Thursday, February 26, 2009

American Government 2/25

In Class - Turn in the reaction from Obama's speech on race from Monday. Continue group work and prepare for our class discussion on Friday regarding race relations in the United States. Continue to research for this discussion on Friday.

Homework - Bring in two current events or articles regarding race relations in the United States.

Articles to check out: All of these could help you in your discussion and your children's book.
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davidz said...

People find race to be such a taboo subject in the United States because of what happened in America's past time. African-americans, asians, and irish, were all abused in some way or form by Americans and at the time no one found it wrong to demoralize them because of the color of their skin or their background ethnicity. Some people are scared to talk about race in front of certain people because of the color of their skin or what they look like or jsut because they dont know who they are. Many people dont talk about race too much because there are bigger problems that must be solved in America, but race has always been a problem. Sure laws have been passed and times have changed, but it doesnt stop people from being racists, and business owners treating "different" people with disrespect. My opinion, is that since times have changed and laws have been passed to prevent more racism no one bothers to beat around the bush about race in general because people choose to be ignorant about the subject and just move on. Eventually though, there will be a time when race as a subject will be discussed about and issues will be settled.