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American Government 3/22/10

In Class - Discuss Health Care Bill that was passed yesterday. Write a short reaction as to your views on this controversial topic. Short discussion. Hand out article: "Health care bill a milestone - or a mistake."

Homework - Read the article concerning the Health Care Bill. On your own, what questions do you have regarding the topic? Do some research online and develop specific arguments for and against the new legislation. Bring these topics with you tomorrow.

Articles/videos to check out: - check out all of the videos concerning health care

QOW - Do some research on the subject of this new health care bill. In your response, be sure to have solid arguments with citations and a works cited. First of all, what questions do you have about this bill? In your opinion, is this health care bill a "milestone or a mistake" for our country? Be sure to use solid evidence to support your arguments.


Kimberly Becerra said...

My opinion to the Health Bill is that it is an error a mistake not a milestone. While I was reading “Health Bill Milestone or a Mistake?” the article comments “most Americans agree there are problems with the current health care system, but despite this diagnose we can not agree on a cure.” I agree this health Bill is a mistake although it will allow more people to be covered. “Certain percentage of legal U.S residents will expand coverage” what about the rest? Also, “with critical shortage of primary care providers, patients may have no where else to turn for medical care.” It’s true if there is more people going to the doctor there are going to be a shortage of providers. This bill is also going to take up to five years to take in action; people will realize that providing care taxes will increase. I don’t agree because “people are going to be paying more and getting less care.” Why should we pay ore if doctors do less? That’s just not right plus “doctors are also going to get paid less.” The tax increase this bill will take on health care is ten percent.
On the other hand many other people may agree this is a milestone. More people will like the coverage or benefit of health care. They will be able to pay for doctor visits and prescription. The Health Bill will be affordable, “people are not going to get denied care.” More people are going to go to the doctor “on a routine basis, people are looking forward to it.” I guess if this happens people who don’t have coverage would really like it because many need it. Also “young adults are going to be on their parents insurance until their twenty seventh birthday.” That’s a good thing for many of young adults because many will benefit coverage.

• Up to what extent will the providers be willing to provide?
• What will happen due to the shortage on Physicians/ Pediatricians?

• Avlon P John. “Health Bill a Milestone or a Mistake?” CNN Opinion. CNN, 22 March 2010. Web. 23 March 2010
• Landau Elizabeth, Park Madison. “Health care reform: How might it work for real people.” CNN Health. CNN, 23 March 2010. Web. 24 March 2010
• “Timeline: How health care reform will affect you.” CNN Politics. CNN, 22 March 2010. Web. 23 March 2010

Davion B. said...

Questions about Health Care Bill

*What exactly does it do for me?

*How much is this going to cost us?

*Is it going to affect the economy?

*What are the negatives about it?

*When is it going to take affect?

*Are illegal aliens provided also?

*What is included in the bill?

Health Care "Milestone or Mistake"

- I personally think that passing this health care bill was a major milestone. Many of the former presidents have been trying to get it passed for a while now and finally President Obama did it without a single Republican vote. That has to be a milestone in my opinion.

- While reading the article "House Democrats report increased threats since health care vote", i finally realized that the United States are not all excited about this health care bill being passed. There are actually a lot of people upset about it and are threatening most of the democrats. I really don't understand why either. "Republican House members encouraged protesters outside and inside the House gallery, some of whom carried messages like 'Vote no or else' or "If Brown won't stop it, a Browning will" -- a reference to newly elected Massachusetts Sen. Scott Brown accompanied by a silhouette of a pistol."(CNN Wire Staff 2010)

- Like i was talking about earlier in class, I'm happy they are giving everyone health care including myself because of my asthma condition.It would allow for me to pay for all of my medicine and continue to get treatment. So yes in my honest opinion passing the health care bill was an accomplishment. It is a major milestone for the united states.

Works Cited

-Walsh, Deidre, Dana Bash, Lesa Jansen, and Tom Cohen. "House Democrats Report Increased Threats since Health Care Vote -" - Breaking News, U.S., World, Weather, Entertainment & Video News. Cable News Network, 25 Mar. 2010. Web. 25 Mar. 2010. .

brenda g 106 said...

