Thursday, July 16, 2009

World History Summer School 7/16

In Class - Discuss World War II test. Turn in homework (Anne Frank/Elie Wiesel Primary Source and one page reaction to the documentary "Paper Clips") and extra credit. Distribute grades. In class notes: Cold War. Discuss Post-World War II era. Start video "13 Days" dealing with the Cuban Missile Crisis. Answer questions to video from handout. Handout homework (Chapter 14, Section 5 Quiz; Chapter 15, Sections 1, 3-4 Quiz). Due on Monday.

Homework - Handout: Chapter 14, Section 5 Quiz; Chapter 15 Sections 1, 3-4 Quiz.

Extra Credit Opportunity - On Monday, July 20th marks the 40th anniversary of this historical event in US history. What is this event? Give me a source of where you found your information.

Also, if you are still interested in completing the extra credit from the 7/9 posting, I will take this through Monday, but you will not receive the maximum points. I will post the final extra credit assignment on Monday, which will be due by Wednesday at the beginning of class.

The Second Session of summer school is rapidly coming to an end. Do what you need to do to pass this class!

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