Friday, September 16, 2011

American Government 9/15/11

In Class - Group Work: Discuss the following questions in groups: 1) In your own words, define torture.  2) What events in history provide evidence of torture?  3) In order to receive vital/key information to defend the national security of the United States, would you use torture to get that information?  Short discussion.

Homework - QOW due Saturday.


biianca1 said...

I would say torture is just cruel to the world used in any way possible. It’s just a word that’s defines bullying, hurting people physically and mentally. There are many things history has done and is continuing doing which has been done with torture for example like water bordering, sexually abused, stress position and hypothermia. The sad part to me is that there are many other things in the world that was used just to get information out of someone. There really is no point in doing such horrible things to people. I mean what if you were accusing someone that was in accent and you end up killing them for something they didn’t do and don’t know the answer to. A lot of people would lie just to get out of that kind of position which is bad because that ends up with having to torture another person and so an. There’s always a limit on trying to make someone tell you something they don’t want to say. To me in just wrong, like that little teenager in the video that my teacher showed us on Friday, he committed suicide because there were kids TORTURING him because he was gay. To me it shouldn’t be used in any way, even the security for United States shouldn’t even use it.

biianca1 said...

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