How will this bill be paid for?

Who will be covered by it?

Will the quality of health care be "one size fits all"?

Is there going to be a limit?

If there is how much will it be?

I don't see the bill as a total, pure bad act of congress. The idea of universal health care is nice and all but I do have my worries thanks to Connor's passionate points during todays discussion.
"It seems like the right thing to do in a rich country. But everyone feels the health care system is broken, and expanding this health care system seems fraught with danger,"
This quote shows the concern from Fareed Zakaria. His concern about a broken system could bring trouble when covering everyone or trying to if the attempt leaves to problems. There are states that are ready to stop the health bill in their state. Well there are risks to everything so we just have to see what'll happen with the bill in play.
If the bill helps out in and I hope it works out in this economic crisis. The bill can be fought but it's national.

brenda g 106 said...

Zakaria, Fareed. "Danger Ahead for Health Care Law?" Http:// CNN, 25 Mar. 2010. Web. 25 Mar. 2010.

Sorry, nearly forgot.

DawnMcNulty said...

Before this week I basically did not know anything about this popular topic of healthcare reform except for the fact that a bill was going to be passed on it, and that democrats’ and republicans were really bumping heads on the matter. After doing a bit of research on the subject I now have more questions about it including:

-Although the bill has been passed when will the 2010 provisions be placed into effect?

-How will it affect my family personally and who will decide who gets to keep their doctor and who’s gets switched?

-What group of tax payers will have and increase in taxes?

-Because of this tax increase will the total cost of living be increased as well?

-Will the new demand for more people in the medical field lead to government incentives for those to go into doctoring or nursing?

In my opinion so far I think it is a milestone for our country although it may not be the perfect answer to all the healthcare problems it is a step in the right direction. I feel nothing is ever done completely right the first time so while I do think there is still room for improvement and changes in the bill in the long run it will be helping the people of America.
I feel the first three provisions to be implemented in 2010 (including: coverage until age 26, no denial of patients with preexisting conditions, and rebates for those in age coverage gaps) are a good idea and I really don’t see why republicans were trying so hard to fight that aspect of the bill.
I think it’s a good thing that health insurance companies will no longer be able to deny a person coverage due to “preexisting conditions” because it is not right to discriminate coverage over things that a person can’t control.
After reading “ David Frum | A republican reaction to health care reform”, I think David Frum makes good suggestions for the republican party how to strategically work around the healthcare bill stating “ how bad an idea repealing the new health care legislation would be. Any repeal would require a presidential signature, and the earliest President Obama will be out of office is two years after the next mid-term election”. He also suggests that republicans need to quit defending the employer-based health care system, and change the method of funding.

Work cited
David Frum. ”A republican reaction to health care reform”. Mar. 22nd, 2010.

Pradeep Kolla. “2010 Health Care Reform Pros and Cons and Constitutionality of Healthcare Bill Explained “. Mar. 25th, 2010

Fide said...

Questions I Have About Health Care.

-How will this help me? If I have insurance already?

-Will it cover immigrants or illegal immigrants?

-How much is the government going to taxes us?

-Will everyone have the same benefits?

-Is there going to be high interest rates?

-Are they going to give us high premiums?

-First of all I think the health care reform is a good thing and a bad thing. From several articles that I have read it looks like its going to help people but then again It might hurt them. Coverage will expand to cover nearly 95 percent of legal U.S. residents(Pho 2010). Said Kevin Pho in the article of health care reform. Also I think its going to raise taxes because, the government has to receive something out of it. Also I think it’s a great idea that the government is going to get rid of student loans, for students who want to become a doctor. There already is a shortage of doctors in the country. So then how is the government going to cover all those patients that are covered and need medical attention. One thing I believe that is going to be a serious problem is that, hospitals are going to be crowded with people because everyone is covered. This in the end will probably make doctors less proficient in there job to get everyone in and out. One thing that I really question is why are the democrats being threatened. New York Rep. Anthony Weiner's district office became a crime scene after someone sent an envelope containing white powder and a threatening note(Miller 2010). Why are they being threaten if isn’t that what the people wanted was universal health care. Or is it because they think the government is going into socialism. I don’t believe so because people still have the right to choose which medical provider they want. In the long run I think this health care is a millstone and it is a step further to improving this country by helping out its citizens.

