Monday, April 25, 2011

American Government 4/25/11

In Class - Continue analysis on immigration reform.  Watch short video clips.  Write down any questions that you have regarding immigration policy or reform.  Select two topics to bring to class tomorrow to discuss in small groups.

Homework - Update your blogs.  Signed progress report (Periods 1 and 4) due tomorrow.  Bring research and resources based on your interests and questions to class tomorrow.  Post an argument on (see previous post) by Wednesday, April 27.

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alexander123 said...

Random rant episode two I wrote this for mr.Minerva class a while back if you want to comment on this rant fill free I would like to here some feed back

Declaration of Independents from the Government

By my site of past events I hear by declare my independents from the government. I will no longer stand by and watch as you the government destroys our economy. I will not stand by as you the government rob people of there houses making them homeless. I will not stand by as you the government take jobs away from hard working Americans as if there not already doing back breaking work just to make the all mighty dollar. I will no longer stand for your rules and regulations. I will no longer stand for your corrupted and deceitful ways to all the the people of this great nation. I will be there when anarchy races through the streets, I will be there when the people of our great nation take back power for themselves no longer allowing you to run there lives any longer. The is coming government were your rules can no longer bind us, were your power can no longer limit us. I will be there when the good people rise up and take you down. I will be there on the day the people burn your buildings down. I will be there to see the good people once again free themselves from your tretery and tireny. You want to know were the terrorist are well then I employ you to look in a god damn mirror and you will find the answer you seek. You are the problem with the nation not the people. I personly hold you responsible for all the problems the our accruing in our great nation. I also blame you our great leader for letting sutch thing as corruption with in the government come to pass. I am also holding you personally responseable for our great debt with will avenchualy lead us in to another world war. I hold you responseable for our men and women of the armed forces deaths. It's either fight or flee, not both. I suggest you choose wisely what your next move is, because the next wrong one will be your last. You and your government might as well take your dignity and so called honesty and shove it up your ass. I also hold you responsible for the bullshit of a school system we have, if you say and I quote "kids are our future" then stop taking money from our schools, and stop hiring teachers who don't give a rats ass and instead hire teachers who will push and help there students succeed and prosper in thier future and then with their quality education they just might teach you how this nation should be ran. I hear by declare war on the government and their corruption that comes with it. Our war will be long but none the less your deafeat will be swift. I will watch those of corrupted ways rot in a jail cell until they are dead. You can not stop this revoulution it is coming faster then you can ever imagine. When it is all set and done we will restore order and give the power back to the people of this great and soon to be powerful nation. My final words to you the government is surrender before it is to late. You are the only ones who can bring a stop to this from acuring. But, until that day I say to you all mighty and powerful government, I hear by declare my independents from you and hear by tell you all with in the government to go and f$&k yourselves!