Thursday, March 25, 2010

American Government 3/26/10

In Class - Video: "The Suicide Tourist." After our discussion on health care reform, should medical providers have the right to end a life at the request of a patient? Watch the video and write a paragraph reaction including your thoughts on this. Turn this in before you leave.

Homework - QOW due by 11:59 tonight!

World History 3/26/10

In Class - Cumulative Benchmark Exam. This benchmark will effect your grade. If you were absent yesterday, then you will take the World War II test first. You can make up the benchmark at another time. Handout notebook order sheet. This is a very big assignment and can make or break your grade. This notebook is due on Wednesday, April 7. Take your notebooks home over the break. If you need something copied, then come and see me sometime next week. I should be in my classroom every day next week. Email me: or to set up a time to come and see me.

Homework - Notebook due on Wednesday, April 7. Enjoy your break!

EXTRA CREDIT - World War II wiki page is due by Wednesday, March 31 (see the posting from 3/19 for details on the assignment).

American Government 3/25/10

In Class - Mini Group Discussion on health care. I will divide you into groups. Each group needs a group leader, secretary, and presenters. Turn in your group work before you leave today.

Homework - QOW (from 3/22 posting) is due by Friday, March 26 at 11:59 pm.

World History 3/25/10

In Class - Test: World War II.

Homework - Study for tomorrow's benchmark exam. Cumulative review of these topics: Western Democracies, the Enlightenment, French Revolution, Industrial Revolution, Imperialism, World War I and World War II. This benchmark will be part of your grade, so review tonight.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

American Government 3/24/10

In Class - Continue to discuss Health Care. Short video clips and discussion. Tomorrow, be prepared to participate in a mini-class discussion regarding this issue.

Homework - Bring some arguments for and against the new law. Do some research on your own. QOW due on Friday by 11:59 pm.

Articles to check out:

World History 3/24/10

In Class - Signed grade sheets due by today. Hand back papers. Class notes (handout): War in the Pacific. Short video clip: Iwo Jima.

Homework - World War II Test tomorrow!

EXTRA CREDIT OPPORTUNITY - Test review tomorrow morning beginning @ 7 am. Extra credit for those who show up.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

American Government 3/23/10

In Class - Discuss this week's QOW. Continue discussion on health care. Short video: "Sick in America," a study of the US Health Care system. Continue to do some research on your own and come up with questions on this topic. Be prepared to have a mini-discussion on Thursday in class.

Homework - QOW due on Friday, March 26 by 11:59 pm.

World History 3/23/10

In Class - Lecture: Overview of European Military Events. Key topics: Pearl Harbor, Eastern Front, D-Day, Battle of the Bulge, V-E Day.

Homework - Signed grade sheet due by tomorrow. Study for the test on Thursday. Benchmark exam is on Friday. Extra credit assignment posted on 3/19 posting.

Monday, March 22, 2010

American Government 3/22/10

In Class - Discuss Health Care Bill that was passed yesterday. Write a short reaction as to your views on this controversial topic. Short discussion. Hand out article: "Health care bill a milestone - or a mistake."

Homework - Read the article concerning the Health Care Bill. On your own, what questions do you have regarding the topic? Do some research online and develop specific arguments for and against the new legislation. Bring these topics with you tomorrow.

Articles/videos to check out: - check out all of the videos concerning health care

QOW - Do some research on the subject of this new health care bill. In your response, be sure to have solid arguments with citations and a works cited. First of all, what questions do you have about this bill? In your opinion, is this health care bill a "milestone or a mistake" for our country? Be sure to use solid evidence to support your arguments.

World History 3/22/10

In Class - Discuss political cartoons from Friday. Take notes as you will need to complete a paragraph analysis for each one for your notebook. Hand out grade sheet. This will need to be signed and returned by Wednesday, March 24.

Homework - Start studying for your test on Thursday over World War II. Signed grade sheet due by Wednesday.

