Friday, January 29, 2010

American Government 1/29/10

In Class - Discuss State of the Union (SOTU) Address.

Homework - Survey responses (100) due by Tuesday, February 2. Have these completed and bring these to class on Tuesday. QOW response (analysis of SOTU and Republican response is due on Monday, February 1 by 11:59 pm).

World History 1/29/10

In Class - Test: Chapter 11 - World War I. If you have completed your review sheet, then staple it to the back of your answer sheet.

Homework - Enjoy your weekend.

Extra Credit due by Tuesday, February 2 (See posting from 1/27).

Thursday, January 28, 2010

American Government 1/28/10

In Class - Briefly discuss President Obama's State of the Union Address. For those that haven't seen it, go to yesterday's posting and watch this and the Republican response. I would like to discuss this in class tomorrow. Keep working on your survey results.

Homework - Watch Obama's speech via this blog. Continue to gather survey results.

Interesting articles to check out:

World History 1/28/10

In Class - Briefly discuss the role of propaganda during World War I. Hand out review sheet. Work on this for the rest of the class period. Completion of this review sheet will add 30 EC points to your overall test score. However, it must be complete.

Homework - Review sheet and studying for Chapter 11 Test over World War I.

EXTRA CREDIT OPPORTUNITY - Tutoring available tomorrow morning for test review. Also, see the posting from 1/27.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

American Government 1/27/10

In Class - Continue to work in groups on mini project (random sample/public opinion). 100 responses are due by Monday, February 1. Also, President Obama's State of the Union Address is tonight at 6:00 pm on any station (not really, but most).

Homework - QOW prediction of what Obama will cover in his speech is due before the speech actually begins (so by 6:00 pm). Watch President Obama's State of the Union Address. You might want to take down a few notes. Also, be sure to watch the Republican response to Obama's State of the Union. For the second part of the QOW, POST YOUR COMMENT ON THIS POSTING DATE (1/27). Be sure to follow the criteria listed from the posting on 1/26. The second part of the this week's QOW is due by Monday, February 1 by 11:59 pm.

In Case you missed it, here are the video links: - SOTU;photovideo - Republican response

World History 1/27/10

In Class - Hand back Chapter 11, Section 4 Quiz and Standard Check Questions. Discuss answers. Discuss the implications of the Treaty of Versailles and how it was a major cause of World War II.

Homework - Review Chapter 11 for test on Friday.

Extra Credit Opportunity - Using the following link, watch President Obama's State of the Union Address. First, write a 1/2 page summary of his speech. Focus on the main topics. Secondly, you are to write a 1/2 page reaction to his speech. Tell me what you think. What are your reactions? What are your opinions/thoughts. This is due by Tuesday, February 2. Quality work could receive up to 50 points of extra credit.

Video Link:

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

American Government 1/26/10

In Class - Group work: Mini-Project on public opinion survey. Before you leave class today, you need to give me a list of your group member's names. All questions must be approved by me. I want these responses completed by Monday, February 1.

Homework - Start working on gathering your survey responses.

Question of the Week (2) - By 3:00 on Wednesday, January 27 post an intial comment predicting the topics President Obama will be addressing in his State of the Union Address.

On Wednesday night, watch the president's speech live including the Republican Party's response (immediately following the speech), or you may view it via a video link on this blog. In your comment, refer to the following questions: What specific topics did Mr. Obama address? What solutions to ongoing problems did he present? In essence, summarize his main points using specific details in your response and write a short response to his speech.

Also, I want you to comment on the response from the Republican Party: Identify the speaker and comment on his reactions to President Obama's address.

The first post is due by Wednesday, January 27 by 3:00 pm (post this on the 1/26 blog post). The second response is due by Monday, February 1 by 11:59 pm (post this on 1/27 blog post).

World History 1/26/10

In Class - Turn in homework (Chapter 11, Section 4 Quiz and Standard Check Questions). If you did not complete this at home, then use class time to finish. Video: Battle of Amiens. Focus on the involvement of the US as the finally become battle ready in 1918.

Homework - Review Chapter 11. Test over WWI on Friday.

Monday, January 25, 2010

American Government 1/25/10

In Class - Discuss the role of public opinion and the factors that shape it. Group mini project: As a group, you are to conduct a public opinion survey of 100 people regarding five questions that your group comes up with. The questions need to be open ended and may cover a broad range of political topics. Criteria: people you survey must be at least 17 years of age (or a senior in high school). When you ask the questions, have the person filling out the survey include their first name, age, gender, political affiliation, occupation, race/ethnicity, and religion. Some people may be reluctant to give you some of this information, but this is ok. Get as much information about the person as possible. Reassure them that none of this will be used only to analyze the responses of the people interviewed. I would like to have these responses completed by Friday, January 29. I will check with each group throughout the week regarding progress.

Homework - Read Chapter 8 regarding public opinion and the factors that influence it. Also, QOW reflection over Friday's class discussion is due by 11:59 tonight.

