Monday, March 22, 2010

World History 3/22/10

In Class - Discuss political cartoons from Friday. Take notes as you will need to complete a paragraph analysis for each one for your notebook. Hand out grade sheet. This will need to be signed and returned by Wednesday, March 24.

Homework - Start studying for your test on Thursday over World War II. Signed grade sheet due by Wednesday.

Important Dates: Test over World War II - Thursday, March 25
Benchmark Exam (cumulative review; topics - Western democracies, Enlightenment, French Revolution, Industrial Revolution, Imperialism, World War I, and World War II - Friday, March 26. Class notebook due on Tuesday, April 6 (day we get back from Spring Break).

EXTRA CREDIT OPPORTUNITIES: Tomorrow before school, show up. Extra credit wiki page assignment (see posting from 3/19 for directions). Baseball game tomorrow after school @3:15. Test review on Thursday morning.

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