Thursday, September 29, 2011

American Government 9/29/11

In Class - Continue discussing the topic of education reform.  Group Work: Based on your experience in public education, make a list of positives and negatives (of your own experiences) about your education.  What are the pros?  Cons?  Complete this for tomorrow.

Homework - Post resources on your blog concerning the topic of education reform.  If you haven't done this already, you need to email me your blog address ASAP.

World History 9/29/11

In Class - Grade multiple choice questions from yesterday's test over Chapter 2: The Enlightenment.

Homework - Optional/Mandatory: Read Chapter 3, Section 1.

US History 9/29/11

In Class - Continue with class notes: Causes of the Civil War.

Homework - Review notes and handouts for possible quiz tomorrow.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

American Government 9/28/11

In Class - Discuss yesterday's homework (rating of your education).  Discuss key terms and ideas as to how we are going to approach this topic.  The purpose is to understand how the public education system in the US works versus other countries around the world.

Homework - Everyone needs to email me your blog URL (I still don't have it for some of you).  Start blogging about education and education reform.

World History 9/28/11

In Class - Chapter 2 Test.  Turn in completed review sheet with your test for extra credit.

Homework - None.

US History 9/28/11

In Class - Class Notes: Causes of the Civil War.

Homework - Read Chapter 2, Section 3.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Education Nation

This is the website from NBC devoted to the discussion of education in the United States.

American Government 9/27/11

In Class - Where is the one place on campus that "turns you on?"  Is it a classroom?  A spot under a shaded tree?  A field or gym?  Whatever the case may be, go to that place and write what it is about that place that motivates you to succeed or simply offers a sanctuary of peace.  Introduction to our next topic: Education Reform.  Turn in Two Column Web Journal and Discussion Questions from Not in Our Town.

Homework - Rate your educational experience on a scale from 1-10 (1-low, 10 high).  Why is it that you rated it that way?  Justify your response.

World History 9/27/11

In Class - Continue to work on review sheet (extra credit on your test score if completed). 

Homework - Study for Chapter 2 Test tomorrow.


US History 9/27/11

In Class - Review for your quiz on Chapter 2, Sections 1 and 2.  Turn in classwork from Friday (Chapter 2, Section 2 Quiz, Primary Source, and Section Summaries.

Homework - None.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Not in Our Town

Documentary from PBS highlighting a hate crime in New York regarding the heated topic of illegal immigration in this country.  If you were absent on Friday, then here is the link.

American Government 9/26/11

In Class - Class discussion over the issue of torture.  Two Column Web Journal is due tomorrow.  Also, turn in tomorrow your discussion questions from the video on Friday.

Homework - Two Column Web Journal and discussion questions.

World History 9/26/11

In Class - Turn in Friday's classwork.  Short discussion over the American Revolution and its significance to the Enlightenment.  Hand out review sheet for Wednesday's test (EC if completed).

Homework - Start reviewing for the test on Wednesday.

US History 9/26/11

In Class - Mental Health Day.  Complete classwork from Friday (I will collect this tomorrow).  Quiz over Chapter 2, Sections 1 and 2 will be tomorrow.

Homework - Review for tomorrow's quiz.

American Government 9/23/11

In Class - Watch the video Not In Our Town: Light in the Darkness about a hate crime committed in 2008 against a Latino immigrant.  Complete the discussion questions as you watch.

Homework - Two Column Web Journal (torture) is due on Monday along with the discussion questions.  Mini-discussion will be on Monday.

NOTE - If you were absent today, then click on the link to watch the program.

World History 9/23/11

In Class - Individually and quietly, work to complete the handouts (Chapter 2, Section 3 Quiz, Primary Source, and Chapter 2 Test with short answer questions). 

Homework - Complete the handout for Monday.  Test over Chapter 2 will be on Wednesday, September 28.

EXTRA CREDIT OPPORTUNITY: Monday and Tuesday before school.  Show up.

US History 9/23/11

In Class - With a partner, complete the handouts (Chapter 2, Section 2 Quiz, Primary Source: Frederick Douglass, and section summaries with questions).  Be prepared for a short quiz on Monday over Chapter 2, Sections 1 and 2.

Homework - Complete handouts.  Prepare for quiz on Monday.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

It Gets Better  This is the website from the video clip we watched in class today mentioned by the late Jamey Rodemeyer (14).  If you have a chance, check these videos out.  The Philadelphia Phillies and Tampa Bay Rays have teamed up with to take a stand against bullying of today's LGBT youth.

