Tuesday, December 1, 2009

World History 12/1/09

In Class - Turn in Chapter 5 and 6 Take Home Test. I will accept this by 3:00 without being considered late. Introduction to Imperialism (Chapter 9). Class notes - definition of imperialism, and causes. Pass out Chapter 9, Section 1 Quiz/Primary Source ("Two Views on Imperialism") /Standards Assessment.

Homework - Chapter 9, Section 1 Handout due at the beginning of class.

EXTRA CREDIT OPPORTUNITY - Watch President Obama's speech tonight at 5:00, which he will outline the new strategy for Afghanistan. Take notes over his speech. Then, write a 3/4 page reaction to his speech. If you were not able to watch it live, check the link below for a video and transcript of his speech. This is due by Friday.


Also, extra credit from 11/4/09 is still available.

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