Wednesday, September 9, 2009

World History 9/9/09

In Class - Test over Chapter 1. Turn in review sheet with your answer sheet.

Homework - None

Extra Credit Opportunity - Watch the following speech President Obama gave concerning education. Take notes and write a one-page reaction discussing the relevant themes and overall message of this speech. This assignment is due by Friday, September 11. This assignment is worth up to 40 points of extra credit.


Shorty said...

what do reaction and relevent themes mean?

palo said...

A reaction is basically what you think. Relevant themes are referring to what subjects (themes) is Obama addressing in his speech: responsibility, doing well in school. Hope this helps.

Shorty said...

yes this helps a lot thank you.

Shorty said...

i wasnt able to go back on the computer until now because my mom is gone and no one is home to get me on. right now im sending this from ROP Store.