Monday, May 2, 2011

American Government 5/2/11

In Class - Short video clips.  Discuss the historical significance of President Obama's address to the nation concerning Osama bin Laden.

Homework - Bring a current event regarding Osama bin Laden to class tomorrow.  This is your ticket in the door.  QOW due by Friday, May 6.  Update your blog.

QOW - Considering the historic nature of President Obama's address to the nation regarding the death of Osama bin Laden, use specific arguments from a minimum of two (2) sources to respond to the following questions: 1) What were your first reactions to the news regarding the death of bin Laden?  2) How will the US be affected in terms of national pride or unity, military objectives (Iraq/Afghanistan), politically, world affairs, families of 9/11 victims?  Be sure to include specific references from your sources and also include an MLA works cited with your response.


N.DeAndrade said...

Ok. So I'm irritated now. I had everything typed out & I have no idea why my internet just shut down. So, I'm writing this over. Anyways, to be honest, I has at a freind's 18th birthday party when I read about Osama Bin Laden's death on Facebook. I didn't believe it until I saw it for myself. I was truly shocked. Not only was he dead, but many old wounds will be healed. President Obama's reputation will be boosted dramatically because many presidents before him were unable to successfully capture him. In terms of this event affecting the United States, it has brought many Americans together as well as healing wounds. Osama Bin Laden, America's Most Wanted, is dead and the U.S. is celebrating. But is it right to be celebrating someone's death?

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Arevik Martirosyan said...

I was completely stunned when I heard the news of Bin Laden’s death.I saw it first on Facebook, so then I turned on the television to see Obama declare Bin Laden‘s death in a televised broadcast to the nation. I almost thought it was too good to be true because U.S. forces had been hunting down the world’s most wanted terrorist for over ten years now. I thought we would never find him, but we did and I am proud to call myself an American today. I think the news of his death brought justice to all of the families of 9/11 victims. I’m not sure if I feel safer now because Al Qaeda could attack us at any moment now given that we killed their leader. Some analysts say that Bin Laden’s memory may now inspire his followers to take revenge. Furthermore, I think his death will almost reassure Obama’s re-election in the 2012 presidential campaign. He personally signed off on a mission to capture the world’s most wanted terrorist, and he was successful. It only took Obama two years to locate and kill Bin Laden, compared to both eight year presidents Clinton and Bush who failed to do so. So what does Bin Laden’s death mean for America? Although there is still much to be done, I think it is the beginning to the end of the war on terrorism.

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kr10 said...

Hearing about Bin Laden's death was shocking and unexpected. Its funny because, I was at Best Buy when I heard about this. My first reaction to this was posting it up on Facebook. I just thought it was a big deal and people had to hear about it. I believe the U.S. will be affected in a way that the world's most wanted is gone for good, but this doesn't change the fact that there are other members who are going to rise. Al Qaeda coming behind Bin Laden will take power. Bin Laden was this Saudi prince-like figure to them and will do anything to get revenge. I think military should be more prepared than ever because Al Qaeda will try whatever that is in his power. Now, knowing the death of Bin Laden i think, gives those families of people who died on 9/11 peace to their souls knowing that the victim of all these has been killed. They said in this article that Usama bin Laden's burial at sea was a violation of Islamic tradition that may further provoke militant calls for revenge attacks against American targets. Knowing this military should focus on what is coming, more than what has happened. Eventhough there are others that will take over Bin Laden, I still think it is a great day for America.

By Fareed Zakaria, CNN, "Al Qaeda is dead" May 2nd, 2011

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Kevin Real

Kierra (: said...

I was watching Watch What Happens Live when i heard about Osama bin Laden. At first, i was worried. I didn't think it was really going to be him. Then my mood totally changed to being, a bit relieved. THis man has been hiding for 10 years and we finally got justice. Bin Laden's death has united America and i think our nation needed unity.
This event isn't going to immediately shut down the war on terror. I honestly think our troops will be there for awhile. Just because he's dead, doesn't mean al Qaeda is going to stop terrorizing. I think the killing of Osama bin Laden will help Obama in the 2012 election. His numbers in polls have gone up since the event. Yes, he still has the issues of the economy and health care but this could possibly be a temporary boost. It happened to Bush when Saddam Hussien was captured.
I think the families of the 9/11 victims don't know how to react. Some ask "is it morally wrong to celebrate"? In my opinion, I wouldn't run down the streets and cheer. I would have a sense of closure. Knowing that my father's, mother's or sibling's killer was dead.
Osama's death has brought many emotions to everyone in the world.

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Greg said...

When i first herd about that usama was killed was when i walked in the door my dad had the news on while he was past out on the couch lol but anyways like i was kinda shocked like we have been looking in caves the whole time but this dude was chilling in a mansion. i also know think that Al Qaeda affiliated grups from within they arent gonna let this go it maybe for awhile till they plann out there devistating destructive terorismn operations but they will attempt to strike back and i think we as america should be more caustious, aware and ready for whats to come.and i dont think celebrating his death is a really good thing like i mean its just gonna make Al Qaeda members furious.

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*Sparkles* said...

When I first heard about the death of Osama Bin Laden, I didn’t believe it. I was with a family from church eating dinner at Mi Tortilla in Corona and my friend’s dad was texting one of our assistant pastors and he told us what had happened. Our pastor jokes around a lot, so none of us really believed him. It wasn’t until I got a Facebook status to my phone from one of my friends that got me to believe it. I agree with the statement given by Peter Beinart. He says, “Bid Laden’s death is not, the end of the war on terror.” I believe that we still have Anti-American violence due to the death of Bin Laden. I think it is good that Americans are so pumped up for what happened, but we also need to be careful. We can’t think we are all that because we killed him because terrorists can fight back hard. Jon the Saver puts it very well when he says, “Although he was a murderer, killing hundreds of innocent Americans, it is not Biblical to rejoice for your enemy’s death: “Proverbs 24:17 Do not gloat when your enemies fall; when they stumble, do not let your heart rejoice.”” I don’t find it biblically correct to be happy over someone’s death. God still loves everyone and it is sad to see another person created by God sent to Hell. I hope to not see Obama being worshipped because of what was done. I am happy to see that the families of the September 11th victims now have justice. At the same time, they might still be frightened for the next terrorist attack. “Federal officials said there were no immediate specific threats to the US after the death of Osama bin Laden. But some airports and local security officials said they were on heightened alert,” the Christian Science Monitor says. My family and I are just ready to see what is going to happen to the United States now that this has happened. America is not mentioned in the Bible during the end times; we wonder why. Different wars and things like this seem to lead to the end. I guess all we can do now is wait and see.