American Government 9/22/11

In Class - Short video clip: bullying at schools.  According to the definition of torture, does bullying fall into this category?  Why?  Why not?  Class discussion has been moved to Monday.

Homework - Complete Double Entry Web Journal (The Torture Question) using the articles I provided or your own research.  I will collect these on Monday.

World History 9/22/11

In Class - Discuss yesterday's homework (Chapter 2, Section 1 and 2 Guided Notes and section summaries): Spread of Enlightenment Ideas, Enlightened Despots (Monarchs).

Homework - Chapter 2 Test on Tuesday.

US History 9/22/11

In Class - Short video clip and discussion on the issue of bullying in schools.  Discuss yesterday's classwork/homework (Chapter 2, Section 2 and 3 Guided Notes and section summaries).  Keep these for your notebook.

Homework - Start reviewing for the quiz on Friday: Presidencies of Washington - Madison; Manifest Destiny.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

American Government 9/21/11

In Class - Work Day: read through the articles I gave you yesterday (and the one you printed out for class) and complete the Two Column Web Journal.  Be sure to include a citation (MLA) for every source.  Discuss in small groups.

Homework - Class discussion on Friday (The torture question).  Two Column Web Journal due on Friday as well.

World History 9/21/11

In Class - Turn in homework (Chapter 2, Section 2 and 3 Quiz and Primary Source Analysis).  Continue class notes on the Enlightenment: Political Change (Enlightened Monarchs).  Hand out homework: Chapter 2, Section 1 and 2 Guided Notes and section summaries.

Homework - Handout: Chapter 2, Section 1 and 2 Guided Notes and section summaries due tomorrow.

US History 9/21/11

In Class - Classwork: Hand out Chapter 2, Section 2 and 3 guided notes and section summaries.  Complete the section summary questions along with the guided notes for each section.  What you do not finish is homework for tomorrow.

Homework - Complete Chapter 2, Sections 2 and 3 guided notes and section summaries.

American Government 9/20/11

In Class - Complete the documentary "The Torture Question."  Short discussion.  Hand out articles and Two Column Web Journal.  Bring these to class with you tomorrow.

Homework - Watch the news.

World History 9/20/11

In Class - Review yesterday's quiz over the Enlightenment.  Class Work: Complete the handout (Monday), the Chapter 2, Section 2 and 3 Quiz and Primary Source Analysis or finish your Acrostic Poem on one of the philosophes.

Homework - Acrostic Poem and Chapter 2 Handout.

US History 9/20/11

In Class - Review notes from Washington to Madison focusing on how the powers of the presidency are increased and challenges between state and federal government are discussed.  Complete quiz if you haven't done so already and turn in along with the Chapter 2, Section 1 Quiz.

Homework - None.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

American Government 9/19/11

In Class - Continue to watch "The Torture Question."  Discuss.

Homework - Bring some sort of current event regarding the issue of torture.

FYI - I still need some of your blog addresses!!!

World History 9/19/11

In Class - Short review of Enlightenment Philosophes.  Continue and complete our class notes.  Short review.  Quiz over Enlightenment Philosophes.  Hand out Chapter 2, Section 2 and 3 quizzes and primary sources

Homework - Acrostic Poem (from Friday) on one of the philosophes.  Handout due on Wednesday. 

US History 9/19/11

In Class - With a partner, look through the packet pertaining to the presidencies of Washington through Madison.  You are to develop a twelve (12) question quiz focusing on the content vocabulary.  Ten (10) of these questions are to be multiple choice and two (2) are short answer questions.  Provide an answer key to your quiz.  Staple Friday's homework (Chapter 2, Section 1 Quiz) to your quiz and turn in before you leave.

Homework - Finish quiz.

Friday, September 16, 2011

American Government 9/16/11

In Class - Short video clips regarding torture.  Begin watching the documentary from PBS Frontline: The Torture Question (click on the title link to go to this site).  Take notes over this topic over key people, events, and concepts.  Class discussion on this topic will be next Friday.

Homework - QOW is due by Saturday.  I am still in need of blog URL's so please email me your blog address over the weekend.

World History 9/16/11

In Class - Continue class notes on the Enlightenment.  Hand out Acrostic Poem requirements and example.  Select one of the following philosophes: John Locke, Thomas Hobbes, Rousseau, Montesquieu, Voltaire, Adam Smith, Wollstonecraft.  You must include a picture either self created or from the Internet.

