Monday, May 2, 2011

Absent on 4/29???

Watch the documentary and write a solid reaction (minimum of one paragraph) about what you learned and how you can use what you have learned in the future.

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kauluwehi93 said...

If I were to voice my opinion about this whole situation, I would say that Yes, a lot of our younger generations today are hooked on the internet. Hooked on doing things that are not useful. Waisting our time on the internet watching funny videos, going on myspace, facebook ect ect. I think that the internet should be somewhat banned or should have a parental consent for kids and also teens to use. Its just so surpirsing how kids have all the time to surf the net, but when it comes to doing a project or blogging and all that stuff, they lag it and end up not doing it. Why? In my case I say its because all the other sites are getting in the way with the kids learning. They would open up the window and instead of going on to do their work for school, they decide to stop by a website and check their mail. Once their on the site, it will take parents for-ever to get their children off the desktop. Its not only surfing the net, but also the online games and all that stuff. It distracts the children from actually doing what they have to do and it makes them go on the much more better website then the boring ones such as going to do work for school and all that stuff. This video has taught me that in reality I'm waisting my time on just surfing the net and all that stuff. When I could be actually doing some homework or doing some work around the house. Basically, I can say that its taking up all my time and it needs to change that way my future can be much better. By this i can just not get on the lap-top for just surfing the net, but when I need too. That way I wouldn't really waste my time in doing other things not realted to school.

-Takaua Tupou, Period1