Tuesday, March 9, 2010

American Government 3/9/10

In Class - Discuss teacher interview responses. Discuss current situation with Norte Vista High School.

Homework - Current Event Notebook due today by 5:00 (or before I leave to go home). QOW teacher interview posting due tonight by 11:59 tonight.

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Missa17 said...

1. Do you think the education that students get in high school is actually going to help them out for the future?
- Yes it will, math will help you so that people will not rip you off. History teaches you not to make the same mistakes as the past years.

2.Do you believe teachers are actually to blame for under performing schools?
- No, there are not the parents are. There are parents who should not be parents and rather want their children going to work. Some kids who don’t have a place to sleep or stay, how will they learn at school?

3.Do you believe by 2014 NCLB will be achieved? Will every student test proficient?
-No, not all. Some teachers fake scores so that they do not get failed or in trouble.

4. Why do you think the drop out rate is so high?
- Right now because of the economy. It is so bad that students drop out to help their parents pay for things.

5. Does technology improve or make education worse?
- Both, kids are forgetting to research. They don’t read anymore. They go on wikopedia and believe what is on there and it isn’t true. It is good too because communication, better access to research if it is done properly.

6. Why do you believe in a country like the United States where work is so valued, do American children work so little in school?
- Because kids don’t earn anything. There is nothing to work for. They feel like they are entitled to everything. Parents believe their children deserve the best no matter how bad or good they do.
There is no responsibility.

7. In your opinion what should be changed in the school systems to improve students education?
- Discipline, allow students to pick up garbage. Have consequences for his or her actions. Teachers should be able to fail students. Teachers should be more rough and not so sensitive. They should tell their students what is really going on and fail them.

8.Do you think when a teacher is evaluated they act differently than a normal class day?
- Yes, some teachers act differently.

9. What would it be like if teachers were not told when they were about to be evaluated?
- It would be different because their are days that the teachers have great lessons and sometimes just book work. An example would be movies being played based on the topic discussed in class.

10. Do you think American students value their education?
- Absolutely not. Kids feel like they have to go to school. Some students feel like they don’t even want to be here. Why bother coming?

These were my 10 questions. I agreed with some of the answers the teacher I chose with said. For example the question I asked about what could be changed to better the schools education system? Discipline is a huge thing. I really don’t see anymore Saturday schools being given out for tardy. And honestly what is that going to do? Most students that get those Saturday school don’t even like coming to school and there punishment is to sit in a room and stare at the wall for a couple hours? Its the same thing that they do at school. What kind of punishment is that? What do they gain from that if its their normal routine in class? That is one huge thing that should be changed. Why not send them after school to tutoring so they better in school? I also agreed to the technology question because it does help at a point. It is nice to have access to the internet in class or do a report on the computer but when students just get lazy and instead of reading a book just search the summery on the internet that’s not really learning or when a student instead of researching a topic in different websites go on wikopedia that’s not good too because most of that information isn’t even true. I think our education system is really bad and it should be fixed.
Melissa Ortega
Period 4

Anonymous said...

#1 What do you think Obama's "Race To The Top" proposal?

I think the government's trying to do to much and will ultimately cause more harm then good.

#2 What do you think about the filibuster taking place in congress right now?

It really doesn't matter to me because the people complaining about it now. Were the ones who abused it most last time.

#3 Should schools compete and be shut down if they don't improve?

Yes, competition is good but some teachers have different methods of teaching and instead of students being able to get rid of teacher's that don't suit them. Maybe teachers should be able to get rid of students, who don't want to try in their class.

#4 How would you better education?

I would evaluate teachers more often. It helps keep you on task knowing that at any moment administrators can walk in. Also make standardized testing part of the students grade, that way if they don't want to try it hurts their grade and if they do good it helps them.

#5 Do American students work hard compared to the rest of the world?

No, and that's mainly because our values are different, when compared to other countries. For example, in America when you get home mom and dad usually aren't there to check on you, make sure you do your homework. While in other countries, parents are much more hands on.

Those 5 questions were addressed to Mr. Mummert and he agreed to answer each of them. Knowing that the content of his answers would be posted on Mr. Palo's blog for educational purposes.

chickenkoongoose said...

Ukpono Udi

Question 1: Where do you think our education system is at this point?
Answer: He believes that politicians over time have degraded our education system by trying to run it.
Question 2: Do you agree with the race to the top plan implemented by Obama
Answer: He doesn’t agree too much with Obama’s ideas nor former ideas and plans by politicians about our education system
Question 3: Do you feel some schools should be closed down and re opened and re-staffed?
Answer: He thinks that few should, but mostly schools and administrators take the blame for parent’s responsibility to support their children in the way necessary to complete school.
Question 4: Do you feel that there are some teachers who shouldn’t be teaching any longer because they don’t help cultivate students, or have done certain things that they should be fired for but are saved by tenure.
Answer: He agreed, but felt that it is just the negative side of tenure.
Question 5: How do you feel about tenure?
Answer: It’s a two edged sword on one side teachers can to do wrong because they know their protected, but on the other side they need that protection from certain acts that may be taken on them for personal reasons.
Question 6: Do you feel that some teachers don’t try hard after they receive tenure?
Answer: He said, “Most teachers try and those who sort of slack off its not after they receive tenure, but more so years later.” He also points out there has only been one teacher in all his years of teaching that gave no effort after he received tenure.
Question 7: Is test scores and standard testing a good evaluation tool of teachers?
Answer: His reply was, “Absolutely Not!” He says that some students have good testing abilities and others simply cannot.
Question 8: What do you think is better Charter Schools or Public Schools?
Answer: “Neither one is better than the other,” said Booth. “They both have their advantages and fit some schools better than other,” he explained.
Question 9: How do you think No Child Left Behind has worked?
Answer: Booth said, “It was a joke!” He explained how if a school in an esteemed school in Long Beach were to follow this Law then it would be lowering their standard. However, in Los Angeles it is close to impossible for the students to reach the certain standards given. He felt it was just so generalized and that it was just forced on our schools.
Question 10: How do you think students correlate to the current issue of our education system? Does poverty and living arrangements make a difference on the student’s willingness to improve?
Answer: Booth believes that many times poverty is used as an excuse. He believes that it starts in the home. His thoughts were more support and drive parents give to their children, the least other aspects of life take a toll on their education.
I think the interview went pretty well my questions invoked a sort of venting about the issues in our education system. We covered a lot of situations. We even covered some side conversation about Norte Vista. He shared information I didn’t know and we discussed it. The conversation never was dull or just question after question, but more so a discussion on each topic given and in the end I came up with a conclusion about his thoughts on our education system. I think that booth’s thoughts are that many times the government takes too much interference in our education. I feel he believes that many times the blame is too focused on teachers and administrators, but we neglect to understand how much responsibility the home takes for student’s education. I believe he thinks that often there is an assumption on what is wrong with our education system and most of their inferences were wrong. I detected tenure being a sensitive subject and the thought of even removing it caused an immediate defense. Overall it was a good conversation and I learned a little more from the teacher’s perspective.