Friday, January 22, 2010

American Government 1/22/10

In Class - Class discussion over Afghanistan/War on Terror. You must participate in order to receive your points. The more you participate, the more points you will receive. Also, before you leave, turn in your Current Event Notebook.

Homework - QOW posting regarding the reflection of the class discussion (see Tuesday, January 19th post) is due by Monday, January 25 by 11:59 pm.


chickenkoongoose said...

The discussion in class opened me up to alot of views and good pionts. Like if sozldiers were taken out what jobs would they have. Also have we had the necessary amount of soldiers needed to complete this task? Well im not so sure on some things. One question that i pondered a while was the question of what does Afghanistani people want from us. Though it was not asked outr loud i notice we kept on inferring what they wanted us for. For instence, all the people that said we should leave inferred that the afghani people didnt want us here. All the people that said we should stay infered that the people needed our help and wanted it. However, we are still unsure of what they truly what especially with the cultivating of corruption in their nation. I beleive when this question is truly answered war in Afghanistan will be resolved. My thoughts on the war haven't changed due to this discussion but have been broadend.
-Udi Mac

ALEJANDRA(: said...

The discussion on friday really made me see a lot of different perspectives. I agree with what some people have to say. What i didn't really agree with is sending more soilders to Afghanistan. They seem to be putting the blame on us when we're the ones trying to help them. But they just don't seem to care, or respect the fact that we are. However if we pull our troops back and bring them back home nothing will be resolved. We're still unsure if they even want us there or not. Do they even truly want our help? My thoughts on the war haven't changed, but the discussion has made me think about things a lot more since then.
-Alejandra Justo per 4

Missa said...

During Fridays discussion we talking about what we thought about the Afghanistan war and one big topic was if our troops should come back. Some said yes and others said no. The reason why some said yes was because we seriously cant help a nation that does not want to be helped. Others also said because the economy is really we should be focusing more on what is going on here instead of wasting money there. Others said that we should keep our troops there because of the big impact it will cause in the economy too. How are we going to provide the soldiers with jobs if we cant even provide everyone with a job? These things are so hard to make decisions for either way we may end up getting a positive or a negative consequence. Other topics that we touched were why we are really there in Afghanistan? Is it because of the issue with the oil? Or is it because of September 11th? There may be many reasons why we are in war and why its so hard to make a decision to leave or stay.
Melissa Ortega
Period 4

Giggles82 said...

Before out discussion on Friday, I was pretty neutral on "should we stay, or should we go?" Though I am still neutral on it, people brought up really good points on both sides. The realization that we don't have enough jobs for the soldiers, if they come back, I think opened the eyes of pretty much everybody. We don't have enough jobs now for us. The biggest arguement on why we should leave, was that they don't want us there in the first place. The terrorism from the Taliban is on;y because we are there, and if we leave it will probably stop. We are probably making everything worse than it needs to be. The discussion brought some really good points and made people really think about Afghanistan and the look at teh whole picture.
Shari p.2

ramon castaneda 4th period said...

i was pretty nervous and excited for the class discussion. my point of view has changed from the discussion at first i wanted to bring back the troops but when some one said there will be not enough jobs i realized we still can not bring them back. we can not bring them back because it is already hard enough as it is for us to get jobs. i am stuck between bringing them back or not. we might not even win the war because they are hard to find we can not tell who the bad guys are. they will just ambush or troops over there and more troops will die. i learned a lot from this class discussion. i think i will be more prepared for the next one.
Ramon Castaneda period 4

Connor57 said...

Our class discussion was basically split down the middle. One side was saying that we should stay and fight, but then the other half said that we should leave. I am on the side that was saying we should cut our losses and leave. The other side brought up very valid point. I still feel that we should leave, I feel that we will never completely win over the Afghan people. The other side argued that we should stay to try to change the lives of the Afghan Children. I feel that unless we completely kill off the adults they will always be influenced to dislike Americans. I Think that sending more troops would be a mistake. We are already in Massive debt and the war just keeps putting us farther in debt. I say just cut our losses, you cannot help an country that does not want to be helped.

me vs. you said...

The discussion on friday during class i think that many people brought up a lot of good points. Like for example the economy is already bad and what would the soldiers that came home do? No one is giving work to the people in the U.S. at this point bacause ther is none, many people said we should stay, and many others said that we should go, but nthis will only make our position worse. In my opinion we should get out and leave that country alone and all other territories where we have troops. Maybe that would be a way to slow down terrorism and get out of their political issues. The war in afghanistan i think it's just making worse our economy and were gaining more anemies as we go along.
Noemi Figueroa Per.2