Friday, February 1, 2013

Economics 1/31/13

In Class - Discuss the requirements for the Children's Book Project.

Requirements - Students will use the material and resources they have learned in class to begin researching the economics of the United States from 2007-Present in order to write a children's book (with illustrations).  Students are to use the library databases (ProQuest - Sign In Name: lashs  Password: eagles) in order to understand some of the key economical and political factors contributing to our economic recession.  Using these databases will help you formulate a works cited page, in which you will need a minimum of six (6) resources, cited in MLA Version 7.  These resources must be from credible sources.  TIP: If you research on the Internet, then some good sites end in .gov; .edu; .org; or any state sponsored site.

As you conduct your research, you are to create a storyline with fictional or nonfictional characters including a title for your book.  The language you use in your writing needs to be simple and concise when trying to tell your story.  Would a first or second grader be able to understand your story?

You are to include illustrations with your book.  Although I would prefer original illustrations, cutting and pasting pictures from the web is acceptable.  HOWEVER, IF YOU USE SOMETHING FROM THE INTERNET, IT MUST BE INCLUDED IN YOUR WORKS CITED.  Furthermore, using pictures will not count towards your six (6) resources. 

This project is due on Tuesday, February 19 (day after our ten day break).  Presentations will begin on Thursday, February 21.


All of the following must be included in your children's book:

            1) Prgress Check 2/8 - 20 points
            2) Preface: Written Summary of your story - 30 points
            3) Content - 100 points (use of key political/economical terms in your story)
            4) Illustrations - 50 points
            5) Creativity - 40 points
            6) Works Cited (MLA Format, V. 7)  - 60 points
            7) Presentation - 50 points

             Total - 350 points

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