Friday, December 11, 2009

American Government 12/11/09

In Class - Discuss last minute details concerning final projects (due on Monday, December 14 by 3:00 pm). If this is not turned in by 3:00 pm on Monday...well let's just not go there because I just might have to fail you. Discuss presentations and PowerPoint requirements (must be emailed to me or given to me on a flash drive before school on Tuesday or Wednesday). Each group will have a approximately ten minutes to present. Each group member must participate because you will each be given an individual grade on this presentation. Every presentation must be conversationally presented and not simply read from the PowerPoint. Each group member will be responsible for answering questions about their specific portion of the project.

Homework - Final project due on Monday, December 14 by 3:00 pm.

World History 12/11/09

In Class - Hand out homework for Monday: Chapter 9, Sections 4 and 5 Quiz, Primary Sources and Standards Assessment. Hand out and discuss notebook order (extra credit). These notebooks are due on Wednesday, December 16 (periods 1 and 3) and Thursday, December 17 (period 5). If you need a copy of a handout, please see me during tutoring (6:15-7:15 all next week). I will handout the Chapter 9 (Final Review) on Monday. We will also take a benchmark after the final exam.

Homework - Chapter 9, Sections 4 and 5 quiz, primary sources, and standards assessment handouts. Imperialism writing assignment (extra credit) due on Monday, December 14.

American Government 12/10/09

In Class - Continue researching in the library.

Homework - Final projects due on Monday, December 14. Presentations: period 2 - Tuesday, December 15; period 4 - Wednesday, December 16.

World History 12/10/09

In Class - Handout articles concerning Iraq with arguments for and against imperialism. Continue watching "Bush's War." Think of examples from the articles handed out and from the video that would support or deny the argument of imperialism in Iraq. This writing assignment will be due on Monday and will be extra credit. It must be one page hand written. Again, this is due on Monday.

Homework - Work on extra credit writing assignment due on Monday, December 14.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

American Government 12/9/09

In Class - Continue library research.

Homework - Final project due on Monday, December 14.

World History 12/9/09

In Class - Get your notebooks. Hand back graded papers and place into your notebook. I will have the notebook table of contents for you tomorrow. Period 1 - notebook due date is now Wednesday, December 16. Watch video "Bush's War." Write down response question: Is Iraq a form of modern day imperialism by the United States? A 1/2 to 3/4 page written response based on the video and article (handed out today) is due on Friday. Turn in yesterday's homework: Imperialism Standards Assessment.

Homework - Answer response question by Friday.

EXTRA CREDIT - LOOK AT THE FOLLOWING ARTICLES AND WEBSITES TO FURTHER YOUR KNOWLEDGE ABOUT THE WAR IN IRAQ. DISCUSS WHAT YOU HAVE LEARNED WITH MR. PALO (EITHER AT TUTORING, DURING LUNCH OR TUTORIALS) FOR EXTRA CREDIT. NOTHING WRITTEN NEEDS TO BE TURNED IN. - good overview of the Iraq War - interesting perspective from the Bush Administration concerning Saddam Hussein's attempt to obtain a nuclear weapon,9171,1003239,00.html,9171,1003240,00.html,9171,1005234,00.html,9171,1005235,00.html


American Government 12/8/09

In Class - Continue research in library. Final project due on Monday, December 14.

Homework - Continue to research towards completing final project.

World History 12/8/09

In Class - Discuss answers from yesterday's homework (Chapter 9, Section 2 Quiz and Primary Source). Correct if needed and put into your notebook.

Homework - Imperialism Standards Assessment Handout. Due tomorrow at the beginning of class.


Monday, December 7, 2009

American Government 12/7/09

In Class - Group update (25 points). Share with the class where you are in your research, any problems you might be facing, or simply share an interesting fact. We will meet in the library for the next three days for continued research.

Homework - Final project due Monday, December 14 (one week from today!).

World History 12/7/09

In Class - Continue guided notes from last Thursday: Imperialism. Complete questions and answers as we go through PowerPoint.

Homework - Read Chapter 9, Section 2. Complete section quiz and primary source (handout). Due tomorrow at the beginning of class.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

American Government 12/4/09

In Class - Continue to research in library.

Homework - Monday, group update on research and progress. Worth 25 points. Come prepared.

World History 12/4/09

In Class - Turn in article summaries (2) concerning President Obama's new strategy in Afghanistan. Continue our study of imperialism. Group work: Look through magazines and find modern day examples of imperialism in advertisements, current events, or pictures. Write down how the example fits into the definition of imperialism. Keep these for your notebook.

