Wednesday, July 15, 2009

World History Summer School 7/15

In Class - Fifteen minute review before test over World War II. Test. When you are done, complete the questions from the primary sources over the Holocaust. I will collect this tomorrow. Short video: "Auschwitz: If You Cried, You Died." Discuss historical implications of the Holocaust during World War II. Video: "Paper Clips." After viewing the documentary, write a reaction answering the following questions: How did you feel after watching this documentary? Why? What can you do on a daily basis to battle intolerance and prejudice? Why should everyone study the historical effects of the Holocaust? Overall, your write-up should be a minimum of one page in length.

Homework - Finish primary sources (2) and write-up. Extra credit assignment due tomorrow as well (see posting from 7/9). EC is worth up to 60 points.

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