Monday, August 31, 2009

American Government 8/31/09

In Class - Discuss survey questions and responses. Turn in your survey responses and one page write-up. If you (for whatever reason) did not complete this, I will accept this tomorrow without any deductions of points. If I receive this on Wednesday, I will deduct two letter grades. I will not accept anything past Wednesday.

Homework - Summarize the following article (the summary along with the citation will be your first current event in your notebook.),8599,1918758,00.html

We will begin a new topic of study: torture. Take a look at the following articles for the question of the week?,8599,1919523,00.html,8599,1892947,00.html,8599,1892352,00.html,9171,1901491,00.html,8599,1892721,00.html

QOW - Should the United States use torture or other "alternative interrogation techniques" in order to receive information from terrorist suspects?

Be sure to use complete thoughts, arguments, and support for your arguments. Check your spelling, grammar, and be sure your thoughts and opinions make sense.

World History 8/31/09

In Class - Class notes: Ancient Rome. Cornell Method, be sure to summarize.

Homework - Watch the news. Find out what is going on in world.

Friday, August 28, 2009

American Government 8/28/09

In Class - Class discussion on health care. Turn in Current Event Notebook with current events (10), summaries, and complete MLA citation.

Homework - QOW comment due by 11:59 tonight. Survey questions and write-up due on Monday. You will turn in your write-up including all of your surveys that you handed out to people.

NOTE - First day of discussion was excellent all the way around. I am looking forward to future events.

World History 8/28/09

In Class - Complete Video: Ancient Rome: Prosperity and Decline. Complete questions/answers from handout and discuss.

Homework - Summarize the video. Handout due on Monday.

NOTE - Extra Credit available four days a week (tutoring: Monday - Wednesday, and Friday).

Thursday, August 27, 2009

American Government 8/27/09

In Class - Work Day. You need to use your class time to work on the following assigments: 1)Current Events (10) on the topic of health care. These need to be in your notebook in chronological order with a 6-8 sentence summary and complete MLA citation. 2) Prepare for class discussion tomorrow on the issue of health care. This is our first "test" of the year. Come prepared. Write down some talking points, significant arguments and data, and be ready to participate tomorrow. 3) QOW comment due by tomorrow. 4) Survey questions and write-up due date has been postponed until Monday. For now, focus on the first three.

Homework - Current Event Notebook (10) with summaries and complete citations. Prepare for class discussion tomorrow. QOW due by Friday.

NOTE - I am really excited about tomorrow. Remember, be on time and show up! There are no make-ups for missed discussions!

World History 8/27/09

In Class - Turn in homework from Tuesday (Chapter 1, Section 2 Quiz and Standard Check Questions (4)). Hand back quizzes and other assignments. Remember, keep everything in your notebook. Video: Ancient Rome: Prosperity and Decline. Answer the questions from the handout as you watch the video.

Homework - None

NOTE - If you are coming in tomorrow to retake the Chapter 1, Section 1 Quiz, you must be in my classroom no later than 6:30 AM. Show up early!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

American Government 8/26/09

In Class - Watch a few clips from "Sick Around the World." This video focuses on health care models from different countries around the world. When you are watching, take down a few notes regarding interesting facts, similiarities and differences from our model, and think about why or why not these models would or would not work in the United States.

Homework - Current Event Notebook Check on Friday (10 current events on health care along with summaries and citations), class discussion on Friday over health care (come prepared and ready to participate), and respond to the QOW by Friday. Lots to do, stay on top of things.

World History 8/26/09

In Class - Discuss quiz from yesterday. On Friday morning before school, I will offer a retake of this quiz. If you are not satisfied with your grade, I expect you to show up. You will be given extra credit for showing up and have the opportunity to increase your quiz score. This is a one time opportunity, so take advantage.

Homework - None. If you haven't finished the assignment from yesterday (Chapter 1, Section 2 Quiz and Standard Check Questions) then finish those for tomorrow.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

American Government 8/25/09

In Class - Library Research. Take a look at models of health care from different countries around the world. Use these resources for our discussion on Friday. We will talk about these in class on Wednesday and Thursday.

Homework - Current event notebook check on Friday. Survey questions and written synopsis of your results due Friday. Class discussion over health care on Friday. Don't fall behind!

Web Sites to check out on other country's health care models: - BBC Comparison - The Commonwealth Fund - NPR - Nationmaster

World History 8/25/09

In Class - Short review for quiz. Quiz-Ancient Greece. After the quiz, begin reading Chapter 1, Section 2: Ancient Rome. Complete section 2 quiz and standard check questions (4 of them) on the back of the handout.

