Thursday, November 1, 2012

American Government 11/1/12

In Class - Short video clips (see blog).  Discuss the American education system and perhaps some of the reforms that will be necessary for the future.  Continue to work on your campaign commerical.

Homework - QOW due by Monday, November 5.  Election day campaign video is due on Tuesday, November 6.


Anonymous said...

qow: prop 30,_Sales_and_Income_Tax_Increase_(2012)
i find it pretty simple add $6 billion back to schools or cut $6 billion. Yes cali has hardships on the fact that we all already have 2nd highest taxes. Funny thing is Coca cola company have donated millions to support prop 30. Cali is 47th in the nation in spending per student. This state has alot of people so why is our # rank so low? I just like Brown plan better than the guy from prop 36

Krystal Luna said...

Hey Palo im sorry I couldn't do the QOW I swear every computer in my house was being freaking lame.i actually got lucky cause im on my phone,but if I can I really want to do the QOW so can I please do it tmrw during tutorial in mrs.T's?....