Sunday, October 26, 2008

American Government 10/27

In Class - Work on your voting project.
Group Projects - I need a rough draft of your script by Thursday, October 30.
Individual Projects - I need a rough draft of your paper by Thursday, October 30.
Worth 35 points.

Homework - Work on your project - Due Tuesday, November 4

Some interesting articles you might want to check out:

Articles for Voting Project:,28804,1853246_1853243,00.html,8599,1708684,00.html,8599,1851287,00.html,8599,1851635,00.html


Erin said...

Mr. Palo! I finally remembered to comment on your blog! Hopefully you're still offering that extra credit! This is Erin Rugg from your 3rd period Gov class by the way. =]

palo said...

Always for the extra credit. You don't need any extra credit, buy it's always nice to read a message.

Davis said...

Hey Mr. Palo! i finally figured out how to use this blog now! lol sooooo... does that mean i get extra credit?

Davis said...

OH! By the way. This is David Dang. It says Davis cause thats my real name