Work Cited

- Miller, Maureen. "Anderson Cooper 360: Blog Archive - Evening Buzz: Final Health Vote & Scary Politics." Anderson Cooper 360: Blogs from, 25 Mar. 2010. Web. 25 Mar. 2010.

-Pho, Kevin. "Health Bill a Milestone -- or a Mistake? -" - Breaking News, U.S., World, Weather, Entertainment & Video News., 22 Mar. 2010. Web. 25 Mar. 2010.

Fide said...
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Fide said...

Fidencio Romero Per. 4
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OmgPerkins said...

Well, in all honesty, I thought doctors would HATE this bill. But I saw on, that doctors are actually praising this new health care bill. They told stories about patients they had, and explained that the health care bill will be able to help millions of Americans. Anyway, one thing about the bill states that children will be able to stay on their parent’s health insurance till they are twenty-six years of age, which I think is great, since we teenagers tend to be lazy till we are about twenty years old, then we finally snap out of it and get our butts in gear. This bill, which will be fully implemented by the year 2014, will give millions of Americans universal health care. However, anti-abortion Democrats were stressing and arguing over this subject: “The controversy centered on whether the bill forces all taxpayers into paying for abortions -- by subsidizing insurance policies that pay for the procedure and by funding federal health clinics that might offer abortions.” I personally am against abortions, and would NOT want to pay taxes to help pay for them. I think that is ridiculous, and we shouldn’t have to pay taxes on some “oops I did it again” teenagers that visit there so often they know the clerks/nurses personally. And of course, it isn’t always teenagers that go to abortion clinics, sometimes it’s women of all ages. Yet the factor is the same, paying taxes on abortions is not my cup of tea. Overall, I believe this health care reform is a milestone. I also believe that there might be more job openings for doctors and nurses at hospitals. However I’m still not sure of that, I will have to research on that.

Here are some questions I’ve had about this bill:
1. What exactly does this mean for people who are unemployed, and how exactly will they pay for their new health care?
2. Will there be a demand for more doctors/nurses at hospitals?
3. Does this mean that all Americans, who are either insured or not, going to have to pay a new tax on this?
4. I was at the doctors office with my mother a year or so ago, and a doctor said “This new health care thing Obama is trying to pass means that someone who lets say broke their leg, would have to wait 3-4x longer for a doctor to even look at it, or to get a cast on it, while now you don’t have to wait long at all.” I wonder if what he said was true?

Ed Hornick. “Abortion issue seen as a key to health care reform passage.” CNN Politics. Health Care in America, March 22, 2010 6:03p.m. EDT. March 25, 2010

Williams220 said...


-Does this mean that every hospital will be government owned and operated?
-Will there be a demand for more doctors?
-Do illegal immigrants get health coverage under the new bill too?
-Who will have to switch doctors and will I be included in this group?

In my opinion I’m still not too sure yet if this healthcare bill is a “milestone or a mistake”.
It has many pros including, bringing insurance to 32 million Americans that currently can not afford coverage, supposedly bringing down the nations deficit by billions of dollars, and cutting back on Medicare fraud and waste. But on the other hand there are of course the cons including, will doctors be changed? How will we go about paying for this? What are the changes that this thing will work as planned?
After a year of debate, the American people remain mostly divided on this legislation, and Democrats are looking at a tough re-election fight. I think it was a big win for the Obama administration but there are still many obstacles to get through like the fact of republicans possibly appealing it to supreme court.
I also think and this is just my personal belief, that illegal immigrants should not receive the new healthcare benefits. If you're not a citizen of the USA, how can you be expected to really be involved in these new perks. Illegal immigrants should only be treated if they are mortally wounded or seriously injured and after which time, should be deported if they can't and maybe even if they can pay their medical bills. It might not be the nicest or most popular idea, but it is a sure fire way to make sure this new bill is not abused.
Work cited
“Health bill a milestone -- or a mistake?”. Mar. 22nd, 2010

chickenkoongoose said...