Jamie Tyson
Period 1

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Kyle Vargas said...

My thoughts on this, hmmm. Glad that this bastard is dead. He killed thousands of civilians. The point? to prove he is a higher power over everyone else. that, people, is pointless. Everyone is the same no matter where your at in the world. I was at my friends' house at band practice actually. We were on break and i heard for a split second that osama is dead. i told everyone to shut up and listen. (i guess he shouldnt have checked in on facebook) It was a 50-80% chance that he wasnt there at the compound where he was hidding. GO SEALS! Since his death, there will only be more uprising from terrorist now. they are now all pissed off. kind of like the fact of taking chocolate from a group of sweet toothed kids.

MiinaRobledo said...

When I firstheard my uncle walk into the room and yell, "they killed Osama" I didn't believe Jack shiz he said... I walked to the TV to watch the report, but I was still thinking to myself..."It has to be a fake Osama" How many times did they not "kill Osama?" One too many, so it was hard to believe.
After being confirmed that it was not a "hoax" my thoughts were "Holy crap, they are goning to get back at us" which is true because we killed their leader. US is supposed to revolve around "peae" but were celebrating somones death.
As for the second question. my response to the first question continues because I thought that, sure his death is very significant to our country because he killed innocent people in 9/11. His death in a way gave the family of 9/11 victims some kind of tranquility knowing that they got the person tha killed their loved one. But now our country is going to look like hypocrites for celebrating Osamas death when we are supposed to be preachin about peace and what not. Yes, it is fantastic he is off the face of the earth. But the war is still going to continue.... sort of a ping pong effect. They hit us, we hit them, so on and so forth.

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MiinaRobledo said...

Karina Rivas
Per. 1

A.Rodriguez9266 said...
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A.Rodriguez9266 said...

I heard it from my friend who is a Marine on Facebook. When i first read about it i went to my main source of news and politics: FOXnews Channel, and sure enough geraldo rivera was on and the breaking news banner had read "Usama Bin Laden is dead" and i dont know what came over me but i just had this huge smile on my face with chills running down my spine. My dad is a command sergeant major in the army and i have two brothers in the Marines, along with my brother in law in the army, and i was just so happy. I ran upstairs to tell my brother and got on the phone to call my dad who is stationed in Texas. their reactions were surprising, for the fact that they werent as excited and relieved as i was.
America can now release her sigh of relief that this horrible person is now gone and is with his 72 virgins. The powerful image of the last thing osama saw before he died were the weapons and uniforms of the US Navy SEALS. Shot in the head, and the carpet ran red with this villains blood, but does it do our country any REAL justice? Or does it put a bullseye on our nation? well i say no, because these terrorists have nothing now that their leader is gone. NOTHING.


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Vvsince93' said...

It was a beautiful sunny day, while the waves of Newport beach were roaring and swishing to the shore , while I was laying in the soft glistening sand pondering over the simplest pleasures of life and suddenly I logged on to facebook just to share with the world how beautiful it was to be at the beach....but then just instantly plenty of my friends posted that Osama Bin Ladin is dead. My reaction to that was vague, I didn't believe them at all, and I do not know why maybe because I just thought that since Bin Ladin has been in hiding for 10 years I doubted his death. But then it suddenly occured to me that maybe he was killed since Sadam Husan was caught during Bushe's presidency. So when I got home I instantly google searched if Osama Bin Ladin died. Apparently it revealed that he did die and I was in a sence joyous, because our governement has finally caught the terrorist that terrorized New York city on Septemeber 11,2001 .America has finally put this issue to justice, I honestly believe that he deserved to be killed. I live by the saying "An eye for an eye".But I do not beleive that this will hault the situation over terrorism. Because Al Queda is still in existence, and I think that Osama Bin ladin's death mite be a good thing for his followers. I believe they probabbly see him as a god since he since was a symbol of international terrorism.So I also opinionate that someone will take over Osama's position.
The U.S and especially 9/11 victims will most defintly feel or already have felt a sence of relief. Because what Osama and Al queda did was just kill innocent lives. In conclusion, the death of Osama is something that brings our country to believe that their is definitly hope and prosperity . An article that I read yesterday stated so many quotes over how many people were relieved and also how how there has been a poll to see if people thought Obama has been doing well in his presidency and it stated stating how 56% of Americans beleive so this was revealed on Monday.

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jhorowitz1 said...

I first heard the news about Bin Laden's death on the news radio during my drive to school; I honestly thought Bin Laden was already dead, so hearing he died again was a complete surprise. I didn't think much of his death; I thought "o...k....". Yes, it is great news to the American people, but I don't recall hearing anything else about major terrorist attacks in the United States after the 9/11 attack, but then again, I am not one who participates in the news daily. For the families that suffered from the tragic 9/11 attack I would predict that they feel more at peace knowing that the mastermind of the evil 9/11 attack has been killed, but, that will not automatically fill the non-existent memories the families could have shared.
I feel like no more harm can be done to the United States; as if the Devil just died and no more catastrophic, nation changing, foul, sinful, repulsive evil can damage us...but remember, Osama Bin Laden is only one guy, a very intelligent terrorist who I most definitely expect to pass on his teachings of "how to be a terrorist like Bin Laden for dummies." Anyways, there are still numerous amounts of terrorists out there who I would imagine would enjoy filling Bin Laden's shoes, however, it seems that the worst is over with, and hopefully the airplane security will lighten up.

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JuanMontes said...

For American to hear that the most wanted terrorists was killed by US Navy Seals just brought a big smile to their faces. To know that we got to them first and not any natural causes was even a better feeling. As soon as people started to find out that Osama Bin Laden was killed they all jump on their computers or cell phones to report the best news anyone can hear. Especially those who lose a love one on 9/11 and in the war. Even thou this doesn’t mark the end in the war this is a big achievement for the United States of America. Also this arose a lot of questions about many things like the war, how other countries are going to act towards this etc. Most questions haven’t been answered but some questions have been. Like the question of why was Osama Bin Laden’s body in the ocean right now. Also this big achievement will give the US more raps and other countries will think twice before messing with the USA. Also politics will change among countries but that only time can tell because no one can really tell the future, and no article can really tell you what politics will be like. Overall the dead of Osama Bin Laden was a big achievement for the USA and this just motivate us more to win this war and be victorious.

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Juan Montes de Oca
Period 4

TheStarBabyy said...

Allan Baray
Period 1

Well for starters i just want t saythat this was a huge report and is a big deal for the world and for history. This was huge and the whole world was listening weather they were for it or against the news. Everyone in the US was happy and releaved about the report and everyone who was involved. It united us as a nation and to know that there is hope and there will be an end to terror in the world. We as of right now have made this turn to pureise that we are not fallng nor going to fail to do so. On international terms we dont really know if Pakistan was involved or even notifed that this was happening. This might come back in to play indernatinally and terrorist, because this might lead to somthing bigger such as retaliation and more leaders to come up and take Bin Ladens place.

