Friday, August 19, 2011

American Government 8/19/11

In Class - Turn in brag sheet and Cal grant application.  If you didn't turn this in today, then I need it by Monday.  Answer questions regarding the blog and the QOW.  Group Work: Finalize your group's questions and select five influences of public opinion (age, gender, religion, political party, education, job...) to ask the people you interview.

Homework - QOW is due by 11:59 tonight.  No late work accepted!!!  Email me your blog URL.  Interview questions are due by Wednesday, August 24.  Begin reading article concerning Islam in America.  Have this done for Monday. 

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Bryan J said...

Millions of people are out of work, with no money and have to not only support themselves, but their families as well. Money is key, so if you don't have it, how are you going to survive?...The world is moving quickly and we have to keep up, so our government needs to improve our job system quick! Yes, I know it takes time, but you can only put something off for so long before it begins to be an issue. The current unemployment rate in California alone is 12.0% and that was updated recently (July 2011). Family and friends are also a resource I used to find my information. Many of them are recently laid-off and cant find work anywhere. So once again, I think the number one focus should be JOBS! JOBS! JOBS!