World History 1/25/10

In Class - Discuss answers to last week's Quest (Chapter 11, Section 1-3). If you have not taken this, then you have until the end of the week to complete this. Group work: Analyzing political cartoons.

Homework - Chapter 11, Section 4 Quiz (handout). On the back, complete the standard check questions for this section. Write the question and answer using complete sentences. This is due at the beginning of class tomorrow.

Friday, January 22, 2010

American Government 1/22/10

In Class - Class discussion over Afghanistan/War on Terror. You must participate in order to receive your points. The more you participate, the more points you will receive. Also, before you leave, turn in your Current Event Notebook.

Homework - QOW posting regarding the reflection of the class discussion (see Tuesday, January 19th post) is due by Monday, January 25 by 11:59 pm.

World History 1/22/10

In Class - Turn in Journal Writing Assignment. Discuss Quest grades from Wednesday. Test over World War I (Chapter 11) will be next Friday, January 29.

Homework - None.

American Government 1/21/10

In Class - Overview of tomorrow's class discussion on Afghanistan/War on Terror. Keep in mind, if you are absent, there is no make-up for this unless you have spoken with me prior to the absence.

Homework - Prepare for tomorrow's class discussion. Current Event Notebook (6) due tomorrow. Must have current event, summary of the current event, and a complete MLA citation.

World History 1/21/10

In Class - World War I Simulation: Testing your leadership capabilities on the front.

Homework - Trench Warfare Journal Writing Assignment (with picture) due tomorrow at the beginning of class. I will accept this assignment on Monday, January 25, but it will be automatically marked down two letter grades.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

American Government 1/20/10

In Class - Video Clips: Taliban Propaganda; Keith Olbermann's Special Comment. Discuss these in class. Hand out article: "Americans Skeptical of Obama's Promises." Read article and write a paragraph reaction.

Homework - Article reaction. Also, current event notebook (6) is due on Friday, January 22. Class discussion over Afghanistan and War on Terror on Friday as well.

World History 1/20/10

In Class - Quest (60 points) over Chapter 11, Sections 1-3. When complete, begin reading Chapter 11, Section 4. Video (if time): Conquest: Surviving Trench Warfare.

Homework - Read Chapter 11, Section 4. Trench Warfare Journal writing assignmnet is due on Friday, January 22.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

American Government 1/19/10

In Class - Discuss situation in Haiti. What can we do to help? Discuss current events. Class discussion over Afghanistan is on Friday, January 22. There is no make-up for this, so make sure you are in class. If you are going to be absent, see me for alternative assignment.

Homework - Current Event Notebook is due on Friday, January 22. You must have six current events on the topic of Afghanistan or the War on Terror. You need summaries and citations for all of your articles.

Articles to check out:,8599,1954564,00.html,8599,1953426,00.html

Question of the Week: After our discussion on Friday concerning the War in Afghanistan and the War on Terror, I want you to write a reflection about the discussion. What did you learn? What interesting arguments or points of discussion were presented? Did your point of view change in any way or did it stay the same? What quality arguments did other students bring up?

This reflection will be graded the same way as other QOW's.

World History 1/19/10

In Class - Hand back papers. Discuss answers to video questions (Dear Home, Letters Home From WWI). Class Notes: Causes for US entry into WWI.

Homework - Quest (smaller than a test, bigger than a quiz) tomorrow over Chapter 11, Sections 1-3. Study!

EXTRA CREDIT - Tutoring tomorrow before school for Quest review.

Friday, January 15, 2010

American Government 1/15/10

In Class - Short discussion over Afghanistan.

Homework - QOW posting due tonight by 11:59 pm. Current events (3 per week).

Articles to check out:


World History 1/15/10

In Class - Turn in homework (Chapter 11, Section 3 Quiz, Primary Source, Standards Questions). Video: "All Quiet on the Western Front." Hand out and discuss writing assignment (first person account of a soldier experiencing trench warfare during WWI). This is due on Friday, January 22. Quiz over Chapter 11, Sections 1-3 on Wednesday, January 20.

Homework - Writing assignment due on Friday, January 22.

American Government 1/14/10

In Class - Continue watching "Obama's War." Groupwork - Read articles and discuss in groups.

Homework - QOW due tomorrow by 11:59. Continue to gather current events (3 per week).

World History 1/14/10

In Class - Watch video: Dear Home, Letters From WWI. Complete video questions and turn in before you leave. 5th Period - Turn in yesterday's classwork (primary source analysis).

Homework - Read Chapter 11, Section 3. Complete handout: Chapter 11, Section 3 Quiz, Primary Source, and Standard Questions/Answers. Due tomorrow at the beginning of class.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

American Government 1/13/10

In Class - Turn in homework (One page summary and reaction to President Obama's speech on new strategy in Afghanistan). Watch video: "Obama's War." Keep in mind the focus question: Will Afghanistan become another Vietnam?

Homework - Keep on top of your current events (3 per week). Also, QOW posting due on Friday by 11:59.