Homework - Read Chapter 1, Section 2. Complete quiz and standard check questions.

NOTE - If you were absent today, you need to make up the quiz before school by Friday.

Monday, August 24, 2009

American Government 8/24/09

In Class - Discuss/turn in homework from last Friday (CNN Heroes write-ups (6)). Hand out copies of the QOW comments from last week. Read these in class and discuss in groups.

Survey Project: Each of you are to create a survey of five questions (one must be about health care) and four other governmental issues. You will ask five students (must be at least a HS senior) and fifteen adults these questions. Be sure to include their name, age, and gender on their responses. Example questions: What is the most important issue in the United States right now? Do you think government should be in charge of health care? Why or why not? Be sure to ask questions that are more than yes or no responses. From these questions, I want you to write a minimum of a one page summary explaining the results from your summary. What did you find interesting? Did males answer certain questions differently than females? What surprised you in doing this? Do you think that the public is educated on these issues? This write-up along with all of your surveys are due on Friday, August 28.

Homework - Stay current on your current events. Notebook check on Friday. Also, first class discussion on health care will be on Friday as well. Survey project due on Friday! Stay on top of your assignments!

QOW - Check out the following articles to help you answer the question.

Based upon what you have read (the articles above and discussions in class), do you believe President Obama is being too ambitious in reforming health care? Is it a "matter of necessity?" If so, do you think that the issue of health care reform is dividing this country at a time when we are experiencing so many problems?

Explain your thoughts, check your spelling, use proper grammar, and use evidence to back up your arguments.

World History 8/24/09

In Class - Discuss questions/answers to chapter 1, Section 1 standard check questions. Some of these questions may show up on your quiz tomorrow! Put these questions and answers in your notebook. In class review for quiz tomorrow.

Homework - Study for quiz on Chapter 1, Section 1.

Friday, August 21, 2009

American Government 8/21/09

In Class - We will take a break from our discussion of health care and have more of a "feel good" class experience. We will be in the library taking a look at the following web site:

From here, you will take a look at some extraordinary human beings that have gone above and beyond what is expected and have passionately given back to the world. Your task is to take a look at the categories provided on this website (either 2008 or 2009):


The Assignment: Select one person from each of these categories and read their stories about what they have done to make a significant change and impact in our world. Write down their name, what they did, and a short reaction about this person or the impact they have made. Every entry should be at least 6-8 sentences long. In the end, I am looking for a well-written response for each of these categories. Look through several people in each of the categories and find a person that really hits home and has an impact on you.

Homework - Write ups from this website are due on Monday. Question of the Week needs to be posted by 11:59 tonight for full credit. Stay current on your current events.

World History 8/21/09

In Class - Discuss Extra Credit (Elections in Afghanistan and relationship to the United States). Group Work - Discuss answers to yesterday's homework (primary source: Alexander the Great). Turn in. In groups or by yourself, work on completing the standard check questions (located after every section in red) for chapter 1, section 1. There are five. Be sure to write the question and answer using complete sentences. These are due on Monday.

Homework - Complete standard check questions (Chapter 1, Section 1) for Monday. Also, we will review on Monday for a short quiz over this section.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

American Government 8/20/09

In Class - Small group discussions concerning the video clips we watched yesterday in class. Turn in questions and answers from yesterday. Video - Health Care Plans.

Homework - Stay current on your current events. Topic: health care reform. Question of the Week due tomorrow!

World History 8/20/09

In Class - Alexander the Great classroom notes. Video over Alexander. Take notes using the Cornell Method. Be sure to summarize your notes.

Homework - Read the primary source concerning Alexander the Great and answer (on the back or on a separate sheet of paper) the three questions. Due at the beginning of class.

Extra CREDIT - What event (taking place August 20, 2009) is the United States' watching closely because the outcome will greatly affect our foreign policy? Find a current event on this subject, print it or cut it out, and bring it tomorrow to class.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

American Government 8/19/09

In Class - Continue examination of health care reform. Pass out handouts: Article on glossary of terms for the health care debate and statistics of health care (keep these as you can use these to help you for your current events and discussion on 8/28). Video clips: "Karen Dove" from the documentary "Critical Condition." Copy questions from the board and complete as homework for tomorrow:
1) Prior to viewing these clips, how would you rate the level of urgency that Americans have to reform health care? Scale of 1-10; 1 being low, 10 being high
2) How does the inability to receive medical care affect people beyojnd their physical health?
3) In your opinion, should health care in the United States be a right or a privilege?
4) What is the purpose of government and how does it relate to health care?
5) After viewing these clips, would your rating for Question 1 change? Why or why not?