Important Dates: Test over World War II - Thursday, March 25
Benchmark Exam (cumulative review; topics - Western democracies, Enlightenment, French Revolution, Industrial Revolution, Imperialism, World War I, and World War II - Friday, March 26. Class notebook due on Tuesday, April 6 (day we get back from Spring Break).

EXTRA CREDIT OPPORTUNITIES: Tomorrow before school, show up. Extra credit wiki page assignment (see posting from 3/19 for directions). Baseball game tomorrow after school @3:15. Test review on Thursday morning.

American Government 3/19/10

In Class - Not much. It's my birthday.

Homework - Enjoy your weekend.

World History 3/19/10

In Class - Continue to work in groups on the World War II political cartoons. I want these completed for Monday. Before you leave, turn in the World War II packet (handed out on Monday).

Homework - Complete the political cartoon analysis for Monday.

EXTRA CREDIT OPPORTUNITY: You are to create a wiki page concerning any topic during World War II. The purpose of this assignment is for you to utilize technology and create an authentic, project based web page on the topic of your choosing. Choose a topic that interests you, something that you would like to learn more about. Click on the link below, set up your wiki space (be sure you have a valid email address) and then go to work. This project is due on Wednesday, March 31. Simply email me ( and the URL (web address), so I can look at your page. Email me at both of my accounts. Be sure to include your name, period, and the topic you selected in your email to me. Successful completion of this project is worth up to 100 points of extra credit. Have fun with this assignment! - This is a wiki page I created. You do not have to follow the format here, I just wanted to give you an example. Again, have fun with this and be creative.

American Government 3/18/10

In Class - 2nd Period: Continue to discuss the issue of race in politics. Watch video clips and discuss in class. 4th Period: Continue to discuss the issue of torture throughout the War on Terror. Watch video clips on this topic and discuss in class.

Homework - None.

EXTRA CREDIT OPPORTUNITY - Have you and/or your parents show up to parent teacher conferences tonight. Although I will not be there, simply sign in, and I will award you the points.

World History 3/18/10

In Class - Hand out Political Cartoon Group Assignment. In groups, develop a graphic organizer outlining the specific and significant pieces of information regarding the political cartoons in relationship to the study of World War II.

Homework - Packet over World War II (handed out on Monday) due tomorrow.

EXTRA CREDIT OPPORTUNITY -Have you and/or your parents show up to parent teacher conferences tonight. I will not be there, but simply have your parents sign in, and I will give you the extra credit.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

American Government 3/17/10

In Class - 2nd and 4th Periods: Work on something quietly.

Homework - None.

Parent Teacher Conferences on Thursday evening. I will not be there, but I will give extra credit to those who stop by and sign in. If your parents would like to meet with me, please have them set up an appointment or contact me via email or phone.

World History 3/17/10

In Class - CAHSEE

Homework - Finish World War II packet. Due on Friday.

Parent Teacher Conferences on Thursday. If you and/or your parents come by, sign in, and you will receive extra credit. I will not be there, but if your parents would like to speak with me, take my card and have them contact me via email or phone.

American Government 3/16/10

In Class - 2nd Period: Meet in Mrs. Inkeep's room (I have to administer the CAHSEE exam). In groups, discuss the political cartoon from yesterday and write a solid argument for and against the issue of racism in the cartoon. Turn this in before you leave.

Homework - None

QOW - Nothing for this week.

World History 3/16/10

In Class - CAHSEE.

Homework - Complete packet by Friday.

American Government 3/15/10

In Class - 2nd Period: Finish "A Class Divided." Discuss implications on race relations in this country. Discuss New York Post political cartoon. 4th Period: Finish documentary "The Torture Question." Discuss implications of the use of torture by the United States and other nations.

Homework - None.

