US History 1/23/12

In Class - Watch the video "The Great Famine" (click on the title for access to the video) about how the United States gave foreign aid to Soviet Russia during the worst natural disaster in Europe since the Black Death.  Take notes and summarize.  Turn in.

Homework - Test over Chapter 7 will be on Friday.  Chapter 7 Packet is also due on this date.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

American Government 1/20/12

In Class - (Click on the title to access)  Begin watching "Lost in Detention," a look into the Obama Administration's policy and enforcement of immigration law.  During the video, write down any questions you may have. 

For instance: ICE - What is their role?  What is our current immigration policy?  Secure Communities - Is this working to solve the undocumented immigrant issue?  What are some current statistics of undocumented immigrants in US prisons?  How does the 14th Amendment fit into this conversation? 

Homework - QOW response due by Saturday evening by 11:59 pm.  Late work is not accepted.

World History 1/20/12

In Class - Short Quiz: WWI (Chapter 11, Section 1 and 2).  Video: History Channel Conquest: Trench Warfare.

Homework - Start reading Chapter 11, Section 3.

US History 1/20/12

In Class - Turn in Chapter 7 Section Summaries and Word Search.  Short quiz.

Homework - Review for next week's test (Thursday) over Chapter 7.  Chapter 7 Section Quizzes and Primary Source due next week.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

American Government 1/19/12

In Class - Discuss the implications of SOPA and PIPA.

Homework - QOW response due by Saturday evening.  Start blogging.

World History 1/19/12

In Class - Discussion: Propaganda of WWI.

Homework - Be sure to have read Chapter 11, Sections 1-2 for tomorrow's quiz.

US History 1/19/12

In Class - Continue class notes: 1920's.

Homework - Section summaries (Ch. 7, Sec. 1-5) from the word search are due tomorrow.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

'SOPA Blackout' is Web's political coming of age

'SOPA Blackout' is Web's political coming of age, San Francisco Chronicle Columnist, San Francisco Chronicle online, January 18, 2012.

In an unprecedented display of Internet force, thousands of websites went dark or censored themselves Wedensday to protest twin antipiracy measures pending in Congress.

American Government 1/18/12

In Class - Discuss yesterday's homework: short paragraph on the alternative perspective of the "Three Little Pigs."  Short videos: immigration reform and SB 1070.

Homework - QOW due posted on my blog by Saturday, January 21.  Start updating your blog.

World History 1/18/12

In Class - Turn in WWI map, Standards Check, and Primary Sources.  WWI simulation: Group work designed to challenge students to make decisions as a British junior officer in WWI.  Winning group receives extra credit.

Homework - Read Chapter 11, Section 2 for tomorrow.

US History 1/18/12

In Class - Work day: continue section summaries using the terms from the word search.  Hand out Chapter 7, Section 1-5 Quiz and Primary Source (Teapot Dome PC).

Homework - Section summaries due on Friday.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

American Government 1/17/12

In Class - Continue to discuss immigration reform in the United States.  Political Cartoon analysis in groups.  Hand out the alternative view of the "Three Little Pigs."  Write a short paragraph answering the following questions: What is the moral of the story, and how does it relate to the shaping of public opinion.

Homework - Short paragraph from handout is due tomorrow.  QOW is due by Saturday, January 21 by 11:59 pm.

QOW - Do some research on immigration reform and respond to the following questions.  Refer to the syllabus for QOW expectations, objectives, and grading.  Also, be sure to include an MLA works cited page in your response.

Although immigration has been a longstanding and divisive issue, do you believe that immigration is a major problem in the United States?  Why or why not?  Be sure to include specific evidence to support your answer.  This is due by Saturday, January 21, by 11:59 pm.

World History 1/17/12

In Class - Short Quiz: Causes of World War I.  Turn in and discuss.  Use the rest of the class to work on the map of WWI, Standards Check Pages, and primary sources.

Homework - WWI packet due tomorrow.

