Monday, February 25, 2013

American Government 2/25/13

In Class - Continue to discuss the role of education in the United States.

Homework - Word Cloud from President Obama's SOTU Address is due by 11:59 tonight.

Economics 2/25/13

In Class - Finish presentations.

Homework - Chapter 1 of Freakonomics discussion questions due on Wednesday.

World History 2/25/13

In Class - Review Chapter 11, Sections 1-4.

Homework - Quest over Chapter 11, Sections 1-4 on Wednesday.

US History 2/25/13

In Class - Read Chapter 8, Sections 1-3.

Homework - Ch. 8, Sections 1-3.

American Government 2/22/13

In Class - Short discussion on education: How would you rate your education on a scale from 1-10? 

Homework - Word Cloud and explanation due on Monday.  Post this on your blog.

Economics 2/22/13

In Class - Children's Book presentations.

Homework - Read Chapter 1 of Freakonomics.  Have the Chapter 1 discussion questions finished by next Wednesday.

World History 2/22/13

In Class - Discuss answers to Chapter 11, Sections 1-4 quizzes.

Homework - Review for Quest over Chapter 11, Sections 1-4 next Wednesday.

US History 2/22/13

In Class - Introduction to the causes of the Great Depression.

Homework - Read Chapter 8 for Monday.

American Government 2/21/13

In Class - Education Presentation.

Homework - Word cloud and explanation is due on Monday by 11:59 pm posted on your blog.

Economics 2/21/13

In Class - Children's Book Presentations.

Homework - Keep reading Chapter 1 of Freakonomics.

World History 2/21/13

In Class - Work on the Chapter 11, Sections 1-4 quizzes.  This is due tomorrow.

Homework - Sections 1-4 quizzes.

US History 2/21/13

In Class - Short quiz over Chapter 7.  Grade in class and turn in.  Hand out Primary Sources, "The Scopes Trial" and "The New Woman."

Homework - Primary Sources due tomorrow.

American Government 2/20/13

In Class - TED Talk: Sarah Kay.  Introduction to our next topic: education. 

Homework - Word Cloud due on Friday posted on your blog.

Economics 2/20/13

In Class - Hand out Chapter 1 of Freakonomics.  Read in class while looking to answer the discussion questions at the end of the chapter.

Homework - Presentations for the Children's Book will begin on Friday.

World History 2/20/13

In Class - Continue to review Chapter 11.  Hand out section quizzes (Chapter 11-Sections 1-4).

Homework - Work on section quizzes.  Due on Friday.

US History 2/20/13

In Class - Discuss Chapter 7, Sections 4 and 5 - Culture of the 1920's: Consumers, Women, and African-Americans.

Homework - Review Chapter 7 for a short quiz tomorrow.

Government 2/19/13

In Class - Begin watching President Obama's State of the Union Address (click on title link for access).  Write down key words/phrases from the speech and create a word cloud (  With your word cloud, write a short explanation of the word cloud.

Homework - QOW (word cloud and explanation) is due posted on your blog by Friday (2/22).

QOW - Create a word cloud from the above website and simply write an explanation of your word cloud.  This will be your question of the week for this week.

Economics 2/19/13

In Class - Children's Book due today.  Begin watching President Obama's State of the Union Address.  Right down any key words relating to economics discussed in the President's speech.  Create a word cloud ( along with an explanation of your word cloud for Friday.

Homework - Word Cloud with explanation due tomorrow.

World History 2/19/13

In Class - World War I simulation.

Homework - Review Chapter 11, Sections 1-4.

US History 2/19/13

In Class - Short paragraph over current event.  Turn in.

Homework - Review Chapter 7 Sections 4 and 5.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

American Government 2/8/13

In Class - Class discussion on gun violence/2nd Amendment.  Turn in political cartoon analysis.

Homework - Update your blog.  State of the Union Address, Tuesday, February 12.

Economics 2/8/13

In Class - Update on your children's book (20 points).  Children's Book is due on Tuesday, February 19.

Homework - Children's Book due on February 19.

World History 2/8/13

In Class - Turn in Standards Check and work on Primary Sources for WWI.

Homework - Review Chapter 11 over the break.

US History 2/8/13

In Class - Finish Chapter 7 Packet - due before you leave.

Homework - Review Chapter 7 over the break and preview Chapter 8.

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Government 2/7/13

In Class - Continue to work on Political Cartoon Analysis (due tomorrow).  Start preparing arguments for tomorrow's discussion.

Homework - PC analysis due tomorrow.  Class discussion tomorrow.

Economics 2/7/13

In Class - Continue to work on your Children's Book (due Tuesday, February 19).

Homework - Individual update on your book tomorrow in class.

World History 2/7/13

In Class - Continue to discuss World War I (short video clips).  Hand out Standards Check (2) and Primary Sources (2). 

Homework - Standards Check handout due tomorrow. 

US History 2/7/13

In Class - Class work: work on Chapter 7 Packet (due tomorrow).

Homework - Ch.7 Packet due Friday.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

American Government 2/6/13

In Class - Hand out political cartoon analysis for gun control/violence in the United States.  Work on this with a partner or in groups.

Homework - PC analysis is due on Friday.  Friday is the first class discussion over the issue of gun control/violence in the United States.

Economics 2/6/13

In Class - Continue to work on Children's Book.

Homework - Children's Book is due on Tuesday, February 19.

World History 2/6/13

In Class - Take a look at Chapter 11, Section 2 primary source "All Quiet on the Western Front."  Describe and discuss the realities of trench warfare.

Homework - Review Chapter 11, Sections 1 and 2.

