Thursday, September 8, 2011

American Government 9/8/11

In Class - Discuss the "word cloud" Wordle assignment:

Tonight at 7:00 pm (eastern time), President Obama will be addressing a joint session of Congress where he will present “The American Jobs Act” to the American people.  You may either watch the speech live, catch the video online, or read a copy of the text.  Throughout the speech, I want you to write down key words or phrases that President Obama uses to present “The American Jobs Act.”  Pay close attention to repeated words or words that may have significant meaning to you.  When a word is mentioned by the president more than once, keep a tally.  You may also include words that describe your feelings while watching the speech.

You are to write down a minimum of forty (40) words.  Obviously some words will be repeated more than others.  Go to the website and create a “word cloud.”  You may either print your “word cloud” or post it on your blog.  We will present these in class on Tuesday, September 13.

Homework - Watch President Obama's speech tonight.  Wordle project is due on Tuesday, September 13.

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