By Steve Clemons Yahoo"AfterBilladens Death" May 12,2011

Michael Nguyen said...

My first reaction the news of Osama's death was finally. It took us almost ten years to find one of the world's most dangerous man to the U.S.It is time for us to enjoy the peace for a while at least. President Obama's reputation is definitely going to change after this event.I believe that all the 9/11 victims are proud of how our troops took down Osama. Another thing that would affect the U.S. is that National Defense is going to be more alert, just in case of any backlash from any members of the Al Queada. This event might even change our economy and relations with foreign countries. Since Osama is gone, I think that President Obama have more time on focusing on what's withing America. Most people said it is the time for celebrating, but is terrorism ever going to end?

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JeSsIcA* R said...

The news of bin Laden being dead came as a complete surprise, when my brother told me the news the first thing that came out of of my mouth was "Don't lie to me", and I ran to the living room were the t.v. was on and there it was, bin Laden was pronunced dead. I looked around to look at my family's faces and sure enough they were as shocked as I was. I coulnd't beleive that the coward who made the U.S. suffer was finally gone. And as I surfed through the channels I saw poeple running towards the White House, smileing, and cheering, and a brought a smile to my face I thought it was wonderful to see all of us come together.The nation is at a very proud moment, and I can't even imagine how Obama or those that carried out the mission must feel.I know Obama must be happy because this helped his chances in the election.i also beleive it brought our morale up. Anybody who lost a loved on finally received justice and some type of closure, and I am happy for them.The only thing I'm worried about is the retaliation, and our relationship with Pakistan, becuase I know they are upset for not telling them about the mission [not that we could have told them anyways, we didn't want anything to leak out], and the Muslims are very upset for teh way we handled bin Ladens body. They weren't happy of the sea burail because they say it went against their Islamic traditions. The United States and the world know Al-Quada is planning to attack and I just hope people stay alert and don't think we are out of the woods just yet.But I am glad that the man who made us suffer is now gone.

cbsnews staff."Minute by Minute:the Operation to get bin Laden". 2 May 2011.
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Izrowe said...

Now I'm probably going to hate all these hate comments after this but who cares. I honestly couldn’t care less. All I had to say about time you caught this guy. Why do I say this? Because of the simple fact that this man has been in the eye of the Americans and the world after the Afghanistan/Soviet War. Ever since that he has been on the run from the Americans. In 1993 Al-Qaida already attempted to blow up the World Trade Center and the U.S knew it was Osama Bin Ladin. So the search for this man has been since I was born about 17 years and yet we barely caught him? True one can say that no exact location was giving but for same with Saddam Hussein. Nobody knew the exact location of Hussein it was just guesses in the underground. The US was given leads into Bin Ladin’s locations but they were either false or the US moved to slowly. Let’s put it this way. If Bin Ladin wasn’t sick I don’t think the US would have caught him. Also I believe people should be proud but not celebrate too much. True they killed the man behind 9/11 but this isn’t the last of Al-Qaida and the terrorist attacks. The US is bound to get into some type of conflict or get into another war some time soon because now that we caught the man responsible the US will either remove some troops in Iraq, Afghanistan and move them to Pakistan and maybe even to Lybia because the US is known for doing something like this. Like when Vietnam happened the US went into Laos when the main focus was Vietnam. All this will come twirling down soon. I know I sound super negative but let’s just remember one simple thing. History seems to repeat itself whether people like it or not. These just are my opinions but hey I’m only a student that believes that a New World Order will happen soon so what do I know?

Cheyanne said...

My first reaction about the alleged death of Osama Bin Laden, was just shocked. Shocked in a good way. I was pleased that we can experience some sort of justice of 9/11 and of the war on terror, and Operation Iraqi and Enduring freedom. As I was watching the live broadcast of our infamous President Obama, I couldn't help but chuckle as he followed the teleprompter with his eyes. But I was also excited, I was pleased to learn that after nearly ten years we are able to unite together as a nation, the same way we did on that September day. That sense of national pride, and Americanism was the enthusiating part. The next thing that crossed my mind, and agravated me wad that the feds decided not to release images of Bin Laden. There were no photos to be released, and that was surprising to me, that ounce of remorse that we are showing to Al Qaeda, or respect that they do not deserve. I think it will turn into a positive change in Iraq and Afghanistan as far as the wars are concerned, it shows a huge loss for the taliban. That is huge. Also it is huge that he was said to be in a Pakistani military accademy. As our "allies", that is going to puncture our relationship abroad with the Pakistani government.

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Ryan Starke said...

When I first heard Osama was dead, I didn’t believe it. I then turned on the news and sure enough it was true. At first I didn’t know what to think. I was surprised and happy but at the same time I wasn’t because the first thing that came into my mind was the word retaliation. I was relieved that he was dead, but I’m not naïve because I know there are still terrorists and terrorism I just had a lot of questions, but mainly what does this mean for our troops? I do see this as a huge victory for United States of America. This whole situation has brought us together. I can only imagine how excited and happy our troops that are stationed in the Middle East must feel. Since Obama was the president to “kill Osama” he will be praised by millions. This will greatly affect his running for reelection. Also Osama was wanted worldwide. This makes him a huge target and the fact that we got him gives the whole world some relief. Many victims of 9-11 are very relieved of his death and have been brought closure. Mr Gyulavary's brother, Peter was killed in the 9-11 attacks. Mr. Gyulavary spoke out about the death of Osama saying,” Someone who's murdered my twin brother has now been taken out. Maybe the world will be a little bit safer.” "There's one less terrorist in the world, but it's not necessarily going to stop terrorism from happening. “It’s a great sense of relief and a sense of justice ... I can understand why people are cheering and celebrating, but it's not going to mean the end of it all." I have to say that this man took the word right out of my mouth. And I will leave with saying one word again, RETALIATION…

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Tommy To said...

