Monday, December 13, 2010

World History Extra Credit

This EC is due by Thursday, December 16 before I leave to go home.

Upon viewing the documentary A Class Divided (60 minutes), respond to the following questions in a three to four paragraph (paragraph = minimum of six sentences), well-organized essay.  Be sure to include specific evidence from the documentary and from your textbook to support your answers.  This may be hand written, but I would prefer it to be typed, double-spaced, 12 point Times New Roman font.
General Reactions
  • What did you learn?
  • What scene or scenes do you think you'll still remember a month from now and why those scenes?
  • Did any part of the film surprise you? Do you think someone of a different race, ethnicity, or religion would also find it surprising?
    • How does our study of European Imperialism relate to this documentary? 
Complete and quality work can earn you up to 75 extra credit points.  Good luck.                

World History Imperialism Link

Another good link to help you study for your test.

World History Study Guide

Students, this website (click on the title of the post) is a good resource that can be used to help you with your review sheet from Chapter 9.

American Government 12/13/10

In Class - Class discussion regarding Operation Gratitude.  You must participate in order to receive points.  Discuss what we will be doing on the day of finals. 

Homework - Bring your textbook tomorrow (Periods 1 and 2; Wednesday, Period 4).  Alternative assignment for the board meetings is due no later than Thursday.

World History 12/13/10

In Class - Hand out Chapter 9 Review Sheet.  This is an assignment and needs to be turned in on the day of the final exam (Wednesday: Period 3; Thursday: Period 5).  Hand back papers.

Homework - Review sheet due on the day of the final.


Sunday, December 12, 2010

This is Hilarious

Many of you already know about Antoine Dodson.  This is the hit song as told by Dodson himself.

Operation Gratitude

This link will take you to the Operation Gratitude website.  This particular link features soldiers' responses to the care packages they are receiving.  In fact, Operation Gratitude just sent it's 600,000 care package to our men and women in harm's way.  We are truly doing something great here.

Domingo Ayala - How to hit a homerun

This weekend, I participated in the first annual La Sierra Baseball Alumni Game.  I realize that I am not alumni, but I played anyway.  Let's just say that I took all the advice from Domingo.  Bartender:  JACK!!!

American Government 12/10/10

In Class - Continue Operation Gratitude.  Finish up class presentations.  Begin collecting letters from various teachers on campus.

Homework - Class discussion will be on Monday concerning this project.  Attendance and participation are imperative. 

World History 12/10/10

In Class - Watch a short video (Colbert Report) and pay special attention to the interview with Salvatore Guinta, the US's only living recipient of the Congressional Medal of Honor since the Vietnam War.  Try to understand the significance and importance of our soldier's efforts to continue to protect our freedoms.  Discuss Operation Gratitude.  You are to write a letter to our men and women in uniform thanking them for what they do for us on a daily basis.

Homework - Begin studying for your final (period 3 on Wednesday, period 5 on Thursday).  There will be test review on Tuesday and Wednesday of next week. 

NOTE - If you have any missing assignments from when you were absent, then these must be made up by Wednesday, December 15.  Anything not made up will go as a zero in my grade book.

American Government 12/9/10

In Class - Continue to work on Operation Gratitude.

Homework - Daily blog posts concerning this project.  Las Board of Education meeting is tonight @ 7.

World History 12/9/10

In Class - Discuss yesterday's homework (primary sources).  Read and discuss answers; turn this in along with Standard Handout 10.4.3.  Hand back papers.

Homework - Standard Handout 10.4.4.  Due at the beginning of class tomorrow.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

American Government 12/8/10

In Class - Continue classroom presentations for Operation Gratitude. 

Homework - Daily blog posts.

NOTE - Last Board of Education meeting is on Thursday night @ 7.

World History 12/8/10

In Class - Short Quiz over Imperialism (class notes and Ch. 9, Sec. 1).  Hand out standard check 10.4.3 and primary sources "The Gentlemen and the Jungle" and "Two Views on Imperialism."  Use class time to work on these for tomorrow.

Homework - Complete handout and primary sources.

NOTE - Test retake (Chapters 1-3, 5-6) before school this week.  Also, if you have any make up work from when you were absent, this is due on Monday, December 13.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

American Government 12/7/10

In Class - Classroom presentations.  We will begin this today and continue throughout the week as we need to.  Continue to promote the cause of Operation Gratitude.

Homework - Daily blog post.  What did you do today?  What will you do to prepare for tomorrow?

World History 12/7/10

In Class - Turn in yesterday's homework.  Continue class notes from yesterday on Imperialism.

Homework - Read Chapter 9, Section 1.  Complete the handout 10.4.2 Standard Check.  Short quiz tomorrow.

American Government 12/6/10

In Class - Discuss information for class presentations that will begin tomorrow.  Remember, if you are not in class, you cannot present.  Be on time.

Homework - Daily blog post.  Prepare for tomorrow's presentations.

World History 12/6/10

In Class - Class notes: Introduction to Imperialism.  Fill in the blanks from the PowerPoint as we discuss them in class.

Homework - Standard 10.4.1 Handout.

