Wednesday, September 9, 2009

American Government 9/9/09

In Class - Turn in homework (4th period only). Watch President Obama's speech on education. Take notes and write a one page reaction. In your reaction, be sure you respond to the following questions: What was the overall message of the speech? Were there any lines in particular that caught your attention? Why? What does he say about responsibility? What does he articulate about your education in relationship to your future?

These are just some questions to consider to help you get started in your writing. The full text of the speech is available at:

Homework - One page reaction due on Friday, September 11. Keep on track with your current events: 1 per day. Also, watch Obama's address to Congress tonight (5 pm, pacific time) or find a video online (I will post this later when it comes available). The context of the speech will be about health care reform (something you should all be familiar with). Take notes over this speech and write a one page reaction. This is due by Monday, September 14.

Video and full text of President Obama's Health Care Address:
To view the video, scroll all the way to the bottom for the MSNBC full video.

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Can we have the weekend for current events?