I would have to say you were right Mr. Palo when you said that I’ll remember exactly where I was at and doing. My first reaction was and I quote, “Finally!!! Even Chuck Norris wouldn’t play hide and go seek with Osama Bin Laden.” But really I was shocked and didn’t believe it sort of thing. It really took the next day for it to sink in that he is dead, just like when Michael Jackson died. After it sunk it, I was like America should be celebrating his death on a low key because we are still in danger. The death of Osama Bin Laden brings up several questions such as was it legal to kill an unarmed man? Are we allowed to torture people to get the information we want? Should 9/11 families and victims be satisfied and be joyful of a man’s death? First of all it was not illegal because the operation was to capture him alive or dead. Even G. Bush said before that we will bring justice. Osama was unarmed reporters said but he attempted to put up a resistance to American force. Luckily, no A Americans were killed but in that situation I think it was the right choice. Next question, I think torturing is a 50/50 sort of thing. The terrorist can lie to stop the torturing just like when we were looking for Sad am Whosan. And we got miss leading info. I think there is other alternative besides torturing someone to get what we want. Lastly, people who lost loved ones are happy but what does that say about our morals. I mean sure this guy had it coming but should be celebrating his death? This brings in religious issues such as the bible. We should forgive our enemies.

Tommy To
period 4

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Juan Gamez said...

To be honest, when i first heard the news i just simply didn't care. Even though it effected us years ago, the only people that perhaps were still affected from it were the victims and there families of these tragic events. The majority of people actually living in the united states im sure didnt wake up thinking about osama, people tended to forgot, i know i did. It was big news to everyone in the world and was celebrated by many americans. I really dont know what happened, and people are learning about it daily, but i dont watch the news because i believe the media only tells us what they want us to know. They killed osama but that doesnt mean terrorism is over, and alot of people ignore that fact. Now that he is dead, its time to focus on what will transpire next in this country and around the world. Obama made it public that he was going to remove soldiers from afgan in july 2011, and now that osama is dead, im sure that was one of their main priorities. So i believe it should reduce US involment in Afghan and i think it will happen rather fast. As far world affairs, im sure gadhfi and libya are in alert because im sure even though they are at large right now, they know that if the US really wanted to, they would be screwed.

Ellis, John. "US Public Opinion: Looking to Draw down Forces in Afghanistan." Business Insider. Web. 05 May 2011. . - Bin Laden Dead, McCain Says to Turn Attention to Libya." - Phoenix Arizona News and Sports | Phoenix Breaking News. 05 May 2011. Web. 05 May 2011. .

Baybee'G said...

I was really surprised and I did not believe nothing that the news was saying. Until this day I am still surprised and still have the doubt about it. I believe many of the families that had victims on 9/11 will be very happy but many others will fear. SOme are happy because they killed the leader that had killed their family members or friends and the others will fear because there will be more attacks to the U.S. To me i believe there will be more wars and it will never stop because they killed the leader of the attacks. As you have heard his son is already planning attacks here in the U.S. All this is going to turnout out worse and worse. We are going to have many more deaths and many more wounded. To me this was a bad idea but I guess they feel they can take care of all of us.

Jenny Nava
Per 4

MjH(: said...

When i first heard Osama bin laden was dead i was extremely shocked and i was HAPPPPYYYY as all heck, who would have know what it would take 10 years to find a single man! I honestly think Bin laden's death but of course new things are being said, conspiracies are rising and politically things are becoming more and more heated with Pakistan.The Us gives Pakistan about $7bn in non-military aid to fight terrorism and our most wanted terrorist was "hiding" right underneath your nose! REALLLY!? sheesh makes me mad just even typing it.Now people have been doubting bin laden's death because the story that was originally told us was false. People world wide are demanding a photo to identify that its really him. Honestly i think that even with a photo people will always continue to have their doubts.Obama isn't going to release the photo's of bin laden because it could incite additional violence and another attack. Do i believe that there is going to be revenge for his death? yes! but then again that's my opinion. Its a great victory for our nation and for all those 9/11 victims that lost someone or experienced this horror can now be at peace; for the man that was behind it all is DEAD!

"Suspicions Growing between US and Pakistan." ABC7news. 3 May 2011. Web. 5 May 2011. .

"US Offers Pakistan Government $7bn in Non-military Aid to Fight Terrorism | World News | The Guardian." Latest News, Comment and Reviews from the Guardian | 2 May 2011. Web. 05 May 2011. .

andreavillarinho said...

When I first heard of Osama bin Laden’s death, I was stunned. The fact that our military had finally gotten him surprised me. I then sat down to watch President Obama give his speech and was reminded of the tragedy that bin Laden has put our country through just like the rest of America was. A day that brought us together by a shared despair was now being looked back on by a country that has been united with patriotism and relief. People that have lost loved ones are sure to be relieved that this man who has taken so many lives has had his own life taken. As our citizens seem to be rejoicing in bin Laden’s death, it worries me about how Al Queda is going to react. Will they seek revenge for his death? Only time will tell but in the mean time all we can do is enjoy our country’s unity.

 Goldman, Adam, and Chris Brummitt. "Bin Laden's Demise: Long Pursuit, Burst of Gunfire - Yahoo! News." The Top News Headlines on Current Events from Yahoo! News., 02 May 2011. Web. 05 May 2011. .
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BJ said...

OSAMA BIN LADIN IS DEAD?!!! NO WAY!!! USA!! USA!! USA!! But seriously I am really happy when I saw on the news that Osama Bin Ladin is dead. All I know about him is he was the leader of Alquida and I hate him because, because of him a lot of people died in 9/11. I was really shocked and kinda pumped up when I heard about it.
Right now all I know is America is really happy because Osama Bin Laden, America's Most Wanted, is dead and the U.S. is celebrating. But we need to watch out because even though we killed Bin Ladin we don’t know, maybe there will be a next leader that will seek for revenge and harm more people around the world. We need PEACE And LOVE

Size, Font. "Osama Bin Laden Is Dead - CBS News." Breaking News Headlines: Business, Entertainment & World News - CBS News. Web. 06 May 2011. .

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PanamaBuay said...

Eric Cedeno
2nd Period.

When I first heard about Osama being dead, I was on facebook and my freind Tayor Hardy Put as her status that he was dead, at firts I didnt really care but, I still asked if she was kidding, She told me it was true and she was glad it happen, I am not a big fan of people dying or people hurting, so a big part of me was kinda feeling bad about it but the other side of me was saying, "Yes that F#@$%$ is dead!" and I'm sure I wasn't the only one feeling this way, I think every american was happy about it, but I think this is just one of this things thats going to make a big change in this war we have going on because members of the Al Qaeda are furious now which mite just make it worst for us. now the victims from 9/11 can celebrate, because we took out the leader of these big terrorist attack, but what if there is another attack coming up because of this dead?

Scott Johnson. "Bin Laden's death reopens painful chapter" - mercury news -
Hot News 05/05/2011

Steve DeVane. "Local family of 9/11 victim celebrates bin Laden's death" - fay observer -
Tue May 03, 2011

Jarel said...