Homework - Quiz on Monday over Chapter 2, Section 1 and class notes.  Acrostic Poem due on Tuesday, September 20.

US History 9/16/11

In Class - Read Chapter 2, Section 1.  Hand out quiz for Chapter 2, Section 1.

Homework - Chapter 2, Section 1 Quiz due on Monday.

American Government 9/15/11

In Class - Group Work: Discuss the following questions in groups: 1) In your own words, define torture.  2) What events in history provide evidence of torture?  3) In order to receive vital/key information to defend the national security of the United States, would you use torture to get that information?  Short discussion.

Homework - QOW due Saturday.

World History 9/15/11

In Class - Continue discussing the Enlightenment.

Homework - Quiz tomorrow over class notes and Chapter 2, Section 1.

US History 9/15/11

In Class - Continue class notes from Washington to Madison.

Homework - None.

American Government 9/14/11

In Class - Finish "Wordle" presentations.  Introduction of new discussion topic.

Homework - QOW due by Saturday.

World History 9/14/11

In Class - Turn in homework (Chapter 2, Section 1 Quiz, Primary Source, Standards Check).  Class Notes: Introduction to the Enlightenment.

Homework - None.

US History 9/14/11

In Class - Short video clip.  In Class Writing: What challenges has the US faced in the past, present, and future?  Introduction to Chapter 2.  Class notes: Washington to Madison.  Hand out homework (Issues Connector: Checks and Balances; Federal Power and States Rights).  These are due tomorrow.

Homework - Handouts due tomorrow.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

American Government 9/13/11

In Class - Wordle "Word Cloud" Presentations.  We will continue these tomorrow in class.

Homework - QOW due on Friday.

World History 9/13/11

In Class - Hand back Chapter 1 Tests.  Independently work on test corrections using your textbook, classroom notes, and other handouts.  Staple your corrected answers with your original answer key and turn in before you leave. 

Homework - Chapter 2, Section 1 Quiz, Primary Source, Standards Check Handouts (2 pages) is due on Thursday.

US History 9/13/11

In Class - In Class Writing: What challenges did the United States face in our past, present, and future?  Discuss; briefly introduce Chapter 2.

Homework - Read Chapter 2, Section 1.


Monday, September 12, 2011

American Government 9/12/11

In Class - Short video clips.  Short discussion conversing about 9/11 and its significance to government and history. 

Homework - Wordle "word cloud" over President Obama's Jobs Speech from last Thursday.  You will present these in class so come prepared.

QOW - Free Write: Write about any topic you wish.  Just remember to include at least two sources and an MLA works cited.  Whatever is on your mind, no limitations, just an opportunity to speak your mind.  Hint: Write about something that you enjoy doing, a particular talent, ability, interest, or passion that gives your life a purpose.  This is due by Saturday, September 17 by 11:59 pm.

World History 9/12/11

In Class - Reflect and remember 9/11.  Short video clips.  Short discussion on 9/11 and its significance.  Grade Chapter 1 Test Multiple Choice questions. 

Homework - Read Chapter 2, Section 1.

US History 9/12/11

In Class - Short video clips reflecting and remembering 9/11.  Short discussion.  Grade Chapter 1 Test Multiple Choice questions.

Homework - None.

Test Retake - If you would like to retake your test, then show up to review tomorrow (Tuesday) morning no later than 6:40.  Be ready to review key terms and concepts for Chapter 1.  You will then take the test Wednesday morning.

Sunday, September 11, 2011


I have been awake for almost three hours now.  My wife called me from Madrid, Spain, and it was really good to hear her voice.  It was three in the morning when she called, and I haven't been able to go back to sleep.  I decided to take a look on TV to see what was on, and I noticed all of the 9/11 tributes for today. It's kind of eerie considering that when I am done writing this post, ten years ago, our world changed.  We all know the horrors and remember differently the events that day.  What I will never forget is the fact that even in time of great despair and sadness, we as Americans will always prevail.  Our democracy, our freedoms, and the selfless acts of those people that lost their lives so others may live is something that truly resonates with me.  A few years ago, President Obama stated that on the anniversary of 9/11, we as Americans should use this day as a day of service.  A day that culminates our ideas of giving back to a country that has done so much for all of us and that we sometimes take for granted.  We as Americans owe it to our country, our families, and most of all, to ourselves to display the kind of affection and service to all of those in need.  I firmly believe that 9/11 is truly a day to remember those who lost their lives on that tragic day.  We must never forget, but we must always live our lives to the very best of our abilities.  Live your life with no regrets.  Respect all, fear none, but most importantly, love always. 