Ukpono Udi
Gov. P.2
QOW: Health Care Reform
Have we just settled to receive a Healthcare Reform? Most Republicans would agree so. Sometimes I would agree with them because there is too much speculations like for example how much the Bill will drown us in cost. However, is it not worth it that everyone is ensured? The problem against it is assurance. Those against it have come to be skeptical on the situation. They feel it is too expensive and we are not covering enough people. The plan is devised to cover 32 million people who are not insured out of the estimated 48 million not insured. A question was asked, what happens to the other 16 million (Dellorto, Desjardins and Park)? The answer given came to talk about how most of these 16millions are illegal/undocumented immigrants who, under the Senate bill, cannot buy insurance in the main market, even with their own money (Dellorto, Desjardins and Park). It’s not sure how many out of the 16 million are illegal so that raises more questions about the bill. Another big situation is the taxes and the debt it will put us in. It is estimated more than $900 billion is what it will cost us to implement this bill. The feeling that this plan will even more so cripple our economy is held by many against this Bill (Herzlinger). My opinion is why should we put down this Bill because of what could happen. We are in traumatic debt, but we can only go up the fear I believe most against this is the thought of socialism. Well that’s not the case in this bill. The case is that we as Americans need to take care of American people the Governments job is to uphold, protect, and help. Healthcare falls in those categories. Why shouldn’t we as America and Americans have healthcare coverage? We tend to get selfish and think of everything for ourselves; whereas other prosperous nations think as a nation. We must follow that aspect of living. One women interviewed said, “Why should she have to pay for others to have insurance” (CNN)? Well why should we have to pay for her college schooling? Why should we have to pay for the roads? Why should we have to pay for public schooling? Why? We should because we are one nation we will all need this and use it so why not attempt to take care of our nation. Yea it may be hard in the beginning but some people have to suffer so we can become a better nation as a whole.
Works Cited
CNN. "" 22 March 2010. Americas Weigh in on Bill. .
Dellorto, Danielle, et al. Updated: Answers to your questions on health care law. 25 March 2010. 26 March 2010 .
Herzlinger, Regina E. "" 22 March 2010. Health bill a milestone-- or a mistake?

gabby. said...

My questions are:

Is this new health care plan really going to benefit everyone?

Whats going to happen to the people who really can't afford it?

Will this new bill be the same for everyone?

In my opinion I don't really think that this new health care is a "milestone or mistake", just yet. I think it can benefit a lot of families who still have the money to have it. But then again, what happens to the families who can't afford it at all? Even if insurance is going to be "affordable", what may be affordable to one person may not be to another."Citizens will be required to have acceptable coverage or pay a penalty of $95 in 2014"... As for my personal opinion I do hope it passes. I have scoliosis and I need to be covered so I can continue with my physical therapy, and I have to continue to be able to go to the doctors in order to get my back checked at least once a year. I dont necessarily think that the new reform is a bad thing. Then again i'll stick to my original arguement I dont think that America should be having to deal with this issue in the first place, we are a developed country, why is this even a problem?


“Timeline: How health care reform will affect you.” CNN Politics. CNN, 22 March 2010. Web. 23 March 2010

Gabby Cervantes
Period. 2

eliziel said...

My opinion health care is that it is a good thing and that it is about time that it passes because there was previous presidents who tried to pass it but failed and obama managed to get it through so thats great because millions of people need insurance but can't afford it and thats why when they hurt or sick or whatever they avoid going to the doctor because they know that it is super expensive and without insurance they cant afford to go to the hospital and this bill will make insurance more affordable for the people who are in need and it will be even better if it covers illegal aliens because even if they are here illegaly they are still people and need to have insurance like every body else especially because they usually take the hardest jobs and the ones were you are likely to get injured and stuff i also think that they should pay thier taxes because if they dont they are hurting our country and we dont need that.

will it benefit people without insurance?

will it hurt the ones who are already covered?

how will it affect my family and I?


“Timeline: How health care reform will affect you.” CNN Politics. CNN, 22 March 2010. Web. 23 March 2010

KiMbErLyFaRiAs said...

