Friday, October 31, 2008

World History 10/31

In Class - Turn in Progress Reports
Work on section summaries from guided notes (French Revolution)
8 Summaries due on Monday (80 points)

Homework - Finish summaries

Extra Credit Opportunity:

American Government 10/30

In Class - Continue to work on projects (Group and Individual)
Rough Draft of paper or script due today

Homework - Continue to work on your projects (due Tuesday, Nov. 4)
Signed Progress report due tomorrow

NOTE - Parent Teacher Conferences tonight (20 points Extra Credit)

World History 10/30

In Class - Collect signed progress reports
Finish guided notes (French Revolution)

Homework - Summarize eight sections of the notes with the underlined words. Due on Friday.

NOTE - Parent Teachers Conferences tonight (20 Points EC)

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

American Government 10/29

In Class - Continue work on Voting Project
Rough Drafts due tomorrow (either script or paper) 35 points

Homework - Watch Barack Obama's 30 minute Advertisement
Tonight @ 5 PM on all networks

Try this link on for the Wassup? Political Ad

Obama using XBOX to campaign?

Get your grade sheet signed - Due by Friday

World History 10/29

In Class - Continue Video (French Revolution) - Questions/Answers
Hand out Grade Sheet

Homework - Signed Progress Report due tomorrow in class or
tomorrow at Parent Teacher Conferences
PTC - 20 Points EC for showing up at Conferences with your parents.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

American Government 10/28

In Class - Continue work on Voting Project (due Tuesday, November 4)

If you have any questions, feel free to see me any time. Questions answered early will benefit everyone in the long run.

Homework - Continue to work on project

NOTE - Barack Obama will be addressing the nation tomorrow evening. Check back for more details.

Remember the Budweiser Waaaaasup Dudes? They're back. Check this out.,8599,1854349,00.html

Check out these videos:,29307,1854144,00.html

Monday, October 27, 2008

World History 10/28

In Class - Introduction to the French Revolution
Guided notes - Causes of the Revolution

Homework - Use the underlined words to create a summary for all of the major sections of the guided notes (Ex: Social Order of France, First Estate, Second Estate, Third Estate, Royal Absolutism, Finances, Enlightenment, American Revolution). This is due on Friday, October 31.

French Revolution Links:

Sunday, October 26, 2008

American Government 10/27

In Class - Work on your voting project.
Group Projects - I need a rough draft of your script by Thursday, October 30.
Individual Projects - I need a rough draft of your paper by Thursday, October 30.
Worth 35 points.

Homework - Work on your project - Due Tuesday, November 4

Some interesting articles you might want to check out:

Articles for Voting Project:,28804,1853246_1853243,00.html,8599,1708684,00.html,8599,1851287,00.html,8599,1851635,00.html

World History 10/27

In Class - Video: French Revolution
Complete Handout as you follow along with the video

Homework - Read Chapter 3, Section 1

NOTE - 2nd Period - I am being observed tomorrow. Just a heads up.

Friday, October 24, 2008

American Government 10/24

In Class - Handout Voting Project (Group or Individual)
Discuss requirements, objectives, due dates
Start working on project

NOTE - The Political Cartoon Project due date has moved from Tuesday, November 4, to Monday, November 10. Focus on the voting project right now.

Check out this celebrity PSA. It's awesome.

Articles for your projects:

World History 10/24

In Class - Test Chapter 2

Homework - Enjoy your weekend!

American Government 10/23

In Class - Turn in Article Summaries (3)
Discuss Articles

NOTE - Voting Projects (Chapter 6) will be available Friday in class.
Political Cartoon Project due November 4

World History 10/23

In Class - Review for Chapter 2 Test

Homework - Study for Chapter 2 Test

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

American Government 10/22

In Class - Continue reading Chapter 6 - Voting in the US
Discuss Voting Project (PSA's)

NOTE - After some valuable student input, I will offer a choice to you for the next project over voting trends in the US. Those will be available tomorrow in class. Projects can be done in either groups or individually. All will be the same point value, and all will be due on Monday, November 3.