Homework - None.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

American Government 12/3/09

In Class - Library research for final project. Take advantage of your class time!

Homework - Continue to research for final project.

World History 12/3/09

In Class - Guided notes: Imperialism. Complete handout from PowerPoint presentation.

Homework - Article Summaries (2) from President Obama's strategy in Afghanistan due tomorrow. Extra Credit (Obama's speech notes and 3/4 page reaction due tomorrow as well).

American Government 12/2/09

In Class - Discuss President Obama's speech on new strategy for Afghanistan. Discuss future implications of both monetary and foreign policy factors. Turn in project paragraph for your group final project.

Homework - Continue to research your topic. Final project due date: Monday, December 14.

World History 12/2/09

In Class - Turn in homework (Chapter 9, Section 1 Quiz, Primary Source, Standards Assessment). Short video: "The Question of Race" (Periods 1 and 5). Write a short reaction to the video. You may want to include how Social Darwinism relates to imperialism.

Homework - Summarize two articles concerning President Obama's new strategy for Afghanistan. These are due on Friday.

EXTRA CREDIT - Watch President Obama's speech from Tuesday. Take notes and write a 3/4 page reaction This is due on Friday.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

American Government 12/1/09

In Class - Discuss President Obama's speech tonight (airs at 5:00 pm) and the implications this will have on foreign relations and on the War on Terror. Short video regarding the history of US involvement in Afghanistan. Work on project pargraph for semester final project.

Homework - Come prepared tomorrow to discuss Mr. Obama's speech on new strategy. Project paragraph due tomorrow as well.

World History 12/1/09

In Class - Turn in Chapter 5 and 6 Take Home Test. I will accept this by 3:00 without being considered late. Introduction to Imperialism (Chapter 9). Class notes - definition of imperialism, and causes. Pass out Chapter 9, Section 1 Quiz/Primary Source ("Two Views on Imperialism") /Standards Assessment.

Homework - Chapter 9, Section 1 Handout due at the beginning of class.

EXTRA CREDIT OPPORTUNITY - Watch President Obama's speech tonight at 5:00, which he will outline the new strategy for Afghanistan. Take notes over his speech. Then, write a 3/4 page reaction to his speech. If you were not able to watch it live, check the link below for a video and transcript of his speech. This is due by Friday.

Also, extra credit from 11/4/09 is still available.

American Government 11/20/09

In Class - Libary Research. Project Paragraph due Friday, December 4.

Homework - Project Paragraph due Friday, December 4.

World History 11/30/09

In Class - Discuss my Paris trip. Hand back Industrial Revolution board game grades. Take these home!!! Discuss the rest of the semester. Notebook due dates: Period 1 - December 15; Period 3 - December 16; Period 5 - December 17. These are the days of finals.

Homework - Take Home Test over Chapters 5 and 6 due tomorrow!!!

EXTRA CREDIT STILL AVAILABLE!!! See posting from 11/4/09.

American Government 11/20/09

In Class - Library Research.

Homework - Research over the break.


World History 11/20/09

In Class - Continue to work on Take Home Test over Chapter 5 and 6. This is due Tuesday, December 1.


Homework - Take Home Test due Tuesday, December 1.

American Government 11/19/09

In Class - Research day in the library. Be sure to utilize your class time to focus on research. Computer time is limited, so take advantage of it.

Homework - Continue to work on your project.

World History 11/19/09

In Class - In Class Writing (ICW): Use the writing prompt (written on the board) to explain how Charles Darwin's Theory relates to the prompt. Check out Chapter 6, Section 3 for more information on this. Be sure to include how this theory relates to businesses during the Industrial Revolution. Writing must be at least a half of a page. Turn this in before you leave. When finished with ICW, continue to work on Chapter 5 and 6 Take Home Test (due December 1).

Homework - None, but start working on your Take Home Test.

American Government 11/18/09

In Class - Hand out and discuss semester final project. Form groups and submit topic choices. Only one group per topic. Start brainstorming your topic and working in your group to decide the best course of action for successful completion of this project. This final project is due on Monday, December 14. Presentations: Period 2: Tuesday, December 15; Period 4: Wednesday, December 15.

Homework - None, but start working on your project.

World History 11/18/09

In Class - Discuss expectations of Chapter 5 and 6 Take Home Test. Use class time to begin work on this. This test is due on Tuesday, December 1. I will automatically take two letter grades off for late work.

Homework - None. Take Home Test due Tuesday, December 1.