Wednesday, August 24, 2011

American Government 8/23/11

In Class - Explain the E-Portfolio and how to post an annotated works cited.  You must include on your own personal blog, the name of the article or resource (for the title), the link to the online resource, and also the article name (yes again) in "quotes" followed by the author's name, the publication, and date of publication.  You are then to include a short summary of the article (2-3 sentences) highlighting the main points.  You are to post articles/videos/resources/pictures/political cartoons concerning the topic we are currently discussing in class.

Hand out Two Column Web Journal, Four Square Chart, and Political Cartoon Packet.  No due date for these as of yet.

Homework - Complete your public opinion questions and answers (ten per person).  You will need this for tomorrow's class.  Start Blogging!!!

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