I think that healthcare reform is good. It doesn’t really affect me right now because I have health insurance. Its good for people that don’t have health insurance because now its more affordable. According to the Los Angeles Times it will create more jobs and help boost the economy. “National healthcare legislation in Congress could slow the growth of medical costs, allowing employers to create 250,000 to 400,000 new jobs a year over the next decade, economists from Harvard University and USC are predicting”(Helfand2010). If its going to create more jobs then I think we should follow through with it. I don’t see the harm it will cost. One thing that I’m not sure of is if there’s a shortage of doctors then how is it going to be now with million of Americans
with healthcare. I hope this reform will be a milestone not a mistake.

Are taxes going to be higher?

Who is not included in this healthcare reform?

Will there be a fee for those who chose not to have health insurance?

Helfand, Duke. "Healthcare overhaul could save money and boost jobs, researchers say". Los Angeles Times. March 26 2010 <

LyDia:) said...

In my personal opinion disregarding what the media is saying this bill has potential. People are currently upset trying to veto it because indeed its going to raise taxes extremely. However, considering I don’t have health insurance and have never I believe deeply that this bill all enforce security upon myself. I’ve always had to be extra careful as a kid as to not get injured because I knew and still know that if I do or did it cost my parents deep money. Having this bill completely enforced all mean that ill be required to get insurance and I wont have to pay ridiculous amounts to see the doctor even if its for a simple checkup. I mean I’m
till quite spectacle though because I’m not entirely sure what the bill offers as in are there going to be any restrictions? Are we all going to get the same coverage? Why aren’t immigrants going to have access to hospitals in general? For those of us without insurance who do we purchase it from? Is there going to be one dominating insurance company or multiple? Why are doctors going to get paid less? Does this mean hospitals are going to be packed? For those that have insurance is there policy going to change? Why are those that make more going to be taxed more? And most importantly is this truly going to benefit our economy?

“Timeline: How health care reform will affect you.” CNN Politics. CNN, 22 March 2010. Web. 26 March 2010

CNN. "" 22 March 2010. Americas Weigh in on Bill. .

Lydia Jones :)
Period 4

*julie* said...

In my opinion I think that the new health care bill is a big milestone. No other president has ever reached this pin point. Though many are upset about this many are happy to see a light at the end of the tunnel. In class on Thursday we have a mini class discussion on this topic. My group and I looked at the pros and cons of this new bill and I was amazed to find out that we came up with more goods then negatives. One of the good things is that Employers with more than 50 employees will be forced to provide coverage for all, or pay a fine. Or the fact that Parents will be able to keep older kids on their health insurance coverage, up to age 26.One of the negatives is that individuals and families who make between 100 percent to 400 percent of the Federal Poverty Level and want to purchase their own health insurance on an exchange are eligible for subsidies. They cannot be eligible for Medicare, Medicaid and cannot be covered by an employer. I am very happy to see this because I feel like now we won’t have as much people being sick or being kicked out of the hospital for not having money to pay.

Some of the questions I asked myself were

-How will this affect my family and I?
-How will this affect the nation in general?
-Do you think this bill will just bring more complications then solutions?
-And how will the future look like for those who will be the ones ending up paying for all of this?


Jill Jackson and John Nolen “Health Care Reform Bill Summary: A Look At What's in the Bill”CBS March 23 2010.web. March 26 2010

“Obama's Health Care Bill 2010 Information”. Health bill 2010. 24 March 2010. web. 26 March 2010

*julie* said...



*julie* said...
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brittney said...

Well, I honestly have no idea what my opinion is of this new health care bill.But I do think that this bill is for the worst. I fear that people that have health insurance already, that it won't help anymore. Also, all the doctors might not do their job as good as they did it before. That's all I really have to say.
-Brittney Isley per. 4

J_OVI said...