Political Cartoon Project due Tuesday, November 4

World History 10/22

In Class - Turn in HW (Chapter 2, Section 3 Quiz/Primary Source)
Class Notes - The American Revolution

Homework - Study for Test on Friday (Chapter 2)

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

American Government 10/21

In Class - Begin Reading Chapter 6 - "Voting"
Gather information about possible topics for group project (Public Service Announcements) about voting

Homework - Article Summaries (3) 1/2 page - 3/4 page

Check out these articles concerning voting:,8599,1708570,00.html,8599,1852102,00.html

3rd Presidential Debate Transcript

World History 10/21

In Class - Benchmark Exam
Finish and turn in Chapter 2, Section 3 Standard Check Questions (5)
Turn in Poems (if you haven't done so already)
Handout - Chapter 2, Section 3 Quiz; Primary Source

Test over Chapter 2 has been moved to Friday

Homework - Finish Handout - due tomorrow

Monday, October 20, 2008

American Government 10/20

In Class - Hand back papers
Hand out articles (3) - summaries due on Wednesday
Scrubs Episode


Homework - Bring your textbook

World History 10/20

In Class - Acrostic Poem due today
Video Notes: The Declaration of Indpendence

Homework: Read Chapter 2, Section 3
Answer the Standard Check Questions (5)
Write the Question and the Answer using complete sentences

Test on Thursday Chapter 2

Friday, October 17, 2008

American Government 10/17

In Class - Discuss Presidential Debate
Discuss Political Cartoons (Project due November 4)
Turn in Debate Write-up

Homework - Enjoy your weekend!

Check out these speeches from the Alfred E. Smith Foundation. Send me a comment and tell me what you think about these informal speeches. Click on the link below and then click on Related Link: The Rachel Maddow Show.

World History 10/17

In Class - Discuss Graphic Organizers (p. 18 of workbook; Chapter 2, Section 2)

Homework - Finish Acrostic Poem - Enlightenment Thinkers
Poem must include color and a picture either drawn or printed

Thursday, October 16, 2008

American Government 10/16

In Class - Discuss Debate; Article Discussion - Debate Polls, Fact Checking (statements from the debate)

Homework - Debate Handout - due Friday, October 17

World History 10/16

In Class - Page 18 in Workbook; Copy and Complete Graphic Organizers, Chapter 2, Section 2
Work on Acrostic Poem - due on Monday (10/20)

Homework - Complete Graphic Organizers
Work on Acrostic Poem

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

American Government 10/15

Classwork - Discuss Articles from yesterday
Turn in Article Summary (Period 3 Only)
Predidential Debate Handout

Homework - Watch 3rd Presidential Debate tonight @6:00
Complete Debate Handout - Due Friday 10/17

World History 10/15

In Class - Short Quiz: Chapter 2, Section 1 (Grade in class)

Handout Acrostic Poem (Enlightenmet Thinkers: John Locke, Thomas Hobbes, Rousseu, Montesquieu, Voltaire, Adam Smith, Wollstonecraft)
Poem is due on Friday

Homework - None

Extra Credit Opportunity - Post a comment on my blog (5 points)
Watch the Presidential Debate tonight @6:00 PM - Write a 3/4 to one page reaction

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

American Government 10/14

In Class - Assigned Political Cartoon Project - due November 4
Article Analysis (Group Discussion) - "Race in Politics"
"Voting Guide"

Homework - Article Summary 1/2 page (Period 3 Only)

World History 10/14

Tuesday, October 14

Finish class notes - "The Enlightenment"
Quiz Tomorrow (Wednesday, October 15)
Chapter 2, Section 1

Monday, October 13, 2008

American Government 10/13

Assignment for Tuesday, October 14

Article summary - 1/2 page (4th Period Only)

World History 10/13

Monday, October 13
Class Notes - "The Enlightenment"

Homework Assignment for Tuesday, October 14

Article Summary - "Modern Slavery" - 1/2 page summary due at the beginning of class