US History 2/6/13

In Class - Short quiz - Discuss the similarities of the four magazine covers from the 1920's.  Discuss and turn in.  Finish word search and labeling terms in the proper sections.

Homework - Chapter 7 Packet is due on Friday.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

American Government 2/5/12

In Class - Continue to discuss the role of Constitutional rights in the current culture of politics.  Discuss the QOW.

Homework - Class discussion on Friday.  QOW due posted by Saturday.

Economics 2/5/13

In Class - Business Academy: Discuss fundraising for upcoming trade fairs and study trips.

Homework - Children's Book update is on Friday.

World History 2/5//13

In Class - Turn in homework: Chapter 11, Section 1 and 2 with primary sources.  Watch the following video.  Take notes as you watch and summarize your notes.

Homework - Watch the news.

US History 2/5/13

In Class - Short video clip regarding the era of the 1920's.  Write down any key terms/people/concepts.  Discuss.  Begin class notes on the 1920's.

Homework - Word Search and Categorizing Terms (Section) due tomorrow.  Chapter 7 Packet is due on Friday.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

CNN Gun Control Page

Click on the title from above to access a plethora of information regarding the conversation concerning gun violence and gun control in the United States.

American Government 2/4/13

In Class - Watch a few of the Super Bowl commercials.  Continue to discuss the issue of gun violence in the United States.

Homework - QOW due by Saturday, February 9 by 11:59 pm.  Start uploading articles/resources to your blog.  1st discussion is on Friday, February 8.

QOW - Using a minimum of two (2) outside resources and including an MLA works cited, respond to the following prompt.

Considering what you have learned regarding gun violence in the United States, why do you think the national conversation regarding the issue of gun violence and the 2nd Amendment is so heated?  What arguments are being presented from both sides, and where do you stand on this issue?

Economics 2/4/13

In Class - Discuss the economic impact of the Super Bowl on the city of New Orleans.  Discuss the Super Bowl commercials and their impact on the economy.

Homework - ACADEMY - Bring fundraising ideas tomorrow to class.

World History 2/4/13

In Class - Discuss the primary source written by Kaethe Kollwitz. 

Homework - Finish the handout (Chapter 11, Section 1 and 2 quiz and (2) primary sources).

US History 2/4/13

In Class - Hand out Chapter 7 section quizzes and cartoon.  Hand out Chapter 7 word search.

Homework - For the terms on the word search, find out what section they are in from Chapter 7 and write the section number next to the term.

Friday, February 1, 2013

Alex Jones vs. Piers Morgan

American Government 2/1/13

In Class - Short video.  Discuss as a class.

Homework - Blog URL is due emailed to me by 11:59 pm.

Economics 2/1/13

In Class - Short video clips regarding the Alvord Unified School District's economical situation.  Continue to work on children's book (due 2/19).

Homework - Research for your children's book (requirements posted on yesterday's date).

World History 2/1/13

In Class - Read Chapter 11, Section 1.  Hand out Chapter 11, Section 1 and 2 quizzes and primary sources (2).

Homework - For Monday, complete the Section 1 Quiz and the primary source by Kaethe Kollwitz.

US History 2/1/13

In Class - Discuss the issue of gun violence in the United States.  Short video clips.

Homework - Using your outline, begin defining the content vocabulary from Ch. 7, Section 1.

American Government 1/31/13

In Class - Continue to discuss gun violence and the 2nd Amendment.  Hand out article "How the Gun Won" and Charlton Heston's speech to the NRA National Convention of May 1999.

Homework - Read articles for tomorrow's class.  Email me your blog URL by Friday by 11:59 pm.

Economics 1/31/13

In Class - Discuss the requirements for the Children's Book Project.

Requirements - Students will use the material and resources they have learned in class to begin researching the economics of the United States from 2007-Present in order to write a children's book (with illustrations).  Students are to use the library databases (ProQuest - Sign In Name: lashs  Password: eagles) in order to understand some of the key economical and political factors contributing to our economic recession.  Using these databases will help you formulate a works cited page, in which you will need a minimum of six (6) resources, cited in MLA Version 7.  These resources must be from credible sources.  TIP: If you research on the Internet, then some good sites end in .gov; .edu; .org; or any state sponsored site.

As you conduct your research, you are to create a storyline with fictional or nonfictional characters including a title for your book.  The language you use in your writing needs to be simple and concise when trying to tell your story.  Would a first or second grader be able to understand your story?

You are to include illustrations with your book.  Although I would prefer original illustrations, cutting and pasting pictures from the web is acceptable.  HOWEVER, IF YOU USE SOMETHING FROM THE INTERNET, IT MUST BE INCLUDED IN YOUR WORKS CITED.  Furthermore, using pictures will not count towards your six (6) resources. 

This project is due on Tuesday, February 19 (day after our ten day break).  Presentations will begin on Thursday, February 21.


All of the following must be included in your children's book:

            1) Prgress Check 2/8 - 20 points
            2) Preface: Written Summary of your story - 30 points
            3) Content - 100 points (use of key political/economical terms in your story)
            4) Illustrations - 50 points
            5) Creativity - 40 points
            6) Works Cited (MLA Format, V. 7)  - 60 points
            7) Presentation - 50 points

             Total - 350 points

World History 1/31/13

In Class - Short video clip: The Royal Rumble.  Discuss how this pertains to WWI.  List and explain the five causes of WWI (MANIA).

Homework - Read Chapter 11, Section 1 for tomorrow.

US History 1/31/13

In Class - Chapter 6 Test: World War I.  Staple your review (pages 206-207) to the back of your test.  Preview Chapter 7.  Hand out the Chapter 7 outline.

Homework - Read Chapter 7, Section 1 for tomorrow.