Wednesday, October 15, 2008

World History 10/15

In Class - Short Quiz: Chapter 2, Section 1 (Grade in class)

Handout Acrostic Poem (Enlightenmet Thinkers: John Locke, Thomas Hobbes, Rousseu, Montesquieu, Voltaire, Adam Smith, Wollstonecraft)
Poem is due on Friday

Homework - None

Extra Credit Opportunity - Post a comment on my blog (5 points)
Watch the Presidential Debate tonight @6:00 PM - Write a 3/4 to one page reaction


junioraild said...

Your cool :]
i like your movies.
is that why you made us do an assignment on gladiators?
This is junior valdovinos by the way.
i need my extra credit :0
have a good day.

polo14 said...
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polo14 said...

Ur an awsome teacher. Hope your dog gets better soon. She's adorable.

Jenni [["Change is coming"]] said...
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lalalauraaa said...

ummm idk if im d0ing this right?
but heyyy im trying
0h this is LAURA Ri0S
i just came back fr0m my game
we w0n! haha again!
i killed n0t t0 sh0w 0ff haha i h0pe my names in the ann0uncements
if n0t im g0nna cry
n0t really haha but yeah
i was watching the debate f0r like 2 minutes and it was really b0ring
0h snaps this is looong im 0ut
0h and by the way mr palo
im n0t y0ur friend :) hahaha
g00d night h0pe y0u get m0re then 5 h0urs 0f sleep :)
tell y0ur beagle i said hi <3.

Jenni [["Change is coming"]] said...

Mr. Palo u better watch the presidential debate in case i dont watch it tell me all about it tommorow