Sunday, February 8, 2009

World History 2/6

In Class - Hand back papers, assignments dealing with imperialism. Copy review sheet from the board. These terms and short answer questions will be on the quiz/test on Tuesday. If you were absent on Friday, you are still expected to take this! You have known for quite some time about the quiz/test. REMEMBER, IF YOU DO NOT COMPLETE THE REVIEW, THEN YOU DO NOT TAKE THE QUIZ! I HOPE THIS IS ENOUGH INCENTIVE FOR YOU TO DO THIS REVIEW SHEET.

Review Sheet: Terms - Be able to know and identify.
imperialism, Berlin Conference, sepoys, Taiping Rebellion, protectorate, Dr. David Livingstone, viceroy, Open Door Policy, spheres of influence, Menelik II, Suez Canal, Boxer Uprising, Social Darwinism, Boer War, Ram Mahun Roy, paternalistic, elite, balance of trade, King Leopold II, East India Company, trade surplus, trade deficit

Homework - Study for the quiz/test and complete the review sheet for Tuesday, February 11.

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