Sunday, May 8, 2011

Osama bin Laden: Why should we care?

As I was reading through some of the QOW responses from last week (only half of you responded : ( I have come to the conclusion that some of you have a grasp on the topic.  I have been watching the news all weekend about the breaking and recent developments from the story, and for me, it leaves me with only more questions.  However, I take the time to find the answers to my questions.  It's obvious I have a deep-rooted interest with the death of Osama bin Laden.  This event truly affects the entire world.  I also believe that today's student does not truly understand the significance of bin Laden's death.  This is of no fault of their own, but they were merely children on 9/11.   

Come prepared for tomorrow's discussion.


alexander123 said...

Random rant episode 3: intro I just got home from a weekend in Arizona with my great grandfather who is a crow native and as I was visiting with him I asked him some questions about the topics that we have been talking about in class and he had some interesting things to say but he came to the topic of some what immigration so I wrote down word for word what he told me I found it very interesting so I had to put it on my blog hope you like it.

Who is really an immigrant as the new commers of the old world came over to our great land bringing with them deseases my people never herd of. The white man came to our land and thru our people in slavery forcing us to work in there minds and build there missions. The white men came and shoved your religion and beliefs down our throats , yet you wonder why my people had to kill you and take your scalps, yet still in the time to come you tell all of who were not born of America to leave and never return when you the white man were not born here yourselfs you took for granit everything that our land had to offer you killed off our buffalo there hides could keep you warm while my people starved for your selfishness we believed inthe spirits of the world but that wisest good enough for you now was it in your history you called my people savages when yet in your books you remember cutters last stand as heroic when you didn't take the time to think of why my people had to unit just to show you by the killing of your people we were no longer going to be you slaves but yet you hunted down my people as you hunted down buffalo when we as a people tried to help you settle but you as white men are born with a hole in your hearts that can never be filled you are a power Hungry people who are never satisfied with what you are given instead you take and take until you must kill to take again some of my ansesters were in the trail of tears that you read about were my people were forced to leave there land just so you can expand yours but what your books don't tell you is that hundreds of my people were raped murdered and starved to death on the way way to a small stretch of land called a reservation was it really worth it was the killing of my people the original founders of this great land that you now inhabit worth it now you thirst for more blood in the middle east when will this hole in your hearts be filled when will the killing other other people end when will you stop the shedding of inesent blood for the hole in your hearts will still not be filled you say you are a nation of greatness when your really a nation built on thievery murder and death so I want to know what will it take to fill that hole in your hearts how many more inesent people must die for you to be finally satisfied

A.Rodriguez9266 said...

I can reassure you that i definitely have a grasp on this story as it unfolds. i have been glued to the television, specifically FOXnews. Not because im a right wing nut job, but because the way they report AMAZES me. to the point of where i hang on every word.
and i agree with you that this has affected the whole world, though we may have some uneducated spectators that say otherwise.

i would just like to say YOU better come prepared for the discussion PALO

MjH(: said...

Oh so exactly why do you think we dont understand the significance of osama bin ladens death, why is it significant to you? since we were merely children and you were a young adult at the time...please respond back, as i stay online preparing for tomorrows discussion

palo said...

MJ - Check your blog. I responded to your inquiry.