Monday, September 12, 2011

American Government 9/12/11

In Class - Short video clips.  Short discussion conversing about 9/11 and its significance to government and history. 

Homework - Wordle "word cloud" over President Obama's Jobs Speech from last Thursday.  You will present these in class so come prepared.

QOW - Free Write: Write about any topic you wish.  Just remember to include at least two sources and an MLA works cited.  Whatever is on your mind, no limitations, just an opportunity to speak your mind.  Hint: Write about something that you enjoy doing, a particular talent, ability, interest, or passion that gives your life a purpose.  This is due by Saturday, September 17 by 11:59 pm.


destiniejewels said...

I actually posted this on my bolg yesterday and thought it would be perfect to do it as a topic i'd write about..

never to late to acknowledging those whom lost their lives during the 9/11 attack

I feel ashamed that I did not take the time to acknowledged the 10th year anniversary for 9/11, and honor those that lost their lives for your country. To be honest I forgot about the 10th anniversary. I feel ignorant and have so much shame on myself. How can I forget all those that lost their lives? How can I forget those that didn’t know, it was going to be the last time they could tell their love ones how much they mean to them? I think the 9/11 attack hasn’t fully settled on me because of being so young when this tragedy hit out nation on September 11,2011 without a warning. I didn’t really connect all the details together because of my child state of mind. Now that I am older I connected how much pain our nation actually went through. I am going to take the day today to REMEMBER all those brave people and pray for their souls and for their families that are slowly getting through their emotional state. Ill never forget my teacher Mr.Palo and how he had great sorrow for those whom lost their lives. Its going to be a day Ill always remember that my teacher cried for those he didn’t even know that lost their lives. I now know that there is good, generous people out there, no matter where you are. I learned to never take life for granted because you never know when your time comes.

Prayers go out to all those souls that were taken and their families. R.I.P

By Randall F. Mason, Memorials After 9/11,, Monday, September 12, 2011 4:35 pm

By tod loos, print on September 4, 2011, on page AR1 of the New York edition with the headline: Architect and 9/11 Memorial Both Evolved Over the Years..

JaQuan17 said...

I find it kind of strange that we can't trust our government. I understand that we might not want to know everything that our government does, but things like the Pat Tillman incident we need to be aware about. I think our government should have let us know that he was killed by friendly fire and not enemy fire. That whole situation proves that we can't trust our government. There are alot of lies that have been told by politicians. All of these lies make me believe that our government will never be successful. Once trust is lost, it's hard to regain.

"Corporal Pat Tillman Haunts the Pentagon." International Herald Tribune: 4. International Newspapers. Apr 28 2007. Web. 14 Sep. 2011 .

Kusz, Kyle W. "From NASCAR Nation to Pat Tillman: Notes on Sport and the Politics of White Cultural Nationalism in Post-9/11 America." Journal of Sport and Social Issues 31.1 (2007): 77,77-88. ProQuest Platinum. Web. 14 Sep. 2011.

Katrina Gawrys said...

I love to play the piano, and all my instruments. The reason I would single out piano is because I have taken piano the longest. I have taken lessons since i was six years old. I now teach piano. I never thought of teaching piano until someone asked me if I give lessons because they had heard me play before. I decided I would give teaching a shot, and it has worked out so far. Music is important to me. Thanks Mom. :]

lyssa said...

I heard a story today from my coach and a fellow team mate about a cenntennial wrestler and centennial's head wrestling coach. A story that described hummilation and disrespect in such a horrible way. I am glad to know that at least at la serria we have coaches who can be a bit unffair but still respect us to a certain extent. Id like to think this story would give us the opportunity to discuss respect, fairness, and torture.

CORONA, Calif. (KTLA) -- A high school wrestling coach in Corona is being accused of bullying and harassing a freshman student on his team.

13-year-old Centennial High School freshman Hunter Grijalva says he was humiliated by his coach at a practice on Monday.

Hunter says he had dropped his wrestling shorts on the way to the bus that morning.

He had blue shorts on under his blue jeans, but was told he couldn't wear them because they weren't school colors.

"The only colors that you're allowed to wear are white, gray, red and black," Hunter told KTLA.

He says his coach told him, "I guarantee you they're going to [expletive] kick your a** if you wear those out."

Afraid of what might happen, Hunter says he started running laps in his boxer shorts.

At some point, Hunter claims that one of his teammates shoved him to the ground.

Hunter suffered scrapes on his back and a broken collar bone.

His mother took him to a local hospital, where doctors reported to the school what had happened.