I was rather surprised when my brother shouted, “OH MY GOSH! OSAMA BIN LADEN IS DEAD!” Immediately, I ran upstairs towards my brother’s computer only to find a huge picture of Osama on the front page of Yahoo. “Wow, they really caught him,” I thought. At the arrival of this historical event, I knew that people were celebrating outside their homes and setting off fireworks. I honestly thought that it was weird for people to celebrate over a person’s death. Yes, I understand that we’re talking about the world’s most wanted terrorist, but my Christian faith came in the back of my mind. Just like what Jamie said, it’s not biblical to celebrate over an enemy’s death. Although I did not find it suitable for me to rejoice with the other people over Osama’s death, I am glad that our U.S. troops brought justice to the families of the September 11th victims. I remember reading a certain article stating that without the Bush administration’s tools and policies, Obama’s administration would have never gotten this historical success this fast. This achievement has not only pumped up the American morale, but it’s also given a push for Obama’s 2012 reelection. Let us also not forget the possibility of a planned revenge attack from Osama’s people. Now that we’ve taken down their greatest leaders, we may need to be more aware and cautious of the situation.

Davidson, Osha Gray. "The Death of Bin Laden and the Rebirth of the Torture Question - Osha Gray Davidson - Edison 2.0 - Forbes." Forbes. Web. 06 May 2011.

Roth, Zachary. "Bin Laden Killing Won’t Settle Debate over Enhanced Interrogations - Yahoo! News." The Top News Headlines on Current Events from Yahoo! News. 4 May 2011. Web. 06 May 2011.

SaraCarreno:) said...

My first reaction to Osama's death was being really stunned and almost not believing it because this has been said many times. This time it was different it was more of a fact.What i was waiting for was the proof of it which is photographs or a video but that wan't let out and it still isn't. To Obama it would be used as a propaganda tool and would make a national security risk. To my opinion i think they should be shown because as Americans we want to be sure that he's dead and it's just not something said than done. Even Sara Palin accuses him of "pussy-footing around" which is pretty funny and i like it that someone is speaking out on it. The good parts of this is that it's giving alot of families that suffered from September 11 closure and that's right because after so many years people didn't really have that and that's understandable. Who knows what this is going to bring and if there is going to be something no one knows when it's coming although living in America we all should know that anything can come our way because of who we are.

Swinford, Steven."Sarah Palin accuses Obama of "pussy-footing around" over Osama bin Laden photograph". The Telegraph.May 5,2011.

McLaughlin, Dan. "Inconvenient Facts About The Takedown of Osama Bin Laden".RS Redstate. May 3,2011.

Louie said...

It is understandable that many people may feel expressions of nationalism after the death of bin Laden was announced, but nationalism has a limit before it becomes ignorance. Those who treat this news like an ultimate come back in sports have the wrong idea. In sports, one can compensate for a loss and that will repudiate the history. However, the killing of bin Laden does not change the fact that America was attacked and Americans should not hysterically celebrate anyone's, including bin Laden's, death. Personally, I was unmoved by this news. Sure he is responsible for the death of many Americans, but many are forgetting that America funds the Israeli army on their conflict with Palestinians. That point was not to vindicate bin Laden, but to give some reason behind his motivations. After ten years, many forgot about the incident, and the death of bin Laden reminded Americans of the tragedy. Sometimes, somethings are probably better forgotten. Relations between the United States and al Qaeda could explode in vengeance, or mitigate to nothingness. We'll all be hoping for the latter, but who knows. In another decade, they may raid America.

Labott, Elise. "U.S-Pakistani Ties Under Fresh Scrunity After bin Laden's Death." CNN. Turner Broadcast System. Web.

CNN Wire Staff. "Bin Laden Killing Caps Decade Long Manhunt" CNN. Turner Broadcast System. Web.

Everentity said...

I heard this news when I was waiting for Sims2 to load and I decided to go onto Yahoo for the heck of it and saw the yellow bar saying BREAKING NEWS and that Obama would address the nation soon. After that I went to go print stuff up and on the TV was our President talking about Osama Bin Laden being dead. My first reactions were pretty shocked, relieved and then anxious. I think the US will be affected for right now with some sort of unity against this matter of him being dead. National Pride goes with this to. As for military objectives, are changing every day, with new information coming from places. Like Al Qaeda threats, terror plans surfacing. ‘Al Qaeda warnings against the United States emerged Friday as the materials taken from Osama bin Laden's compound continued to yield a trove of intelligence, including details about a possible attack on the 10th anniversary of 9/11. Al Qaeda, the bin Laden terrorist network that carried out the deadly attack in 2001, confirmed its leader's death on Friday in a Web statement and used that opportunity to taunt and threaten the United States. "Sheikh Osama didn't build an organization that will vanish with his death or fades away with his departure" The statement, which congratulates the "Islamic Nation on the martyrdom of their devoted son Osama," repeated themes and threats made over the years in prior al Qaeda statements.’ This worries me and makes that anxiousness from the time I heard of bin Laden’s death intensified. Every ending is a new beginning, whether the outcome of Osama bin Laden’s death is good or bad will only be seen as time goes on.

Azalea Armixo
Period 4

The CNN Wire Staff. "Al Qaeda Threats, Terror Plans Surface -" - Breaking News, U.S., World, Weather, Entertainment & Video News. 06 May 2011. Web. 06 May 2011. .

Roth, Zachary. "Bin Laden Killing Won’t Settle Debate over Enhanced Interrogations - Yahoo! News." The Top News Headlines on Current Events from Yahoo! News. 04 May 2011. Web. 04 May 2011. .

Pablo LSDub said...

When i heard the news of Oscama Bin Laden being shot in his compound, i was not very surprised, i knew it would happen sooner or later, he can't run forever and when he hides, we will eventually find him. I was on my way back from Knotts Berry Farm when my friend was on the phone with his dad and he told him what happened, so my friend told all of us that was in the car what happened. Everyone's reaction was kinda like "wow", But my reaction was more of like "Oh thats cool" because i saw it coming eventually. The U.S will be impacted by the death of Osama Bin laden for a very very long time, mainly because AL Quida will definately be more pissed off now and most likely they will try and do some retaliation. The people of 9/11 really liked that they caught Osama because of what he did, even though they know killing him wont bring them back. I honostly think if someone i knew died during the 9/11 attacks and they killed Osama, it wouldn't make mw feel any better, i would not celbrate over his death. I'm hoping that now we found the guy we wanted to justify, we will soon leave Afghanistan so our troops can come home, but sadly i believe we will stay in the war to get rid of more members of Al Quida. Killing Osama is just the beggining, we're going to have to deal with people even worse than him now.

Foust, Joshua. "Osama Bin Laden%u2019s Death and Its Impact on U.S. Foreign Policy | Need to Know." PBS: Public Broadcasting Service. Web. 06 May 2011. .