Heath care bill, in my opinion was something that needed to be done a long time ago. because i can relate to this subject, me and my brother came from Colombia 9 years ago and since we been here we have probably been to the doctors 2 times, because just for a check up is more than 80 dollars and if we had health care it who'd have been diferent.I'm sure that were not the only persons that this has affect them. There people that might have a different opinion on this bill Ironically Replublicans have been worried about debt but they haven't about:
the huge debt that they had put the whole country in after 8 years into wars and others
the deaths of innocent young men and women
destroying the economy all over the world
making milliions of people foodless, jobless and homeless

At the very worst:
every single child will be healthy. YES YES YES!!!!
every single American will be able to stay healthy without worrying not being treated
every single American doesn't have to worry about the unpredictably increasing premium
with good health every single American can work, pay tax and use his talent to contribute and make the country rich.

No health, no Job, more death and debt. Simple is that!
Having good health, saving on premium from increasing and being healthy enough to take care of yourself is the bottom line.


juan oviedo

Kaitlyn Morales said...

The new Health Care bill is a nice idea, but in reality, it is simply unfair. It is wonderful for those who have no money, but its is not right to take money from people who earn it and make them pay for a worse health care system for themselves, and pay for people who cannot afford it. “People are going to be paying more and getting less care", which is wrong, I understand we need reform, but this is not the answer. The government should open the borders, so that people could buy insurance from other states. That way the competition would go up and the prices of health care would essentially go down. It wouldn't solve the issue, but it would be a step towards a better solution. But the reality of the matter is that because of this bill everyone, except the lower class will be suffering financially. "Additional tax for health savings account withdrawals before age 65 for nonqualified medical expenses will increase from 10 percent to 20 percent. Additional tax for Archer medical savings account withdrawals not used for qualified medical expenses will increase from 15 percent to 20 percent." We shouldn't be forced into paying for this, it is unjust, we are Americans and should have the freedom of choice.

Kaitlyn Morales
period 4

Avlon P John. “Health Bill a Milestone or a Mistake?” CNN Opinion. CNN, 22 March 2010. Web. 23 March 2010
“Timeline: How health care reform will affect you.” CNN Politics. CNN, 22 March 2010. Web. 23 March 2010

bRiDgEt said...


-Will everyone have the same benefits?
-Is there going to be any limits?
-What is the catch/negatives about this bill?
-Is this going to affect the economy, but most important me?
-What exactly does it do for me?
-Who benefits from this?
-Is this bill the best way to solve Health Care?

My opinion

-I'm still undecided if this health care bill is a "milestone or a mistake".I'm concerned if this will actually help us, or will it bring us more into debt. Or what will be the catch to this, there must be a catch. Are they going to raise taxes, or is it only certain plans or certain people included. “Doctors and hospitals are going to be paid less for services"(Rollins 2010),if this is going to be the case. Then I’m thinking that the doctors won't do as well as they use to, because there not going to be paid the same. Also because there going to have more patients to be helping since mostly everyone will be covered. Which meaning the people would take advantage if this and will now go more often. Also this bill make it seem that the government is taking control. “A government committee will decide what treatments and benefits you get (and, unlike an insurer, there will be no appeals process)"(Adams 2010).Why can we choose what we would like and not the government.
In the other hand I’m delighted that now most of the people are going to be covered. Now people can afford health insurance. However the government should take in consideration families income. For that reason, it shouldn’t be that expensive to certain families. I am also glad that this is going to make more jobs. Which this means a lot to me since I’m planning to go in this field. Even though I’m going to this field ,is the bill going to give me high premiums or low premium. How are they going to know how much I can afford. As were it can be affordable for me but not for others. In conclusion I am happy that this bill has passed. I’m just concerned of what will happen next.

Work cited:

-Adams, Mike. "What's Really in Obamas Health Care Reform Bill - A Plain English Translation." Independent News on Natural Health, Nutrition and More. Natural News. COM, 25 Mar. 2010. Web. 26 Mar. 2010.

- Avlon P John. “Health Bill a Milestone or a Mistake?” CNN Opinion. CNN, 22 March 2010. Web. 23 March 2010

-Bridget Fuentes period 2

Pruthvi said...

