Friday, January 15, 2010

American Government 1/15/10

In Class - Short discussion over Afghanistan.

Homework - QOW posting due tonight by 11:59 pm. Current events (3 per week).

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Leo said...

I belive that we don’t think is not resanoble for the United States to continue expending money at the war. I know that are country want to finish with these terrorims. That is a good thing, but we are wasting a lot of money on that. Really rite now are country has to try to safe money, because each day is geting worst. I was reading a article today were the President Obama, had a mering on Whachinton to talk about how much more troops they will send. They said that they want to sen three types of troos but in total will be about 15,000 troops. He still have not decied, if he will send them. If you can see is alot of troops if he send them, and thas a lot of money. I am not saying that is bad, is good so we could show the Afghanastan who is his big dady. I just trying to say that we are wasthing a lot of money. I belive that Presidente Obama will do great and will solve the two problems. He will win the war, and he will fix the economy in the United States.

Leo CabaƱas per.4