"I can't see why he couldn't let me run in [the blue shorts]. I don't think he would want to see me running in my boxers instead of my shorts, which I had... unless he just wanted me to be humiliated," Hunter said.

Hunter's mom says she can't understand why the honor roll student would have been humiliated in front of his peers.

Hunter might have to have surgery on his collar bone.

But his injuries aside, Hunter says he's mostly disappointed in the coach he looked up to.

"How could somebody make you do that without feeling any kind of sympathy for you?"

"Our school takes any complaint very seriously. We will interview students and staff," Assistant Superintendent Bill Pike said.

"With the respect to the altercation, the school has already administered discipline to the other student involved, and now the police will investigate to see if there is anything criminal."

School officials say, according to what they've been told by students and staff, nothing supports hunters allegation that the coach pressured him to run in his underwear boxers.

Officials also say that no one has come forward to support the claim that the coach used any inappropriate language.

This to me is all bad news. Me being a varsity wrestler i could never hurt an incoming wrestler who is trying out to be on the team. I think this is very sad. I dont think just because people are adults that they should get all the respect they do deserve if they dont deserve it. Who is to say respect isnt everything because respect is everything.,0,1992935.story

Works Cited

Lopez, Pablo. "Hearing Buoys Wrestler Lawyers they See Problems for Criminal Prosecution." The Fresno Bee: A.1. California Newspapers. Jan 15 2011. Web. 15 Sep. 2011 .

Nicole said...

Domestic Violence is a very serious topic and hard to talk about. It happens to every race, religion, nationality, and gender. Guys are abused to by women, but some don't want to admit it due to embarrassment. It does happen and people should talk about it and not keep it a secret.

There's physical, emotional, sexual, threats and intimidation, verbal, spiritual, and financial abuse. Stalking counts as abuse and human trafficking. Physical is obviously hurting a person yourself by hitting them severely or throwing things and property damage. Emotional is mentally abusing a person's mind and manipulating them. Emotional is almost like verbal, but verbal is yelling and cussing someone out in anger. Their destroying your self-esteem with their words on purpose to be in control. Spiritual is your beliefs are being ridiculed and not being allowed to participate in your own beliefs. Financial abuse is not allowing you access to money at all even if it is your own money. Sexual is forced sexual actions and rape. Threats and intimidation are both using threats and intimidating a person to get what they want or to be in control of them.

Abuse isn't fair and it leaves someone in deep pain. Its up to the victim to stop acting like a victim and overcome this. I was abused since I was in my mother's womb until I was 12 years old. I witness Domestic Violence in the house and went through child abuse. I was was even abused at school and at church. Sometimes it felt like there was no escape and not even God could help me. I had no where to go where I wouldn't be abused. It was hard to watch and go through it. After my parents got divorced and I thought the abuse would be over, but it continued. I was abused by my mom's dad until I was 14. Due to the abuse I was depressed and very suicidal. It was up to me to get through it and overcome my issues. Thank God I was able to. Now I'm doing so much better in life and school. I'm happy now and I like to have fun. Its my first time experiencing a lot of things. I was never allowed to have fun or do new things and now I am. It feels great to be alive. Happiness is new to me and I like it. Its amazing.

CrYstaL c. said...

Nostalgia, I can become very nostalgic when writing about my past. It was one of the very good things in my life, and has made me who I am. I am very grateful for the opportunity. Now I don’t want to get side tracked and all mushy, but thanks be to my mother and father for being two great devoted individuals.
A home isn’t just a house it doesn’t even need to be a building. Home is were you familiarize yourself, and feel at peace. My home is in a small town by the name of Waterloo in the state of Iowa, with a population just over 68,000. If you can’t picture the Midwest, take a drive into Norco, trek into Big Bear, then add miles and miles of endless roads where all you see is a yellow and green ocean of cornfields. Or just order the movie Field of Dreams next on your Netflix account.
One thing I can recall is every year in the fall Waterloo would host the National Cattle Congress, first opening in 1910. The main attraction to the Cattle Congress was, I kid you not, the cattle. Farmers and ranchers brought in their most prized possession in to the fair for others to observe and objectify them. They had rodeo shows, horse, cow, pig, and all the rest of Old’ McDonald’s animals, shows. And the rides were amazing. One ride in particular I will never forget, the Viper wiped you around like socks and turned me into jelly. It was the best time of the year, aside from Christmas. It was the Worlds Fair of the Midwest. It was for me at least.
That is a part of me, just one of the many great things about Iowa. So not only am I promoting Waterloo for tourism, but I thought it would be something nice to share.