Bannon, Brad. "After Osama Bin Laden Death, Remembering Victims of 9/11 - Brad Bannon (" US News & World Report | News & Rankings | Best Colleges, Best Hospitals, and More. Web. 06 May 2011. .

margarita said...

When I heard about Osama I was cleaning my room and all I hear my mom say is they killed Osama. Honestly I didn’t really care for it, but in the back of my head I thought about the families and friends about the victims’ and it affected them. Some wounds would be healed and some are still affected by it. During my lunch, some friends were talking about it they were shocked and didn’t really believe it. Some still think it’s not true that’s he’s dead because it’s hard to believe the media. But, now that he’s dead I think that there will be some peace for the u.s. and the victim’s families. And the thing that I found interesting was that he was hiding in a compound for over ten years, and we never found him til now.

Demise, Bin Laden's. "Is It Wrong To Celebrate Bin Laden's Death? National Public Radio : News & Analysis, World, US, Music & Arts : NPR. Web. 02 May 2011.

Denise said...

1) My first reactions to when the news about Bin Laden being dead came up was "wth...? is this true?" I dont think im the only one that ha that type of a reaction. There was many thoughts going through my head when i was watching the news.... the 9/11, the troops, the army/navy, the president back on the day of 9/11 the president now, nd of coarse what was the reaction to the people that are located of there and all of alkaeda. 2)The US might not show many changes imidietly but maybe it will show more national pride or unity, military objectives, politicaly, world affairs, and families of the 9/11 victims. They might not be drastic either but they might help incurage all of the US and make a few more people to try and get ahead. Hopefully the economy will boost and help out with such changed in the US.

Jess said...

I was shocked; I didn’t believe it at first. I was on face book and I was reading everyone post it. I thought maybe there was a joke going around or something. I didn’t know it was true until class the next morning. I think that as a nation people are happy were dead. Like people have been saying and as Facebook says he’s the world’s longest hide and seek winner. I think the military more likely will increase, because we killed someone leader and someone who people did look up to even thou we think that’s strange and insane its true. We are safe yes but to a point who knows there may be more attacks on us than ever. From a political point of view some people will always be excited that he’s gone ,and that Obama was the one who found and sent the troops in but others might hold a bit of a grudge because the chance was a 50 to 80% that Osama bin Laden was not where they said . I think for world affairs they may be more wars not started by the US but towards because we did kill some ones leader , so not only they might be after us but others as well trying to take the US down because we think we are so strong .

K.Pacheco_10 said...

I came home from school and my mom told me to watch the T.V. there I learned the news that Osama Bin Laden had been killed. My first reaction was glad, but then when I first started thinking about it his death, though many wanted it, it was not such a good idea.

By killing the leader of a nation, we have no reason to be over there in the first place, they will unite and the kids that they are raising will learn to hate America more than what they already do. America, though I love this country sooooooo much, f***ked up by killing him and dumping his body into the sea.

If anything they should have at least captured him alive, tried him in court and go from there. By ended his life, all of the Islamic people will wage revenge towards America and the western way of life. Honestly Osama was not the head of "Al-Quida" he was just one man, a man with lots of power.

I was not worried about him, I am more worried about the disciples he had created that will carry on his work even after he is dead. The plans that Osama had might have been found but they will still do it "the show must go on." The war on terror is not over, we are entering a new era of terrorism one that will echo through generations and never cease.

I have hope for my country, but we must not look at this in an American perspective, to really make an educated decision one must look through both sides of the spectrum to determine what is at hand, good or bad. "One man's terrorist is an other man's patriot."

By: The CNN Wire Staff "Al Qaeda threats, terror plans surface"- May 6, 2011 5:31 p.m. EDT

David Johnson and Beth Rowen "Osama bin Laden
Most-wanted terrorist is killed in Pakistan."


Period 1

MarkieMark said...

I almost didn't believe it when I had heard the news about Osama bin Laden's death. My first reaction to bin Laden's death is explained in this quote by a reverend:"Finally, from those with an intimate connection to the innocents of 9/11, there were tweets about tears. Tears of relief? Tears because the news dragged them back to the still-tender memories of a decade ago? Yes and yes. I was a first-year theology student in New York City on that day in 2001; I know the tears." When Obama announced that a ragtag team of SEALs had killed Osama, I think every American felt a sense of closure from 9/11. When I say this I do not mean that it is forgotten, I mean we can celebrate the lives of those Americans who lost theirs instead of feeling defeated.

Lewicki, David. "My Take: Bin Laden Died Long Ago – CNN Belief Blog - Blogs." CNN Belief Blog - Blogs. Cable News Network, 3 May 2011. Web. 06 May 2011. .

Mark Arnold Period 4

bdelfino3 said...

I was very surprised; it caught me off guard to hear of the death of Bin Laden because I had forgotten of the war between the United States and the terrorists. It seemed like it was placed aside with all the internal problems between democrats and republicans in our government. This issue in a way brought the country together, although probably not in the best way possible because it creates too much pride as well as hatred towards other people, more specifically the Middle East. This in a way may calm the families of the victims of 9/11 but this should not excite people but alarm them that this war is not over and more attacks will be attempted against the united states.

"Details of Raid on Bin Laden Compound Unfold -" - Breaking News, U.S., World, Weather, Entertainment & Video News. Web. 06 May 2011. .

"Osama Bin Laden Had Been 'hiding in Plain Sight' -" - Breaking News, U.S., World, Weather, Entertainment & Video News. Web. 06 May 2011. .

Syqlizard said...

I heard about the news while at church. At first I was surprised. It wasn't expected at all since the news never mentioned anything of bin Laden on the news. Later after the time I heard about it, I had thoughts that night that there could be a possibility that someone could replace bin Laden, or what would happen as a consequence. The US is effected in a manner of pride. The same night a baseball game was on and the crowd cheered 'USA!'. From the talk about photos being released, some wish to see the graphic photo to really believe that he is dead. The behavior from his death is pretty boastful, especially from the article from the Huffington Post. It's unexpected from someone of that profession. The family of the victims of 9/11 will feel that justice was done, but they can never take back what happened that day in September.

-Erik Ramirez
Period 2

"Chris Weigant: Friday Talking Points -- Osama Bin Laden Is Still Dead." Breaking News and Opinion on The Huffington Post. Web. 06 May 2011. .

"This Week: The Week in Essential News, Analysis, Graphics and Stats -" Business News & Financial News - The Wall Street Journal - Web. 06 May 2011. .

