Thursday, January 26, 2012

American Government 1/26/12

In Class - Classwork: Begin reading the article concerning immigration reform in the United States.  Hand out Two Column Web Journal.  Using the articles I have given you or research of your own, complete the handout for our discussion next week.

Homework - Wordle "Word Cloud" is due tomorrow along with your written summary and response.


MÉLISSA said...

Hey Mr.Palo, this is Eli Sanchez from your third period. I was not able to log onto my blog but luckily I was able to use Melissa's old blog. I posted my wordle on her blog, hope you find it.

Steenkyle said...

The President of the United States has promised many things in his speech,such as these things.Use savings from troop withdrawals from abroad to help rebuild U.S. infrastructure.Get tough on unfair trade practices by nations such as China.Permanently extend a tuition tax credit that pays up to $10,000 over four years.Highest earners should pay at least 30% of their income in taxes.Increase natural gas production;designated more public land for renewable projects.Change bank fees to fund refinances for homeowners with unfavorable mortgages.

In my opinion,all this stuff that he promises,sounds nice on paper.But I don't think even half this stuff is gonna happen right away.Some of the things Obama said were really nice and helpful,yet I'm sure he's done this before yet we're still not doing so good.I don't blame the president but I he should make promises he cant keep.He also didn't focus on such important issues such as Immigration.But all and all,I thought it was a fun speech and I hope to catch the next one.

Freddy F said...


The state of the union address was basically Obama explaining what he is planning to do. During the speech, Obama mentioned the main challenges we are facing in the U.S.A. and proposed some solutions to help overcome these challenges. Some of these problems included energy, jobs, education, and immigration. Some proposals included tax cuts for manufacturers who bring jobs to America. Another solution was to teach people skills that will lead to jobs. He also proposed a solution for the immigration issue which involved comprehensive immigration reform. Overall Obama explained current issues and possible solutions for those issues.
To me, Obama’s speech sounded like/ resembled a campaign “kick off”. This is a result of the overall tone of the speech and phrases like “during my presidency” or “since I’ve been elected”. Nevertheless, he did bring up important issues and proposed good solutions .I really liked his idea to help lower cost of higher education and make it more affordable .In addition, I liked the idea of tax cuts towards manufacturers who bring jobs to the U.S. ,and raising taxes manufacturers who move out of the country. However these sound good in theory but so far not much action has occurred. In other words this sounds like he promised a lot of things, but realistically we can only hope he backs it up when the time comes.