"National Cattle Congress - Our History - Entertaining for over 100 Years | Waterloo Iowa." National Cattle Congress - Entertaining for over 100 Years | Waterloo Iowa. Web. 16 Sept. 2011. .

"Waterloo, Iowa." Wikipedia, the Free Encyclopedia. Web. 16 Sept. 2011. .

LindaaLovee:) said...

My topic: Shoul'd President Obama Be Re-elected again? Why or why not?

I think this is a very interesting topic to talk and give my opinion about, I chose it because Re-elections are coming soon and now that I am older I think I have a better feel about how things are and what we look for in a president, to lead and help us through the good and the bad situations we are put in.

So anyways...I personally believe that he should be Re-elected as President of The United States. I know and understand that people say "He hasn't done anything for our country" and i also know that he has some faults and imperfections but I think they are wrong and I have some proof to back it up. Although our President has not done things as quickly as we might have thought he would have Obama has created new jobs, Obama has lowered taxes and I'm sure other things he has done that people fail to realize, and the problem with that is the simple fact that people assume that doing those things to better our country is easy and fast, but it isn't! I believe that Obama took a great deal of responsibility into his hands left by our previous President and tried his best to help us through this recession as much as he could! I think that if we all gave him more time and the chance to better things he can succeed. Thing's take time and patience and I believe some of us as Americans do not have the patience to give him another chance and that is why they would not want President Obama as our President again, but I disagree and would vote for him if I could.,0,5830513.story

vinceb said...

Vincent Bacani

Skateboarding, a sport which involves a deck, trucks and a set of wheels, but for me and my fellow skaters, it means something else. For me skateboarding is passion, a culture, an art, it isn't just a hobby. I think about skateboarding everyday, on how i can get better to where are we gonna skate. For strict boring people, they think that we are just young hooligans that rebel against society, i laugh at them for thinking that. Skateboarding is my friend, my enemy, a journey of success, failure, pain, and pleasure. Only those who have the hear to keep going, will keep skating. It is very diverse, from different styles, different races, from skating vert, to skating street, it all depends on the skater's imagination. To be honest the first time I ever skated was just so i can impress the girls and my cousins at the Philippines. After I moved to the U.S. I learned more about it, I gained friends because of it. Although skateboarding and can be glorious, it has it's moments of suffering. From snapping your deck to breaking your bone, it's all part of the ride to happiness. Although mostly for me, skateboarding is an escape from harshness of reality, an escape from trouble, anger, sadness, a gateway through happiness. Skateboarding is my life.

Paul Rodriguez. "Prod 5 Commercial." Nike skateboarding. Web. September 17, 2011.

Jan Shim. "Passion For Skateboarding." Shim World. July 27, 2008. Web September 17,2011.

MatthewEllis said...

I see torture as pain or suffering against ones free will. To me early forms of torture were cruel, wrong and hurt people in a way that they could never recover.One of the most cruel times of torture occured during the Holocaust the putting of Jews into concentration camps. The torture didn't stop there. Many German doctors would perform tests that would result in the loss of reproductive organs and then death. Doctors such Dr. Herta would kill children and take limbs without a care in the world. To me this is unrightful torture because all they wanted to do was take tests on people without any method to there torture. They would just throw people in freezing water to test how they react and in the end kill them. The torture methods used were inhumane and without a purpose. Another form of inhumane torture but maybe right to protect a country is the Executive Order 9066. This gave military officials the right to relocate Japanese to camps in the middle of know where after Pearl Harbor. This was wrong because they relocated them from there homes, friends and many other forms of life that they have become accustomed to. In this form of torture this might be right because they kind of supplied the necessary things to live and protect the US. To me torture can be used if you need to protect your country and you have a reason and evidence behind it. Without this torture is wrong and inhumane to anyone.

"Japanese American Internment." Wikipedia, the Free Encyclopedia. Wikipedia, 17 July 2011. Web. 17 Sept. 2011. .

Epstein,Hedy. "The Nazi Doctors." The United Sates Holocaust Memorial Museum,2010.Web.16 Sept. 2012

Rosette10 said...

Todays torture is not what torture use to be. We dont see torture like people use to see it or use to feel it. In my opinion the Holocaust was one of the worst torture scenes I have read about. For an example, in the Holocaust they would shoot people for no apparent reason. They would also skin people alive and gaurds would push people down and kick them untill they were black and blue. Sometimes they would kick them so hard that they would smash their teeth in. Another example of torture in the Holocaust would be the experiments on twins. A man by the name of Dr. Mengele would take the twins and examine then. He would photograph them and do very cruel things to them. He would then inject something in their hearts and watch them die. After they had died he would gut them of there organs and would use them for research.
People today say they were tortured when something "little" happens. Yet they have no idea what it was like to be the people in the Holocaust or even in other situations.