I truly believe that in my time of sadness there is hope.  Hope that people will use this anniversary as a time to give back to those who are less fortunate.  Tell your families you love them because life is truly a precious gift.  Make the most of your life, do extraordinary things that impact the world, and do so with passion and determination.  Today, is a day of remembrance, a day of reflection, and a day of service. 

Those of you in the Business Academy, blogging truly is a liberating experience.  Although I still have tears in my eyes, I am now smiling because I know that in 24 hours, I will be going to La Sierra HS to be with my second family, my students.  I hope that you all use today as a day of reflection.  Reflect upon your life.  Take a moment of silence to offer your thoughts and prayers to those who lost their lives on 9/11. 

Friday, September 9, 2011

Wordle Problems?

If you are having issues with saving your "word cloud" to your blog, then follow these simple instructions. 

1) After you have completed your "word cloud," then publish your "word cloud" to the wordle website.

2) After you have published it, scroll down to the bottom and locate the "source code."  It should be the very first one.

3) Copy and paste the web address and post this link on your blog.

4) If done correctly, then you will be able to open the link to your "word cloud" and be able to view it online.

5) If this doesn't work, then we will talk about it on Monday.

The Daily Show 9/20/01

John Stewart's first show after the terrorist attacks on 9/11/01.  Emotional and moving monologue.  Even the funniest of men show their humanity in the time of tragedy and sadness.

Powerful Animation of 9/11

Short animated video told by retired firefighter John Vigiano Sr. about his two sons John Jr. and Joe, a firefighter and police detective that both lost their lives on 9/11/01.

American Government 9/9/11

In Class - Briefly discuss the historic day of remembrance of 9/11.  Hand out the timeline of historic world events from the TIME 9/11 Commerative Issue.  Briefly read through the handout and highlight any events that catch your eye or interest you.  For Monday, bring some research for a class mini-discussion regarding some of these events.

Homework - Do some research and come to class prepared to discuss your questions or topics of world events after the terrorist attacks on 9/11.  Your "word cloud" from President Obama's speech is due on Tuesday, September 13.  You will present your "word cloud" to the class.  Come to class prepared.

World History 9/9/11

In Class - Chapter 1 Test.

Homework - Watch the news.  Remember those who lost their lives on 9/11. 

US History 9/9/11

In Class - Chapter 1 Test.

Homework - Watch the news.  This weekend is very significant in our nation's history.  We need to remember and honor those who lost their lives on September 11, 2001.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

President Obama's Jobs Speech

Click on the link above to view the video and full text of the speech if you didn't have an opportunity to see it live.

Everybody's Wordle-ing

This was taken from ABC news (click on the link above to see the website).  They stole this from me:)

American Government 9/8/11

In Class - Discuss the "word cloud" Wordle assignment:

Tonight at 7:00 pm (eastern time), President Obama will be addressing a joint session of Congress where he will present “The American Jobs Act” to the American people.  You may either watch the speech live, catch the video online, or read a copy of the text.  Throughout the speech, I want you to write down key words or phrases that President Obama uses to present “The American Jobs Act.”  Pay close attention to repeated words or words that may have significant meaning to you.  When a word is mentioned by the president more than once, keep a tally.  You may also include words that describe your feelings while watching the speech.

You are to write down a minimum of forty (40) words.  Obviously some words will be repeated more than others.  Go to the website and create a “word cloud.”  You may either print your “word cloud” or post it on your blog.  We will present these in class on Tuesday, September 13.

Homework - Watch President Obama's speech tonight.  Wordle project is due on Tuesday, September 13.

World History 9/8/11

In Class - Finish the chart from yesterday discussing the Greeks, Romans, Jews, and Christians and their role to shape modern day democracy.  Review for tomorrow's test over Chapter 1.

Homework - Review for tomorrow's test over Chapter 1.

Test Review tomorrow morning before school.

US History 9/8/11

In Class - Complete discussion over yesterday's homework (standard check questions).  Review for tomorrow's test over Chapter 1, Sections 2-4.

Homework - Study for tomorrow's test over Chapter 1, Sections 2-4.