Questions about Health Care bill:
What is something that's wrong with it that I cannot see?
I think it is totally a mile-stone. And in no way I see it to be bad. I mean it is approaching towards something better. I don't see it hurting anyone.
But according to the one article I read, there are many pros and cons of the bill. At the top of the article it quotes a lady,"I can't afford health care as yet. I'd rather have cancer than debt!"
The funny thing about this is that it is written in an alien form of bureaucratic english which can barely be decoded by earthlings. So blame that first.I think I am going to back up, because this article speaks about lot of cons. According to it:
1. If you already have insurance at the time when this bill becomes law, you will need to take a similar plan, or government will choose one for you.
2. Your health care will be rationed
3. A government committee will decide what health treatments and benefits you get.
4. All non-U.S. citizens, illegal or not will be provided with a health care plan.
5. The federal government will have all direct real-time access to individual bank account, for electronic fund transfer.
6. All private healthcare plans must conform to government rules to participate in a Healthcare Exchange.
7. All private healthcare plans must participate in the Healthcare Exchange (i.e., total government control of private plans)
8. Those eligible for Medicaid will be automatically enrolled: you have no choice in the matter.
9. No company can sue the government for price-fixing. No "judicial review" is permitted against the government monopoly. Put simply, private insurers will be crushed.
And I bet there are thousands more cons like these.
So Mr. Palo, I think reading this article totally changed my thoughts, as I found this article after beginning to write this comment. So if want to know a thousand more cons please follow the address in my WORKS CITED.
Ridiculous, now I know why people opposed it. No more questions about it. This thing sucks.

Adams, Mike. "What's Really in Obama's Health Care Reform Bill - A Plain English Translation." Independent News on Natural Health, Nutrition and More. 30 July 2009. Web. 26 Mar. 2010. .

EoPMaio said...

Questions regaurding Health Care Bill:

-Will the new Bill raise or lower the cost of Health Care?

-Will indepent Health Care companys still be around?

-How much will the government coverage cost?

-What will the basic coverage include?

I feel that the Health Care is a step in the right direction. But as to whether or not its the reform we need is unknown to me. I am still not fully aware of all thats included within the Bill. But sense everyone can agree that our curent Health Care system is in need of reform, I say that any change is a step in the right direction. I say that because, now that we have started the process of reform, if the current Bill is not exactly what we need, well we changed it once, why cant we change it again. Now that people are past the intial fear of change, it will be easier to make the now nessicary changes to fit the need of the people. I also feel that a government option(well its not really an option sense some people will be forced into choosing it) is a good thing for the American people. If I read it right, about 95% of American citizens will be covered by some sort of Health Care now.(Pho)
But I am curious to see just how the government is going to go about these changes, sense its not fully going to take over untill 2014.
Pho, Kevin. "Health Bill a Milestone -- or a Mistake? -" - Breaking News, U.S., World, Weather, Entertainment & Video News., 22 Mar. 2010. Web. 25 Mar. 2010.

“Timeline: How health care reform will affect you.” CNN Politics. CNN, 22 March 2010. Web. 23 March 2010

Zach Maio

soulmatesneverdie said...

This is not universal free health care. It's not that big of a change. I don't understand why so many people are protesting. This bill is basically fixing the major problems of our health care at the moment do everyone can have coverage. I think it is going to be a good change. I don't understand what people are wanting the government to change. Supposedly most of us want reform, but if not this then what else. Americans just love to protest for there rights and are afraid to change. This bill could have been a lot worse. On the other hand I think most of us don't want to suffer by having our taxes and insurance costs rising,ending up having to pay off other less fortunate citizens debt. After reading many articles i still am not sure how this will effect me and that's my point. If my taxes or insurance costs go up just because these insurance companies can't cover there expensive patients is it really a smart move. It's too early to tell how much this bill will improve the US, I think it's a big step and the government should always be changing how the country runs. I just hope that this bill doesn't just benefit the uncovered and poor. I was pleased to find out that illegal citizens won't be able to purchase insurance. That's Obama's next major wound to look at.