US History 1/17/12

In Class - From your Chapter 7 outline, take a look at the terms from the word search and categorize them based on the section.  After you have divided the terms into the appropriate section, then write a short summary of each summary using the terms from the word search.  This is due on Friday.

Homework - Section Summaries from the Word Search is due on Friday.

Monday, January 16, 2012

American Government 1/13/12

In Class - Meet in Room 205 to create your blog.  Email your blog URL to me by the end of the period.  Start blogging.  Topic: Immigration and Immigration Reform.  Political Quiz from CNN due to me by today.

Homework - Start researching this topic.

World History 1/13/12

In Class - Continue our analysis and discussion of World War I.  Watch the music video "One," by Metallica.  Note the scenes from the 1941 movie "Johnny Get Your Gun."  Note the lyrics of the song and how the movie images depict a common theme of World War I.  Hand out World War I map, 2 Standards Check Pages, and 2 Primary Sources (Kaethe Kollwitz and Poetry).  This is due on Wednesday.

Homework - World War I work due on Wednesday.

US History 1/13/12

In Class - Continue class notes: The 1920's.

Homework - 1920's Word Search is due on Tuesday.  Be sure to know the terms from the word search for a quiz on Tuesday (Chapter 7, Section 1 and 2).

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Stephen Colbert hints at entering GOP race, signs PAC to Jon Stewart –

Stephen Colbert hints at entering GOP race, signs PAC to Jon Stewart –

American Government 1/12/12

In Class - KWL Chart: Introduction to the issue of immigration in the United States.  Group work: Political cartoon analysis.

Homework - Signed syllabus due tomorrow.  Presidential online quiz results due no later than tomorrow.

World History 1/12/12

In Class - Turn in Chapter 9 Review.  Class notes: MANIA - Introduction to World War I.

Homework - Read Chapter 11, Section one for tomorrow's class.

US History 1/12/12

In Class - Hand out 1920's Word Search.  Work in class to complete.  The terms in the wordbook will be quizzed on Tuesday, January 17.  I will collect this on Tuesday.

Homework - Read Chapter 7, Section 2.  Word Search due on Tuesday.

American Government 1/11/12

In Class - Continue and complete discussing syllabus, course expectations, and objectives. 

Homework - Take the online quiz.  See how your responses compare with Republican presidential candidates and President Obama.  The results might shock you.  Print your results, email them to me, or simply take a picture on your phone to show as proof of your work.  Also, signed syllabus is due by Friday.

World History 1/11/12

In Class - ICW: What is your goal for 2012?  How do you intend to achieve it?  Write a specific goal and explain in specifics how you will achieve this goal.  Discuss Chapter 9, Sec. 3 (Suez Canal and Armenian Genocide).  Short video on Armenian Genocide.  Discuss in class.

Homework - Chapter 9 Review due Thursday.

US History 1/11/12

In Class - Short quiz: Chapter 6, Section 4 and Chapter 7, Section 1.  Class notes: 1920's.

Homework - Review Chapter 7, Section 1.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

American Government 1/10/12

In Class - Discuss syllabus and course expectations.  What is the purpose of government?

Homework - Signed syllabus due by Friday.  Create blog and email me your URL by Friday.  2012 Republican candidate match game (click on above) is due by Thursday.  Complete the online quiz and print out/email results.

World History 1/10/12

In Class - Short review of imperialism. 

Homework - Imperialism review (Ch. 9, Sec. 1-2, 4-5) due on Thursday.

US History 1/10/12

In Class - Short Review - WWI.  Turn in for points. 

Homework - Read Chapter 6, Sec. 4 and Ch. 7, Sec. 1 for tomorrow.

American Government 1/9/12

In Class - Welcome Back!  Class introduction.

Homework - Watch the news.

World History 1/9/12

In Class - Welcome Back!

Homework - None.

US History 1/9/12

In Class - Welcome Back!

Homework - None.