Sunday, July 12, 2009

World History Summer School 7/9

In Class - Turn in homework (Chapter 13, Sections 3-5 Quizzes and Primary Sources (4)). Library Research: Dr. Seuss Goes To War. Each student is to select a political cartoon from each of the four sections. There will be a total of 19 political cartoons. After you have selected these cartoons, you are to write a four sentence summary of the political cartoon. Each cartoon must have a citation (We will work on these again on Monday and the assignment will be due on Tuesday.). Continue in class notes about totalitarian leaders (Mussolini and Hitler). Video: Hitler in Color. Pass out homework.

Homework: Chapter 14, Section 1-4 Quizzes and Primary Sources (3). These are due on Monday. Be sure to complete the primary sources! Test over World War II on Tuesday.

Extra Credit Opportunity (due Thursday, July 16). Watch the documentary "Taxi To the Dark Side." This is a superb Academy Award-nominated documentary film directed by American filmmaker Alex Gibney. The two-hour long story tells of a young Afghan taxi driver, Dilawar, an innocent bystander who was picked up by American troops, tortured, and died from his severe injuries at an American detention center. The film uses never-before-seen footage, interviews with leading politicians and activists and comments from soldiers who were in Afghanistan.

The Assignment: Take notes over the documentary (which you will turn in) and write a one-page response to the following question: Should torture or "alternative interrogation techniques" be used by the United States in order to receive vital information from terrorist suspects? Why or why not? Be sure to use specific examples from the documentary to support your answer.

Link to documentary:

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