World History 3/15/10

In Class - Hand back papers. Put these in your notebook. Class notes: Causes of World War II (we have discussed these in detail). Operation Barbarossa notes. Before you leave, turn in finished quiz (from last Thursday) and Standards Handout: America and Europe before World War II. Handout World War II Packet (Section Quizzes 2-5); Standards Assessment: The Course of World War II, Leaders in World War II, The Holocaust.

Homework - Packet due on Friday. Prepare for the CAHSEE.

Monday, March 15, 2010

American Government 3/12/10

In Class - 2nd Period - Continue with video "A Classroom Divided." We will finish this on Monday. 4th Period - Continue with video "The Torture Question." We will finish this on Monday.

Homework - Check out some of the following articles from yesterday's post. Come prepared on Monday next week to really start discussing these topics.

World History 3/12/10

In Class - Hand back quizzes from yesterday. Those who followed directions received extra credit. This quiz along with the Standards Check Handout is due completed on Monday.

Homework - Completed Quiz and Standards Check Handout.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

American Government 3/11/10

In Class - New topic selection. 2nd Period: Race - Begin watching the video "A Class Divided" about a school teacher's lesson on racism after Martin Luther King Jr. was shot in 1968.

Articles to Check Out:

4th Period: Torture - Begin watching video "The Torture Question," a look inside some of the detention facilities run by the CIA and United States military.

Articles to Check Out:,8599,1919523,00.html,8599,1892947,00.html,8599,1892352,00.html,9171,1901491,00.html,8599,1892721,00.html,8599,1668707,00.html,9171,994180-1,00.html

World History 3/11/10

In Class - Short Quiz: Chapter 14, Section 1 and 2. Staple homework (handout: America and Europe before the war) to your quiz and turn in.

Homework - None

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

American Government 3/10/10

In Class - Finish and wrap up discussion on education reform. The next step? If this is something you are interested in pursuing, I highly suggest you do so. Unfortunately, I cannot tell you how to go about bringing change in our educational system. But, I am very impressed with the dialogue and discussions we have had in class over the past several weeks.

Homework - None.

World History 3/10/10

In Class - Win, Lose, or Draw review game. Get into three teams and proceed to draw and guess the term your teammate is attempting to draw. Handout Standards Check: US and Europe before World War II.

Homework - Be sure you have read Chapter 14, Sections 1 and 2. Quiz tomorrow: Chapter 14, Section 1, 2, and class notes (video notes). Standards handout due tomorrow.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

American Government 3/9/10

In Class - Discuss teacher interview responses. Discuss current situation with Norte Vista High School.

Homework - Current Event Notebook due today by 5:00 (or before I leave to go home). QOW teacher interview posting due tonight by 11:59 tonight.

Articles to check out:

World History 3/9/10

In Class - Discuss answers to yesterday's video. Copy notes from the board. Turn in yesterday's homework (crossword puzzle).

Homework - Possible quiz tomorrow over video notes and Chapter 14, Section 1.

American Government 3/8/10

In Class - Work day. Current Event notebook is due tomorrow. Six (6) current events on education reform. Also, teacher interview QOW post is due tomorrow by 11:59 pm.

Homework - QOW teacher interview post and current event notebook are due tomorrow.

World History 3/8/10

In Class - If you have your acrostic poems (3) over the totalitarian dictators (Joseph Stalin, Adolf Hitler, and Mussolini), then I will take them today for extra credit. Otherwise, they are due tomorrow with no penalty. Watch video: World War II - Road to War. Complete the video handout while watching the video.

Homework - Crossword Puzzle concerning beginning of World War II. These terms are from Chapter 13, Sections 3-5, and Chapter 14, Section 1. Due tomorrow at the beginning of class.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

American Government 3/5/10

In Class - Period 2: Class discussion on Education Reform. Period 4: Watch ABC documentary "Stupid in America."

Homework - Teacher Interview and response to QOW is due on Tuesday, March 9.

World History 3/5/10

In Class - Present group work from yesterday. Take notes over Chapter 13, Section 5.

Homework - Acrostic poems (homework handed out yesterday) is due on Monday, March 8.