NOTE - Test retakes from last Friday are available all week before school only.  If you are not satisfied with your score or simply need to take it for the first time, then I will see you sometime this week.

Friday, December 3, 2010

American Government 12/3/10

In Class - Continue to work on Operation Gratitude.  Put up flyers, posters, and any other display on campus to promote this cause.

Homework - Daily blog post: What did you do today?  What are you going to do to prepare for tomorrow (Monday)?  Also, start gathering some information and research about the campaign because we start presenting next week.

NOTE - I have had a good amount of teachers reply thus far, so we will be busy next week.  Come prepared on Monday to discuss the campaign and the information for the presentations.  Excellent work thus far!!!  Let's make this a success!

World History 12/3/10

In Class - Test over Chapters 1-3, 5-6.  Turn in Chapter 6 Packet with primary sources before you leave.

Homework - Watch the news. 

Thursday, December 2, 2010

American Government 12/2/10

In Class - Work on Final Project: Operation Gratitude.

Homework - As part of this project, you will have to complete daily blog posts answering the following questions: What did you do today for the betterment of the project?  And, What are you going to do to prepare for tomorrow?  Post these on your own personal blogs every night.

World History 12/2/10

In Class - Hand out review sheet for tomorrow's test.  The test will consist of a review of Chapters 1-3 and the new material of Chapters 5 and 6.  You may use the notecard I handed out today to use on the test.  You may use both sides if you want.

Homework - Study for test.  Chapter 6 Packet and Primary Sources are due tomorrow at the beginning of class. 


Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Very Moving, Take a Look.

Jim Valvano, former head baseball coach at North Carolina State University, and his acceptance speech at the 1993 ESPY Awards.  He created the V foundation for promoting cancer research.

American Government 12/1/10

In Class - Continue to discuss and select the topic for the Service Learning Project.   Operation Gratitude (click on the title of this post for the link to the website) version LSHS is underway.  Do some research tonight and begin thinking of ways to spread the word througout the campus (posters, flyers, sidewalk chalk).  We need to have stuff up around campus by Friday.  What can you do to help in this project?  Remember, I need 100% buy in from everyone in order for this to be a success.

Homework - Start to prepare yourself for the task at hand.  Come ready to work tomorrow in class.

World History 12/1/10

In Class - Continue to discuss answers from Standards Check handouts (Entrepreneurs, investors, working class, social gap, challenges of capitalism: utilitarianism, socialism, communism, utopianism). 

Homework - Study for Test on Friday (Chapters 1-3, 5-6). 

TEST REVIEW ON THURSDAY AND FRIDAY MORNING - Remember, this is a competition.

Review Sheet - Be able to identify, explain, and provide evidence that you know and understand the follow concepts.  A majority of the test will consist of questions from Chapters 5 and 6 - Industrial Revolution.

Chapter 1
Aristotle's Views on Tyranny
Plato's Views in the Republic
Ancient Greek Philosophers - Socrates, Plato, Aristotle - How did they promote democracy in Ancient Greece?
Republic - Definition
Justinian Code - What is it and how has it influenced today's society?
Greco-Roman traditions - how are they similar?  different?
Greco-Roman views on duties of the individual - how are they different?
Magna Carta
English Bill of Rights

Chapter 2
John Locke - How did he influence the Declaration of Indpendence?
                   -natural rights
Montesquieu - How did he influence the US Constitution?
Voltaire - How did he expose government abuses?
Simon Bolivar - How did the ideas of Locke and Rousseau influence him?
Principles of the Declaration of Independence - unalienable rights
US Bill of Rights

Chapter 3
The Delcaration of the Rights of Man and Citizen - What was its purpose?
Causes of the French Revolution
Tennis Court Oath - National Assembly - limited constitutional monarchy (purpose of the Assembly)
Reign of Terror
Napoleon Bonaparte - why was he able to gain control of the French government?
Napoleonic Code - What ideas were influenced by the French Revolution?

Chapters 5 and 6
Great Britain - Why was it the first nation to industrialize?  What were the causes of the IR?
Agricultural Revolution - What was it and how did it effect farmers?
Enclosure System - How did this affect the farmers?
Know the principles of the following:
     Laissez Faire
Wealth of Nations - Adam Smith
Population growth in Britain - what caused it?
Cultural, economical, and social changes of the Industrial Revolution
Positive Effects of Industrialization
Negative Effects of Industrialization
Investors - stocks
Working conditions in factories - child labor
Class structure of Western Europe during the IR - upper class, middle class, laboring class and peasants
Labor Unions - What was their role during the IR?
Charles Dickens - Who was he and what his purpose during the IR?
Charles Darwin

American Government 11/30/10

In Class - Discuss yesterday's homework (ideas for class project).  Service Learning Project - purpose and objective.  Discuss ideas and possibilities. 

Homework - Finalize your thoughts on what you would like to do as a class project.  Decision time tomorrow.

World History 11/30/10

In Class - Discuss handouts (Packet concerning the Industrial Revolution).  Read, answer, and discuss questions from the standards check. 

Homework - Test Friday (Chapters 1-3, 5-6).  Review sheet will be on this blog.