Friday, August 24, 2012

American Government 8/24/12

In Class - Continue to discuss the Public Opinion Project (10 people surveyed by next Thursday).  Hand out article "Why Obama Must Go."  Read this article for Monday.

Homework - QOW response due by 11:59 pm tonight.  Read the article for Monday.  Public opinion surveys due next Thursday.

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omar torres said...

on my computer it isnt showing me the question nor the comments where i can post my comment but i guess ill post it on here befor time is over.

In my opinion what I think is the most important from the presidential elections of 2012 is welfare. A lot of people are without jobs not because they cant get on, the reason is that they are living off welfare. For an example, not to long ago one of my dads ex workers had came back in asking my dad if he can give him work. He is really good friends with my dad so he asked him how was he doing cause he was ice cream guy. He told my dad that the business wasn’t going too good for him and he wanted to get a job. But we found out that he was living in a welfare house and living for free didn’t have to pay any bills nor food. They fed him 3 times a day and they wouldn’t have to work for that. But he was doing a little extra money on the side for himself. And I say is that still going to continue after the elections or is it going to stay the same? I think we should give help to the people that actually need it not the ones that are just living off welfare because they are too lazy to work.