American Government 3/4/10

In Class - Period 2: View ABC documentary "Stupid in America." Use this video along with your current events to prepare for tomorrow's discussion on Education Reform. Period 4: Class discussion on Education Reform.

Homework - Teacher interview (QOW) is due on Tuesday, March 9.

World History 3/4/10

In Class - Group Work: Divide Chapter 13, Section 5 into five groups. Read your section and take notes about the most important information from each of the sections. Each group will present these tomorrow in class. Hand out Acrostic Poems. Discuss.

Homework - Read Chapter 13, Section 5. Acrostic Poems for Joseph Stalin, Mussolini, and Adolf Hitler are due on Monday, March 8 at the beginning of class.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

American Government 3/3/10

In Class - Continue to discuss education reform. Discuss possible topics for questions to ask during your teacher interview. The due date for this is Tuesday, March 9.

Homework - Prepare for class discussion: Period 2 on Friday. Period 4 tomorrow.

Check out the links from the previous posts for material to prepare your arguments.

World History 3/3/10

In Class - Discuss 6 Week Grading Period. Are you where you need to be, and are you doing what you need to be doing in order to succeed in my class? We will use today to view the grade breakdowns of all of my World History classes. I would like some honest feedback as to what I need to do in order to help you achieve success. Before you leave, turn in yesterday's homework.

Homework - None.

American Government 3/2/10

In Class - Article review: Read the following articles to prepare for our class discussion on Thursday (Period 4) and Friday (Period 2). Be sure to prepare for this discussion by bringing in solid arguments to present. Also, be sure to set up your teacher interview for this week's QOW.

Homework - Work on your teacher interview questions and set-up your appointment. The due date for this is Tuesday, March 9.

Articles to check out:

World History 3/2/10

In Class - Complete video Stalin: Man of Steel. Discuss video questions/answers. Few class notes: Nazi-Soviet Pact of 1939 - discuss its importance to the beginning of World War II.

Homework - Complete handouts - Chapter 13, Section 4 Quiz, Primary Source (be sure to underline and highlight evidence from source, provide the numbers in the margin to the question they answer, then, answer the questions), Standards Check: Stalinist Russia; Rise of Totalitarian Regimes; Acts of Agression Germany, Italy, and Japan.

Monday, March 1, 2010

American Government 3/1/10

In Class - Discuss new QOW (listed below). Class discussion on education reform will be on Thursday. Remember, stay current on your current events. By Thursday, you will need six (6) concerning education reform.

Homework - None.

QOW - You are to interview a teacher of your choice about the issue of education reform. You are to have a list of at least ten questions. In preparing for your interview, be sure to research your questions (see current events from previous blog posts). This is an interview, and you should not just give a teacher a list of your questions and have them answer them. This needs to be a conversational type of interview. Be prepared. Take diligent notes of their responses. Have follow up questions prepared.

By Wednesday, March 3, you will need to inform me of who you are interviewing. It can be any teacher or administrator on campus. By Friday, you will list the questions you asked and provide a brief, yet informative summary of their responses. Finally, you will need to provide a short reaction (at least a paragraph) to your interview. What went well? Were you surprised by any of the responses? This will be due by Friday, March 5 by 11:59 pm. I realize that teachers' time is valuable. If there needs to be an extension on this, we will decide this on a later date.

World History 3/1/10

In Class - Video - Stalin: Man of Steel. Complete video questions and answers as the video progresses. Hand out homework for Wednesday: Chapter 13, Section 4 Quiz, Primary Source "Darkness at Noon," Standards Content (3) - Stalinist Russia; Totalitarian Regimes in Germany, Italy, and the Soviet Union; The Drive For Empire in Germany, Italy, and Japan.

Homework - For Wednesday, complete all the handouts listed above.

EXTRA CREDIT ESSAY DUE TOMORROW! See Friday's posting for sources that can help you in your essay.