Friday, December 11, 2009

American Government 12/11/09

In Class - Discuss last minute details concerning final projects (due on Monday, December 14 by 3:00 pm). If this is not turned in by 3:00 pm on Monday...well let's just not go there because I just might have to fail you. Discuss presentations and PowerPoint requirements (must be emailed to me or given to me on a flash drive before school on Tuesday or Wednesday). Each group will have a approximately ten minutes to present. Each group member must participate because you will each be given an individual grade on this presentation. Every presentation must be conversationally presented and not simply read from the PowerPoint. Each group member will be responsible for answering questions about their specific portion of the project.

Homework - Final project due on Monday, December 14 by 3:00 pm.


d-TRAIN said...

i miss u!!!

palo said...

finally checked. good to catch up with you last week. hope all is well.