Test Review tomorrow morning before school.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

American Government 9/7/11

In Class - Group Work: Discuss the speech (handed out yesterday) given by Charlton Heston at an NRA rally in May of 1999.  Discuss the significance of the speech (located in Denver shortly after the Columbine shootings) and whether or not this speech pertains to the topic of freedom of religion.  Before you leave, write a short paragraph reaction to the speech and turn in.

Homework - Discussion reflection due by 11:59 tonight.

World History 9/7/11

In Class - Finish yesterday's homework (Standard 10.1.1 Chart).  Discuss as a class and fill in as we go.

Homework - Review for Chapter 1 Test on Friday.

Test review Thursday and Friday before school.

US History 9/7/11

In Class - Completion check for yesterday's homework (Standard Check Questions from Chapter 1, Sections 3 and 4).  In groups, discuss the answers to the questions. 

Homework - Review for Chapter 1 Test (Friday).

Test Review Thursday and Friday before school.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

9/11 Ten Years Later

"Like phoenix, local 9/11 memorial rises from the ashes," Brandon Ancil,  September 6, 2011.

Former marine and current artist Curtis James Miller will unveil his memorial Sunday, September 11.

American Government 9/6/11

In Class - Review and reflect Friday's discussion.  Short video clips concerning the lighter side of this controversy (The Qu'Osby Show).  My final thoughts on the topic and whether or not the Islamic Cultural Center should be built. 

Homework - Hand out short speech by Charlton Heston, May of 1999.  Read this article and write a short reaction on how this speech, although written for an NRA rally, relates to the topic we just discussed.  Bring this tomorrow to class.  Also, post a reflection on your blog about Friday's discussion.  This is due by Wednesday.

World History 9/6/11

In Class - With a partner or by yourself, complete the chart for Standard 10.1.1 relating the Greeks, Romans, Jews, and Christians and their ideas on law, reason, and duties of the individual.  What you do not complete in class will become homework, due tomorrow.  Hand out Chapter 1 Review Sheet - Test on Friday.

Homework - Complete chart.  Begin reviewing for the test on Friday. 

Test review all week before school.

US History 9/6/11

In Class - ICW: KKK Kid - Write what you see and how this picture relates to the material we have been covering in class (ie. Constitution, Bill of Rights).  Discuss and take notes.

Homework - Standard Check Questions for Chapter 1, Section 3 and Chapter 1, Section 4.

Test over Chapter 1 is on Friday.  Test reveiw all week before school.

Monday, September 5, 2011

American Government 9/2/11

In Class - Class discussion #1 (Islamic Cultural Center Controversy).  Agree to disagree, actively participate, respect all people's arguments.  Turn in written work (Political Cartoon Analysis, 4-Square Chart, and Double Entry Web Journal).

Homework - On your blog, write a reflection about today's discussion.  What did you learn, what was interesting or surprising to you, did your point of view change after today's discussion?  This is due by Wednesday, September 7 by 11:59 pm.

World History 9/2/11

In Class - Short review over Chapter 1.  Short Cycle Assessment #1 (15 Questions).  This goes as a quiz grade, so do the best you can.

Homework - Enjoy your weekend!

US History 9/2/11

In Class - Short review using the information from the library you found yesterday.  With your partner, discuss the nine terms that your partner completed.  Short Cycle Assesment #1 (12 Questions).  This goes as a quiz grade, so do your best.

Homework - Enjoy your weekend.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

One of my favorite Digital Shorts


American Government 9/1/11

In Class - Short video clip and discussion.  Discuss tomorrow's discussion rules, guidelines, and expectations.  See the syllabus for a rubric for the discussion grading procedure.  Answer questions.  Work day for the rest of the period.

Homework - Double Entry Web Journal, 4-Square Chart, and Political Cartoon Analysis due tomorrow.  Prepare yourself for tomorrow's discussion.

World History 9/1/11

In Class - Presentations over Chapter 1, Sections 3-5.  Take notes for key concepts, ideas, and people. 

Homework - Study (review) for tomorrow's Short Cycle Assessment.

US History 9/1/11

In Class - Small Group Work: Identify major people and events leading from the Articles of Confederation to the drafting and ratifying of the Constitution.  Who were the important leaders (federalists, antifederalists, Hamilton, Madison) and what were the key concepts (New Jersey and Virginia Plans, Great Compromise, 3/5th Compromise, federalism, separation of powers, Bill of Rights)?  Pick Nine from the list given in class today and while using online keyword searches, identify the significance of the person, event, or concept.  Bring this to class tomrrow.

Homework - Review for tomorrow's short cycle assessment.  Complete library work from today.