Monday, January 25, 2010

American Government 1/25/10

In Class - Discuss the role of public opinion and the factors that shape it. Group mini project: As a group, you are to conduct a public opinion survey of 100 people regarding five questions that your group comes up with. The questions need to be open ended and may cover a broad range of political topics. Criteria: people you survey must be at least 17 years of age (or a senior in high school). When you ask the questions, have the person filling out the survey include their first name, age, gender, political affiliation, occupation, race/ethnicity, and religion. Some people may be reluctant to give you some of this information, but this is ok. Get as much information about the person as possible. Reassure them that none of this will be used only to analyze the responses of the people interviewed. I would like to have these responses completed by Friday, January 29. I will check with each group throughout the week regarding progress.

Homework - Read Chapter 8 regarding public opinion and the factors that influence it. Also, QOW reflection over Friday's class discussion is due by 11:59 tonight.


Edward said...

Discussions within the class had opened up a lot of viewpoints that go around the United States at the moment, a good example of this were the questions discussed such as the after effects of pulling out of Afghanistan, what would happen to the soldiers returning from the war, what we should do as a country about the war, and of why we were considered the police country of the world. While I didn’t agree on some of these viewpoints, something that I had really pondered was why we had suddenly become the police country of the world, why did we stick our nose into places that other countries said they didn’t want us in? Should we really feel pity for the folks in Afghanistan who seem to want us go away day by day in hopes that things will go back to the way they used to be! Why should we be hated for having helped a huge group of individuals who’ve been in a tribal setting for centuries without any restraints on corruption and criminal law? In my opinion the best part of the discussion was when everyone began discussing about what we needed to do here in order to improve the economy so that the soldiers can get all their jobs back and so that everyone can get all their jobs back and change things that need to be changed such as the war hungry politicians who start things like the war.

Brian Navarro

Williams220 said...

In the class discussion a lot of good points were brought up as to why we should get out now. Ranging from: We can't afford it, to they don't want us there or we should let Pakistan/Afghanistan handle it but to that I say. If we had the option to do any of these things we would but obviously, we have to stay. Pakistan and Afghan. goverments can't handle this issue and whether they like it or not. Their garbage is in our neighboorhood and it's become our job to clean it up. Giving these terrorist room to breathe is excactly what they want us to do, they're trying to lower moral and I for one think we should see this through to the end. Stop at the very least Alqeada, even though it's impossible to stop terrorism completely.