Articles to check out:,9171,993525,00.html not a current event, but a good article nonetheless.,8599,1890243,00.html

World History 1/13/10

In Class - Hand back papers. Classwork: Complete answers to questions of primary sources (We'll Be Home At Christmas and World War I: Enter and Exit). Turn in before you leave.

Homework - None

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

American Government 1/12/10

In Class - QOW posted; due on Friday. Group work: Article analysis. Read the article concerning the question, "Will Afghanistan become another Vietnam?" Read the comments posted by the various others. In your group, discuss your thoughts and opinions. Then, write a paragraph supporting this argument or denying this argument. We will discuss this in more detail tomorrow in class.

Homework - One page written response over President Obama's speech (watched in class) due tomorrow.

World History 1/12/10

In Class - Discuss primary source by Kaethe Kollwitz (yesterday's homework). Discuss answers to questions; turn in. Group work: analyze the two primary sources (We'll Be Home by Christmas and World War I: Enter and Exit) and complete the questions. We will finish this in class tomorrow.

Homework - None.

Monday, January 11, 2010

American Government 1/11/10

In Class - Current topic of study: Afghanistan and the War on Terror. Current events begin today over current topic of study. Articles can be found via the Internet or any other print source. Remember, you will need to cut out or print a copy of the article and provide a full MLA citation (see handout for reference). Watch President Obama's speech regarding new strategy in Afghanistan. Take notes. By Wednesday, write a one page summary and reaction to Obama's speech. Half of the page needs to summarize the new strategic response to Afghanistan. The other half of a page needs to include your thoughts and reactions.

Homework - One page written response to President Obama's speech is due on Wednesday.

If you want to watch the speech again, check out the following link:

Question of the Week: Considering the current economic status of the United States, is it reasonable for the United States to continue to pour economic resources into the War in Afghanistan? Also, considering the political scenario in Afghanistan, in the long run, will the United States be doing more harm than good by trying to stabilize the country?

Be sure to use complete sentences and provide specific evidence to support your arguments.

Articles to check out (you may also use these for your current events). - absolutely great resource: everything you would want to know about Afghanistan can be found here.

These will get you started. Stay tuned in class for more.

World History 1/11/10

In Class - Discuss and grade Friday's homework (handout: Factors Leading to WWI and A Two Front War). Turn in homework. Discuss the impact of technology during World War I. Video: Death From Above: The Red Baron.

Homework - Read Chapter 11, Section 2. Complete Section 2 Quiz and Primary Source (Kaethe Kollwitz). Due at the beginning of class tomorrow.

Friday, January 8, 2010

American Government 1/8/10

In Class - Turn in signed syllabus. Simulation: Agree to Disagree. In class writing - What is the purpose of government? In a paragraph, write your thoughts and opinions.

Homework - Question of the Week due by 11:59 tonight.

World History 1/8/10

In Class - Turn in homework: Chapter 11, Section 1 Quiz/Map. Short quiz over Chapter 11, Section 1 over notes and reading. Pass out handout: Factors Leading to World War I and A War on Two Fronts. Read the information and answer the multiple choice questions. This is due on Monday, January 11.

Homework - Complete World War I handout for Monday.

American Government 1/7/10

In Class - Check out textbooks in the library. Mini-class discussion concerning the question of the week.

Homework - Signed syllabus due tomorrow. QOW due tomorrow by 11:59 pm.

World History 1/7/10

In Class - Introduction to World War I. Class notes (MANIA): long term causes of World War I. Hand out Chapter 11 Section 1 Quiz and Map.

Homework - Due at the beginning of class, Chapter 11, Section 1 Quiz and Map.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

American Government 1/6/10

In Class - Handout and discuss syllabus. This is due signed by you and your parent by Friday, January 8. In class demonstration - how to set up a blog.

Homework - QOW due by Friday, January 8 by 11:59 pm. Signed syllabus due by Friday, January 8.

Question of the Week - In your opinion, what is the biggest governmental or political issue right now in the United States? Why do you think so? Follow the criteria outlined in your syllabus for adequate responses to the QOW.

World History 1/6/10

In Class - Hand back final exams and discuss. Turn in homework (SMART goals handout). Baseball review game (imperialism).

Homework - Read Chapter 11, Section 1. There may be a quiz tomorrow over this section.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

American Government 1/5/10

In Class - Write down five topics (government related) you would like to study this semester. Introduction to the Question of the Week (will be posted tomorrow) and how to set up a blog. Political cartoon class analysis.

Homework - Question of the Week (QOW) due by Friday.

World History 1/5/10

In Class - SMART Goals. Discuss SMART goals and how to set goals. Complete handout: you are to come up with four goals (2 short term goals and 2 long term goals). One short term goal is devoted to this class and one long term goal is devoted to this class. Goal handout is due tomorrow at the beginning of class.

Homework - Complete SMART Goal handout.

Monday, January 4, 2010

American Government 1/4/10

In Class - Fill out student biographies. Introductions. Briefly explain the expectations of the class.

Homework - None.

World History 1/4/10

In Class - Welcome Back! We will ease ourselves back into the grind of school.

Homework - None.