Thursday, September 6, 2012

President Obama's First Term Report Card

Are we better off now than four years ago?  This seems to be the ultimate question at the moment.  Check out this article and see how the president has done in his first term.


Gage Ribeiro said...

This is completely unrelated to this post, and for that, I am sorry Mr. Palo. However, I was wondering how one is able to include the link as the title as you do in most of your posts. Also, follow me:

Truc Anh Duong said...

"Jenny said to mention this to you because she not gonna be in class tomorrow , she wants to say how Obama said "you didn't elected me to tell you what you wanted to hear , you elected me to tell you the truth" , She says it proves on how you can't blame him for him being honest about how bad the country is because he was stating/saying the truth , he ain't gonna lie to the country and act like the Economy ain't an issue , and just sit there and say "I'm the president they voted for me so blame them, not me" .

stephanie :) said...

I believe that we are somewhat better than we were 4 years ago only because we can't honestly say that the president hasn't completed what he said he was going to do, he's tryed his best to achieve some things he said he was going to do.
I can honestly say that i really don't know if we are exactly "better" than we were before but you can tell that some things have changed. Yess our economy is EXTREMELY bad but hey Obama is trying his very best. Thats just how I see it.