"What Torture Devices Were Used in Nazi Concentration Camps." Web. 17 Sept. 2011.

"Medical Experiments of the Holocaust and Nazi Medicine." Web. 17 Sept. 2011.

JillDeMagno said...

A major problem and concern in our country has to do with poverty and the homeless. Many people struggle to find jobs and they face hardships because of lack of opportunities. Goodwill and Salvation Army stores provide jobs and financial help to those in desperate need. Results show that “More than 2.4 million people served through employment and training programs, over 170,000 people earned a job with Goodwill’s help, and 7.5 million personal and family support services were provided” (Pool). In each store there is a mission statement or purpose that says it “...has always been to provide employment training for individuals, which often leads to the development of a healthy self-esteem and sense of purpose in one’s life” (Pool). “The vision of Goodwill is that every person has the opportunity to achieve his/her fullest potential and participate in and contribute to all aspects of life” (Zezima). I believe it is important to help the less fortunate and those in need. I’m sure everyone has seen those people who stand out in front of malls, stores, etc. ringing a bell during Christmas. But do you know why they are there? “With unemployment remaining high, applications for traditional holiday jobs have skyrocketed this year. But many Salvation Army bell ringers standing outside malls, and those playing Santa Claus inside, are not helping solely out of holiday spirit” (Zezima). Those individuals devote their time and effort in attempting to help others. This shows how Americans are willing to reach out a hand and do good for our country.

I frequently visit local Goodwill and Salvation Army stores not only for the shopping, but because purchasing from those stores benefits others. In my way of contributing (that also benefits myself) I donate and shop from those stores . The money you pay when you shop goes to “ families and the homeless”(Pool). “Thrifting” has been a hobby of mine and although I love splurging, going back to my roots of thrifting gives me more satisfaction not only because I am saving and finding one-of-a kind pieces that no one else has, but because I am helping in making a difference in someone else’s life. It is important to recognize and acknowledge that not everyone has the same social standard and opportunities in life. I hope that in the future, poverty will not be such a crucial issue in America.

Pool, Bob. "Articles about Goodwill Industries - Los Angeles Times." Featured Articles From The Los Angeles Times. Web. 17 Sept. 2011.

Zezima, Katie. "Holiday Jobs with Salvation Army Draw on Spirit, and Need -" The New York Times - Breaking News, World News & Multimedia. 9 Dec. 2009. Web. 17 Sept. 2011.

henryBaltazar(: said...

My topic is going to be about sports. I love everything about sports, watching them and playing them. When i have nothing to do i go outside, put my ipod on and shoot the basketball to get my mind off things. But there is one sport that is my life and thats soccer! Soccer is my passion, i've been playing since i was 4 years old, My dream was to be a pro soccer player and its still my dream. I currently play for the la sierra varsity soccer team. I also play outside league for a club. I also like watching soccer but sometimes there boring. My favorite teams are chivas and barcelona. My second favorite sport is basketball. I love going to the park and playing against other people. My favorite team is the LAKERS! Well as you can see sports means everything to mee.

Steven Gardner said...

Paranoia Agent is an anime written by Satoshi Kon. This anime has made think about society in a new way and it displays it beautifully. I miss Satoshi Kon a lot because he has passed away just recently while he was creating another movie. Satoshi Kon is a writer that will have you guessing all the way through the show or movie. He is usually paired up with my favorite composer Susumu Hirasawa. Susumu Hirasawa is a Japanese musician that I have been listening to for many years now. He can really change the mood of the show by creating a little song to increase tension and build the stress that is in the show. I have watched this show numerous times and the theme song mixed with the pictures creates a sort of dark sinister feeling although it seems cheerful. Satoshi Kon also made another movie called Paprika and had the same composer, Susumu Hirasawa. This movie was about medical practices and whether or not they should be used if they can create a bigger problem if used incorrectly. I miss the writer of this show and movie because he could make you think about something that needs to be acknowledged. I want more movies now a days to follow this format rather than the typical love, action, sad, boring style. The soundtrack to these movies are also very much different than those "typical" movies I speak of. It uses mostly synthesizer work that has this type of looming darkness that compliments the film nicely because if you pay close attention to the music you can see that things are slowly getting worse and worse. Satoshi Kon is a great writer and Susumu Hirasawa is a great composer and I want more movies to have the same feel that I receive from these geniuses.

by Susumu Hirasawa, New Release/Live Information,,2011-09-16

by the Public, Paranoia Agent,, 9-11-11