Thursday, September 13, 2012

Class Discussion Reflection 9/13/12

Both of my American Goverment classes engaged in class discussions regarding the upcoming presidential elections.  Althought the topic was the same, each class brought something new and dynamic to the table.  Even though some of the topics are controversial, it was so nice and relaxing to hear students have a civil and productive coversation. 

I love my students.  Although there were some awkward moments of silence, once students became familiar with their surroundings and comfortable (I know many weren't) with the environement, the discussion was filled with educational and rational arguments.  This is something new for them, and I realize that many will have to overcome their fears of speaking in front of their peers.  But like anything in life, this is a skill worth mastering.  Not just speaking, but thinking.  The ability to think is a skill that is overlooked too often in high school.  If you know how to think, you will go far in life.

I appreciate my students; their curiousity and inquisitive behavior always brings a smile to my face.  What can I say, I love what I do, and my students play a big role in that.

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MyGoodSir said...

I like the idea of discussions in any class to be honest, but I feel as if most of us weren't too familiar with how a discussion like this works. In my opinion a discussion is much like a forum since a forum is just a venue of discussion. It's where you go to talk about things and and exchange ideas which many of us weren't comfortable with. I feel as if many of us were trying to refrain from starting a debate. If this was a class debate though, it'd be much more chaotic.