Monday, March 22, 2010

World History 3/19/10

In Class - Continue to work in groups on the World War II political cartoons. I want these completed for Monday. Before you leave, turn in the World War II packet (handed out on Monday).

Homework - Complete the political cartoon analysis for Monday.

EXTRA CREDIT OPPORTUNITY: You are to create a wiki page concerning any topic during World War II. The purpose of this assignment is for you to utilize technology and create an authentic, project based web page on the topic of your choosing. Choose a topic that interests you, something that you would like to learn more about. Click on the link below, set up your wiki space (be sure you have a valid email address) and then go to work. This project is due on Wednesday, March 31. Simply email me ( and the URL (web address), so I can look at your page. Email me at both of my accounts. Be sure to include your name, period, and the topic you selected in your email to me. Successful completion of this project is worth up to 100 points of extra credit. Have fun with this assignment! - This is a wiki page I created. You do not have to follow the format here, I just wanted to give you an example. Again, have fun with this and be creative.

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Shorty said...

I am having a hard time doing the web page I need help.