AZUCENA said...

my reaction was surprising i was doing homework when my dad comes in and tells me i was very shoked so i got on the computer and looked at the news i couldn't believe it said "OSAMA BIN LADEN DEAD" i even stayed with my mouth open and i got happy that terrorist has been caught and killed THANKS to obama and the navy seals i mean it was the greatest day for america and the us is always going to remember this day. I also wonder how is it going to change the us? well probably issues we have(the us) are going to be solved and bring more victory with the intelligence we have. The most wanted and the number one enemy in the us has been caught those are fantastic news. many wounds have been healed and those souls that were kill because of the terror on 9/11 can rest in peace knowing that man is gone and won't do nomore harm.Iraq might not be so happy but i know there are those muslims that are happy this terrorist has been killed. I know osama was known in iraq but why would anyone want to be in contact with a terrorist? It's a very interesting thing to think about what's so great about a terrorist? Why are people involved? Obama has succeded in capturing osama and i think everyone is going to remember this day, he is the 44th president of the united states and he will be known for this victory he has brought.

Azucena period 2

Death of bin Laden brings healing to old wounds
by richard allen greene,cnn world, news entertainment, weather...

The killing of bin Laden: Was it legal?By Alan Silverleib, CNN May 6, 2011 11:17 a.m. EDT

Jennifer D. said...

To begin with, I didn't know about his death until I went on my computer late sunday night and saw on the front page of Yahoo: "Osama Bin Laden is Dead" and at first I couldn't believe it! I thought to myself, "it is a joke or a hoax because this is MAJOR!". So I then went on my facebook and saw the many posts on the subject and I quickly turned on the t.v. to any news channel and surely enough they confirmed it. It was just such a big shocker to me and this is something that many have been waiting for for years. His death was long awaited for and I saw when they showed the thousands of people celebrating outside the White House. The United States has been affected both ways because for one, there will be peace but there will be greater risks now that the Al Qaeda leader has been deceased. He was the most wanted man in America and now justice has been served for those hurt by Osama Bin Laden.

Jennifer Duque
Period 2

Schnaber, Dean; Travers, Karen. "Osama bin Laden Killed:'Justice Is Done'. Web. 1 May 2011

Jill Dougherty. "U.S. anticipates al Qaeda 'threats of retaliation'. Web. 5 May 2011

Zee :] said...

My reactions towards the death of bin laden was surprising because i didn't even think they killed him because they haven't showed any truth.I seen the pictures that they have photo shot it looks like osama bin laden but wit a longer beared. I personally think we might be stronger and we feel more united and we don't have to worry about our number one enemy killing more people in the us. I think that iraq knew about osama the whole time and didn't waht to tell the us because they didn't want osama to be assacinated. 9/11 victoms feel greatful and relaxed that another "9/11" will occur.They feel reasured that justice has been done for their family but they know they will never bring their loved ones back.

zeinab period 1

Editor's Note: The Rev. David Lewicki is co-pastor of North Decatur Presbyterian Church in Decatur, Georgia. He is a graduate of Yale University and Union Theological Seminary and was ordained in 2005 by the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.).
By the Rev. David Lewicki, Special to CNN

joana said...

I seem to be very blah about the new once i heard it. I realy couldn't believe it. Aredreds I started to do more research, the more it interested me and the more it got me thinking; maybe more than I should. I started to think if it was really real or if the government planned it. Many say why would the government do such thing if it would probubly back flash on them if it wern't true? Like maybe the others would be saying, yea in your face Osama bin Ladean ain't dead, but i start to think, would they actually do that when they know that they are going to have to keep hiding for the rest of thier life or would they just let it be and mayb just continue thier other plans of terror and strike when we least expected or just continue a diffrent kind of life style? I do find it odd of how obviouse the hidout was for the mitty master mind Osama bin Laden. I do then tried to make conclusions of maybe if US was spending to much money on trying to find this terrorist and didn't even really know if he was still alive or not; and maybe because of that he realy hasn't strike any more they just decided to do this to hide something or I don't know maybe I'm over thinking it so now I'm actully thinking he might actully be dead.
I do think that with his death things will start getting a bit crazy. Like thier so called followers will start planning their heros revenage. There has already been some comments that the al Qaeda considered attacking the U.S. rail system on the 10th anniversary of the September 11 attacks later this year. Also There migh be some contraversy aswell with the Islamabad over the raid in Abbottabad, 30 miles from the Pakistani capital, showed no sign of abating. So I believe this might be the beging of some more problems.

By Augustine Anthony Augustine Anthony "Al Qaeda confirms bin Laden is dead, vows revenge"-Yahoo! News. The Top News Headlines on Current Events from Yahoo! News.

"What Happens Next For al-Qaida After Bin Laden Death"

[T]c live Free said...

I was very surprised when I heard about Bin Laden's death. I read about it on facebook and I thought it was fake, so I turned on the tv and it was all over the news. Bin Laden hid for so long and now he's dead. I still can't believe that we finally caught this man, he was like the world's most wanted terrorist and he's in our custidy now. I feel like this brought the US closer as a country and now we can all just celebrate. Our troops have done a very well job and should be sended home so we can honor them and appreciate what they did for our country.

mordeth17 said...

I first heard of his death while I was playing BFBC2. Seeing how you can't really take what people say on the internet seriously, I thought nothing of it. Many people started to get in on the conversation and it wasn't until I decided to look it up that I truly believed it. The confusion and disbelief came first, but as the facts slowly started to rise all throughout this week, it seems like the government wasn't lying. Although I think this, there's still this "What if?" question going back and for on what's true and what's not. As for what will happen to the U.S. now after bin Laden's death, who knows. "Al Qaeda warnings against the United States emerged Friday as the materials taken from Osama bin Laden's compound continued to yield a trove of intelligence, including details about a possible attack on the 10th anniversary of 9/11." This is one of the many possible outcomes related directly to his death. As one of the current top leaders of al Qaeda has recently said, "Sheikh Osama didn't build an organization to die when he dies." It was more than obvious that the death of bin Laden wasn't going to result in al Qaeda dropping what they were doing and hide under a rock, no, it just made everything worse. The idea of terrorism was already planted way before his death, so there isn't anything to be done now since it's already infected so many minds.

Paul Cruickshank. "Inside al Qaeda succession: Who is likely to step up" CNN. May 6, 2011. May 6, 2011.

CNN Wire Staff. "Al Qaeda threats, terror plans surface". CNN. May 6, 2011. May 6, 2011.

Jose Valdovinos --- Period 1

Lizette Estrada said...