Video clips can be found on the following site:

Homework - Complete answers to reflection questions. Due tomorrow at the beginning of class. Be sure you are keeping current on your current events. Question of the Week due by Friday.

World History 8/19/09

In Class - Finish classroom notes: Aristotle's 6 Forms of Government (Periods 5 and 6). Notebooks due today. Complete homework (Chapter 1, Section 1 Quiz/Primary Source) if you haven't done so already.

Homework - None

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

American Government 8/18/09

In Class - 10 Questions regarding health care reform: You asked them, now find the answers in the library through current events.

Homework - Question of the Week due by Friday. Also, stay on top of your current events: 1 per day on the topic of health care.

World History 8/18/09

In Class - Turn in SMART Goals and Section notes (Cornell Method) from Chapter 1, Section 1. Class notes: review of section. Aristotle's Six Forms of Government Notes. Hand out homework-Chapter 1, Section 1 Quiz and Primary Source (From Politics by Aristotle).

Homework - Complete handout - Chapter 1, Section 1 Quiz and Primary Source. Also, you must have a classroom notebook by tomorrow! If you need one, see me after school today, or before school tomorrow.

Monday, August 17, 2009

American Government 8/17/09

In Class - Turn in signed syllabus. Discuss Question of the Week (see below). Hand out articles on health care and watch a short video on the debate over universal health care. Read articles in class and prepare ten questions you have regarding this topic.

Homework - Current event: Topic for this week - Health Care. Also, bring ten questions that you have regarding the issue of health care reform.


Even though there has been some serious debate over health care for the past month, do you believe that this is the most critical issue at the present moment? If not, what issue do you think our government should put most of their time and effort into addressing?

Web Sites to Check Out:

World History 8/17/09

In Class - Turn in signed syllabus (classroom expectations) and homework policy. Review of SMART Goals. Preview of Chapter 1, Section 1. Work on SMART Goals in class.

Homework - Read Chapter 1, Section 1. Cornell Notes over this section. Completed SMART Goals (6) due at the beginning of class tomorrow as well.

Friday, August 14, 2009

American Government 8/14/09

In Class - Textbook checkout. Discuss syllabus - expectations, class procedures, class discussions, participation, current event notebook. Discuss the blog necessary for the class. Work on article summary for your current event notebook (check syllabus for guidelines).

Homework - Signed syllabus due on Monday.

World History 8/14/09

In Class - Textbook checkout. Discuss syllabus - rules, procedures, grading, attendance/tardies, notebook, and participation. Discuss homework policy.

Homework - Signed syllabus and homework policy due first thing on Monday. Also, bring your SMART goals to class on Monday. These will be due on Tuesday.

NOTE - Start bringing in your classroom notebooks (3 ring binders at least 1") by Wednesday of next week. If you can't afford one right now, please see me before school on Monday. First come, first serve.

American Government 8/13/09

In Class - Make a list of 6-8 political/governmental issues you would like to discuss throughout the semester. Analyzing political cartoons: in groups, you will take a look at a series of political cartoons and write a brief summary of the significance and importance of the cartoon. Discuss as a class.

Homework - Bring in a current event regarding one of the issues we discussed in class. Also, be sure to bring your school ID or printed schedule for textbook checkout tomorrow.

World History 8/13/09

In Class - Classroom procedures: read the board as soon as you enter the room and prepare yourself for the class period. Cornell Notes and Lecture Checklist Handout: keep this handout along with everything for this class. Discuss Cornell Method of Note Taking. SMART Goals: What are SMART Goals? How and why to set SMART Goals. Assignment: come up with three short term and three long term goals. One short term and one long term goal will be devoted to World History, whereas the other four will be up to you. All of your goals must contain the SMART elements. This will be due next Tuesday.

Homework - Bring your school ID or printed schedule for textbook checkout tomorrow.

American Government 8/12/09

In Class - Welcome Back! Introductions. Fill out personal biographies. Classroom expectations.

Homework - None.

World History 8/12/09

In Class - Welcome Back! Introductions. Fill out personal biography. Classroom Expectations.

Homework - None