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Doing research on the New Healthcare Bill helped me better understand what’s in the Bill and some questions I had about it. According to CBS News it is said that Illegal immigrants will not be able to buy this insurance offered, which was a question we were discussing in class. It is estimated to cost $940 Billion over ten years to cover this Bill. This scared me at first because we are currently facing an economic recession and I don’t think adding to the debt is going to help. Now, I just hope that we will reduce the deficit over the next ten years by $130 Billion, which is said to be an effect in this Bill. Overall, I can’t really decide if this is a “milestone or a mistake” because it can go either way. If it really brings our deficit down then of course it would be a “milestone”, but if it does the opposite then we’ll have to go with a “big mistake”.
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I was shocked to discover that the health care bill passed. No other president has got this far! In the article “Health Bill Milestone or a Mistake?”, it says, "the passage of health care reform is a huge win for President Obama, a goal that has been unsuccessfully pursued by presidents since Teddy Roosevelt." I don't know much about this new bill but we did discuss it a little in class with my group, of what I know, I do have some pros and cons about this new health care bill. There are so many positives and negatives. For example, I thought that some positive parts of this bill is that children can stay on their parents health insurance until the age 26, also, more people will have health care now. Another positive about this health care bill would be that in the long run, we would be saving a lot of money. A con that I'm sure many people are upset with is that with this new health care bill, we will have high taxes. Something that I am concerned about with the health care bill is that I'm afraid that the doctors will not do as good of a job now because they will being getting a lot more patients and not getting paid as much. I am at a crossroads with this bill, I don't know enough about it to pick a side. In the same article that I mentioned above, they also said, "Most Americans agree there are problems with the current health care system, but despite this diagnosis we cannot agree on a cure." I really agree with this because, so many Americans want health care reform but everyone has different opinions so not everyone will ever agree on one decision.

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My opinion from the article that a read “health bill, for me is an error not a milestone. When I was reading the article, I notice that many Americas agree with the approval for the health care. For my point of view I am in the middle, I be lived that is good but also be lived that is bad idea. We have a posited, but also some negatives issues. The things that I agree on is that the health care will help a lot of people, like for example it will help a lot of people that have a small children, so they could take them to their doctor to have them in check. Therefore, they do not have anything bad, or a dresses. For example last year in México I had I cousin that they had take him to the doctor so many times and the doctor, always say that he has perfect. That he did not had anything bad. However, one day they found a tumor in their head and it was big all ready. Therefore, it was a little to late and she passes away. I be lived that if in Mexico they had the health care, were the doctors will be checking them, she did not had any problems and she would be alive. In the other hand I do not a agree, because for that is a lot of money that is just being throwing on the trash. Are Economy rite now is not so great, I be lived that if they will do all the health thing they also have to also make more jobs for people.
But from the bottom of my heart I agree with Obama, because he will help a lot of youngest adults.

Avlon P John. “Health Bill a Milestone or a Mistake?” CNN Opinion. CNN, 22 March 2010. Web. 23 March 2010

What those it exactly means?
Is it will bring us problems?
What are the possitive and the negative from all these?

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I think this health care bill is a milestone for the united states. I think this bill will help us save a lot of money. Most people think this bill is a mistake because they think it will be spending to much money. In reality the bill will cost about above 9 billion. This amount is over a period of 10 years. We alread spend 800 million each year so we will be saving like a trillion dollars over the next ten years. The question i have for this is that what will happen with the doctor? Will they agree or disagree?

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regarding health care i have a couple of questions. first when does this whole thing take action. Second Why are aliens covered?. I honestly think aliens should not be covered, they don't belong in this country. Why should our taxes pay for them? the things i love about the health care plan is that we are covered until we are 26 of age under our parents. One channel 2 news they talked about that health care is another big mistake for our economy. We are spending money and making our debt even bigger. We should start building up our economy not make it worse. In my opinion i am neutral i don't think its a milestone nor a mistake. Also on E news they were talking about it being a good thing for teenagers because teens don't have to worry about paying for health care they could worry about school and work.

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I feel that the health care bill was a huge milestone for our country. But in the bill it states that illegal immigrants are covered under the bill. This I believe is a huge mistake. We are handing them everything and what are they giving back? Majority of them do not pay taxes, so they are not putting back into the economy. There for the people who do pay taxes are paying for the illegals health care. And I do understand that our citizenship process is very hard and takes a long time. I feel that we need to make this process a little bit easier for these illegal immigrants. If we make the process easier they will be able to pay taxes ad probably help our economy. Health care is a great feat but I feel that it should only be for tax payers.