I honestly think the way i found out was pretty sad. I was watching a movie on netflix with my parents and my 10 year old brother walks in from mini golf and said Osama is dead. We didn't believe him so we all rush to laptops to see if it was true.And sure enough it was true. It didn't seem real to me because you never really know what it true on the internet so we flipped on the tv. I think this will unite us more. Why is it that it always takes someones death to unite people. obviously this death was being celebrated unlike others. i understand why they went out to celebrate. hurt a lot of people an killed many people i am pretty sure he celebrated when he got away with this. many people now have somewhat of closure.

Schabner, Dean, and Karen Travers (@karentravers). "Osama Bin Laden Killed by U.S. Forces in Pakistan - ABC News." Breaking News, Politics, World News, Good Morning America, Exclusive Interviews - ABC News. Web. 07 May 2011. .

"New Yorkers Celebrate Osama Bin Laden's Death | USA | English." News | English. Web. 07 May 2011. .

plntmars1916 said...

My first reactions to Osama Bin Ladens death was that i didn't know it even happened until i had checked facebook about 30 minutes later. i was like this isn't true its fake then i checked online and saw Obama's speech and he had stated that yes we killed him. I didn't know how to feel because i was little when everything happened and i don't know anyone personally involved. i was happy that they caught a very bad man but i wasn't throwing a party like everybody else i know. i looked on CNN and there was an article about a family that was affected by 9/11 and in the article it states how they don't know what to feel because nothing can bring back the family member that was lost. In a way i would have to agree with this family because no matter how bad the person was and what he did. it cant bring back the people who died. To answer your second question about how will the US be affected i think that in some ways it did give the US some closer knowing that yes we got him but i feel like bad things are coming.i think that our world affairs are questionable because if packistan knew why didn't anything happen and personally i think that is a little sketchy. so who could we really trust in world affairs? With the new presidential election i believe that Obama just got his ticket back in but me personally, i believe that the people that actually got him, the head people in the CIA, FBI, and the Navy Seals and whoever else should be getting the credit not Obama. But that's just me.

Faddis, Charles S. "Can the U.S. Trust Pakistan? -" - Breaking News, U.S., World, Weather, Entertainment & Video News. Web. 07 May 2011. .

Glick, Jennifer. "A Child Asks: Does This Mean the Wars Are Over? -" - Breaking News, U.S., World, Weather, Entertainment & Video News. Web. 07 May 2011. .

alex.fino said...

My first reaction to this situation was that I didn't believe it. I thought it was another hoax floating around. I was at Church watching my cousin get baptized when this happened. The people of the United States seems to share a similar sense of pride that Osama Bin Laden has been killed. This will bring one agreement that we can all agree on; he deserved it. There are worries however that, this will only bring more trouble to the United States. Only time will tell. Although the death of Osama marked an important part of History, security measures placed after 9/11 are still not going to change one bit. President Obama recently shared with us that they will not release the photos of Osama Bin Laden. This is the right decision since, it would only bring more chaos, instead of harmony. We still need to respect the other countries, and their beliefs, or else we would be one messed up country! We should all agree this is the right thing to do.

"President Obama Will Not Release 'gruesome' Osama Bin Laden Death Photos." New York News, Traffic, Sports, Weather, Photos, Entertainment, and Gossip - NY Daily News. Web. 07 May 2011. .

"Death Won't Change Post 9/11 Security Measures | |" | Cincinnati Local News, Sports, Business, Community, and Entertainment | Web. 07 May 2011. .

nader said...

There is no doubt that it is one of the top news that all people around the world who felt the pain whether through losing a beloved or by having an idea about his cruelty have been waiting for this moment. It wasn’t a complete shock for me because after all there is always an end for everything and a limit for injustice and cruelty. For such a guilty person who knows nothing about peace and lacks mercy, I think that it is a reasonable and a just outcome for his actions. We all knew that there has to be a day for him to pay the price for his criminality. I felt a relief for the innocent people who fell as victims as a result of Bin Laden’s violent immoral attacks. The crimes that he and his terrorist group committed were held into consideration upon all people around the world. For some they might feel safer now after his death, while for others they are even more concerned about an increase in the chances of further attacks. It doesn’t mean that we should give up for this fact or feel the fear of further attacks, but instead it should be a turning point in our lives to actually defend ourselves and protect our future generations from any more harm. Some also believe that it is a new start or a chance for them to build up their hatred, but it is for our sake to start a new life built upon confidence and a hope for peace and for marking an end for terrorism.

CNN staff. “How U.S. forces killed Osama bin Laden.” CNN World, 2 May 2011. Web. 4 May 2011.

CNN staff. “Americans take to the streets amid news of bin Laden’s death.” CNN World, 2 May 2011. Web. 4 May 2011.

Danny Alvarez said...

when i herd that osama bin laden was dead i was suprised. I forgot all about him it had been a while that we have been looking for him. It was cool when i saw the speach obama made saying that they killed him. This was a bad person that ploted one of the most tragic events in the u.s.. Im sure the people who lost their loved ones felt happy. Justice had finally came for the. But the only thing i disliked was people celebrating his death. To me it was kind of disrespectful doing that. I dont wish death on noone so i wouldnt do that. Obamas reputation will go up alot because he did something heroic for the u.s..

Demise, Bin Laden's. "Is It Wrong To Celebrate Bin Laden's Death? : NPR." NPR : National Public Radio : News & Analysis, World, US, Music & Arts : NPR. Web. 02 May 2011

Cole Canup said...

I first heard of Osama Bin Laden's death when i was watching tv downstairs and my parents told me to turn the channel to the news. Osama Bin Laden was on ever news channel you could find. Stories of his death were everywhere. My first reaction too his death was that its cool that we killed him for all the horrible things that he has done to people. However, I also thought that it wouldn't do much for the war on terror because terrorism is alot bigger than just one man and we still have alot to help fix in Afganistan. The U.S. in a way has come together from the killing of Bin Laden, and we dont look so bad because we finally killed the man we have been hunting for many years. As for it being wrong to celebrate his death, I dont believe that. The man was a horrible person who took pride in the killing of innocent civilians and strived to do more and more killings. I think being happy for his death is justified for all the bad things he's done. Although, there might be a problem with killing him and celebrating his death because it could only make the holy war going on over there even worse and killings could start to increase.
Cole Canup

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ZacFlores said...

My first reaction to Osama's death was probably like many others. I didn't believe it. I had to see for myself if he really was. Although there was no picture of video evidence of the event happening, I'm not one of the skeptics that think this event didn't happen.
This event will affect Pakistan's relationship with the U.S. Depending on if Pakistan "was" involved in aiding Bin Laden in living in secret. Pakistan is a very important partner in the war on terror. If we find out they knew of Bin Laden's existence in their country their credibility will go way down. The killing of Bin Laden will also effect our nations security as Al Qaeda may fight back.

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