Thursday, January 20, 2011

Critical Education

"45% Of Students Don't Learn Much In College." Erik Gorski.  Huffington Post Online. January 18, 2011.

Students in higher education simply aren't learning much in college because of the memorization of facts in high school is the basis of their education.  NCLB is deteriorating critical thinking skills, which may impact the reason why college students do not have the ability to perform in the next stage of their education.

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Holmes24 said...

BS! Its not because students arent getting enough work. Thats Ridiculous, thats what you go to college for and they offer enough work. My opionion is that everyone is different and if you dont have the right mindset going in to college you will not complete it. Thats why 45% of people fail because they dont realize how hard it is going in. It is interesting how the student reported that she is learning the same things as she did in high school. Maybe it just depends on the school? Just goes to show you how screwed up the education system is. Good article man.